N18 Collected Errors/Typos in N22 Rulebook (Ash Wastes)


Hive Lord
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Dec 29, 2017
What I perceived as RAI was that you could take Stormcaller to any scenario as long as it was ash wastes (and not the ones that explicitly prohibits mounts / vehicles). Visibility is also a rule I imagined would be reserved for ash wastes battlefields, as we already have pitch black for ZM/SM, but alas GW recently released scenarios that are specifically SM with visibility (X") rule applied.

Ok then about the 'including vehicles in crews' part, I could say yes you are right, perfect opportunity if that was the case. Or I could double down and say the entire book is negligent to separate vehicles and mounts like this. Later publications are usually not: Succession and the 4 apocrypha pdfs. On the other hand Underdog scenarios in WD (2022-11) make no exclusion to vehicles nor mounts regardless of battlefield type :LOL:

So to summarize:
  • Rulebook (N22 Ash Wastes): Excluding vehicles only
  • Ash Wastes Scenarios (free pdf): Excluding vehicles only
  • Aranthian Succession: Excluding vehicles & mounts for ZM/SM
  • Apocrypha pdfs: Excluding vehicles & mounts for ZM/SM
  • Underdog scenarios (WD): No exclusion regardless of battlefield type
It makes more sense in my mind that vehicles and mounts are restricted to and intended for ash wastes battlefields. That doesn't mean people can't 'break' the rules and use anything anywhere. As usual GW is all over the place. But obviously you are correct about RAW and I have my doubts about RAI.


Oct 21, 2018

In N22, SEASONS: season of flame: Boilling Wind, the strength is 4.
In the book Ash Wastes the strength is 2.

Is this a typo or did I miss an errata?