N18 Collected Errors/Typos in N23 Rulebook

Have I understood this correctly? As some of the older gangs (cults, enforcers, etc) don't have Group Activation, Tools of Trade, Gang fighter (x) special rules, they don't get to use them? I do not find a mention in the new book, that leaders and champions of all gangs could get them, only descriptions what the said special rules do.
All leaders have Group Activation (2) and all Champions have Group Activation (1), with very rare exceptions, which might as well be mistakes but nobody knows.

You are comparing N19 gangs and gang structure (which relied on N18 rules) with N20+ gangs and gang structure (that includes the N23 rulebook you refer to). Back then, GA was implisit and universal. Now it is explicit. They never lost GA, just didn't get updated to have GA explicitly like all gangs afterwards. You need the full rules history to see it clearly. Welcome to Necromunda.
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Ok, so will this also mean that the older gangs still in N19 form, do not any more get to buy Specialist Gangers after the gang creation, and regular gangers/specialist have only acsess to their list weapons instead of free go at tradepost and blackmarket? As this is pretty much how the N20+ gangs do it.
That may be right, but can't verify those details at the moment. Specialist weapon access is already completely bonkers for that era. I think all had TP access. Check out Badzone Enforcers for a messy mix of new and old structure.

For simplicity I would just have a collection of sensible gang structure and apply that universally.
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