N18 Collected Errors/Typos in The Book of Judgement

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Sep 6, 2016
This is a post to document all the errors and typos in the Book of Judgement. It is not for discussing interpretations of rules, but actual typographical errors and rules that are incorrect or conflicting with previous publications. I will edit this post with each issue discovered and page references. Please share your discoveries so they may be added to the list.

Note: This post has been updated to fit TopsyKretts' format used for the books that came after.
Note 2: A lot of the problems originally pointed out have been addressed in the official FAQ and Errata document HERE.
Note 3: Guild Alliances have been updated in the House books. I am not going to note every error in these old rules for the Guilds.

Other discussions:

A summary of various findings (contributed by several yaktribe champions).

  • Scouring (p35): The Scouring psychic power is different from the ones in other publications.
    • Comment: It is up to each play group to decide how to handle this power across all its accurences, as GW can't figure it out.
  • Estus Jet's Throwing Knives (p87): They lack the silent trait and have been given a strength value.
    • Comment: Fixed in the Official Errata. Remove strength and add Silent.
  • Vunder Gorvos' Stub Gun (p92): It has the outdated Pistol trait instead of the currently used Sidearm trait. It also has Reckless. He also has "2x Gold plated and Master-crafted Stub guns'' but his card shows 1x Stub gun, 1x Shotgun and 1x Sword. As a Hive Scum he is allowed to have 3 weapons, not 4.
    • Comment: Fixed in Official Errata. He still has 4 weapons though.
  • Gaen Gorvos' Throwing Knives (p98): They lack the silent trait and have been given a strength value.
    • Comment: Fixed in the Official Errata. Remove strength and add Silent.
  • Jonny Razor's Throwing Knives (p99): They lack the silent trait and have been given a strength value.
    • Comment: Fixed in the Official Errata. Remove strength and add Silent.
  • Stun Grenades (p100): Stun grenades for the Subjugation pattern grenade launcher have the Grenade trait. Just like in Gangs of the Underhive they do not have Blast (X).
    • Comment: Fixed in Official Errata, Stun Grenades are not Stun Rounds, no Blast.
  • Gyrinx Cat (p117): The special rule "Small Target" is different from the same rule possessed by the Necromunda Giant Rat from page 93 of the Book of Peril. It lacks the effect which makes the model immune to stray shots.
    • Comment: Fixed by Officila Errata. They went the other way with this, instead of applying the stray shot exemption, they changed the name of the rule.
  • Advancement Table (p47): Willpower is listed twice on the, incorrectly replacing Leadership on the second line.
    • Comment: Change Willpower on the 2nd line with Leadership.
  • Magnacles (p33): These were thought to be missing from from the Enforcer equipment list.
    • Comment: Fixed in Official Errata, all Enforcers come standard with them.
  • Scenario Table (p52): It references page 91 of the Necromunda Rulebook, when it should actually reference the very next section on the same page.
    • Comment: Replace "page 91 of the Necromunda Rulebook" with "below".
  • Determining the Attacker and Defender (p52): This section references page 90 of the Necromunda Rulebook, when it should actually reference page 44 of The Book of Judgement. Additionally when it references the Wastes Territory on page 200 of the Necromunda Rulebook, it should also reference the Whisper Brokers Racket on page 76 of The Book of Judgement.
    • Comment: Replace "page 90 of the Necromunda Rulebook" with "page 44", and add to the parenthetical text: "...or the Whisper Brokers Racket - see page 76."
  • Draw Intrigues (p53): The rules conflict with their description on page 63. Here you are instructed to have both players read all 6 cards, and any card may be claimed by any player, while on page 63 players are told to only read the three cards they draw and can only claim their cards. Also the page reference is off by 1.
    • Comment: Replace the first sentence of this paragraph with the one under "Drawing Intrigues" on page 63. Change the page reference in the next sentence to "Page 63".
  • Purchase Equipmet (p57): The Purchase Equipment rules mention nothing about common item's from the Black Market, and neither do the following sections on Rare or Illegal items. As written there is no way to purchase commone items from the Black Market.
    • Comment: Allow gangs to purchase Common items in the Black Market whenever they visit it.
  • Stand Alone (p66): The Intrigue Stand Alone must be played on an enemy fighter, but the effect and reward make it clear it should apply to a friendly fighter.
    • Comment: Fixed in Official Errata.
  • Cut Off The Head" and "Watch From The Shadows (p69 % 70): The Intrigues have their flavor text mixed up.
    • Comment: Swap their flavor text.
  • Xenos Beast Trafficking (p76): The "Special" Boon gives 2D6x10 credits. Since you have to choose the highest "Income" Boon if more than one is available, RAW this allows multiple Income Boons, since one of them is labeled "Special".
    • Comment: Fixed in Official Errata. Change "Special" to "Income"
  • Gambling Empire (p81): It has an enhanced boon with the "Income" type which does not give income.
    • Comment: Fixed in Official Errata. Change the enhanced boon's type from "Income" to "Special".
  • Resurrection Game and Peddlers of Forbidden Lore (p86): They both The lack the stipulation that you must control both linked rackets in order to gain their second enhanced boons.
    • Comment: Fixed in Official Errata. They require the ownership of both linked rackets for the second enhanced boons.
  • Cor Coran (p91): He has a forged Guilder seal, but he has no way of visiting the Trading Post.
    • Comment: Add a special rule allowing Cor Coran to make a Trade action in the Post-Battle Sequence.
  • No weapon is asterisked in the Black Market Trading post on Page 94, and Page 93 is missing the the usual reference to asterisked weapons taking two weapon slots, as seen in the Trading post and all Gang composition rules.
    • Comment: Sort of fixed in Official Errata. Add the asterisk explanation paragraph from page 116 of Gangs of the Underhive to page 93 of The Book of Judgement, and give all heavy weapons in the black Market an asterisk
  • Heavy Concussion Ram (p101): Missing the Blast trait when compared to the Concussion Carbine.
    • Comment: Fixed in Official Errata, it now has Blast (3").
  • Rak' Gol Razor Gun (p104): It has the Toxin trait, but also has a strength and damage value.
    • Comment: Fixed in Official Errata. Remove strength value.
  • Goredrinker Axe (p108): The stats are clearly incorrect, it rivals most two-handed & unwieldy close combat weapons with neither of those penalties, an easily mitigated Reckless trait, and only 20 credits cost.
    • Comment: Fixed in Official Errata, costs 40 creds now.
  • Neural Flayer (p105): It has the Concussive trait, there is no Concussive trait, but there is a Concussion trait. It has the Fear trait on both firing modes, but Gas only on the Full Blast. Fear has no effect without the Gas b/c the Flash Trait negates it. Also, it has Pulverize on Full Blast, which has no effect with Gas
    • Comment: Partially fixed in Official Errata. Remove Fear from the Short range and use correct Concussion trait. Pulverize not fixed, just ignore it.
  • Withertouch Pistol (p107): It has the Toxin and Melta traits, and has strength and damage values. Melta triggers when the target is reduced to zero wounds, while Toxin does not reduce the wounds value of a target at all.It also has a
    • Comment: Fixed in Official Errata, Toxin trait removed.
  • Desire's Needle and Whisperbane Knife (p108): Both show the hit bonus under the Short range modifier, rather than under Long range.
    • Comment: Fixed in Official Errata.
  • Desire's Needle (p108): It has the Toxin trait, but also has strength and damage values.
    • Comment: Fixed in the Official Errata. Remove strength and add Silent.
  • Desire's Needle (p108): It has both the Power and Toxin traits. Toxin does not cause damage and Power increases damage by 1 on a natural 6 to hit.
    • Comment: Even after the fixes above this weapon is still not correct. Just ban the thing, it was clearly written without any knowledge of Necromunda rules for damage and weapon traits!
  • Gas Shells (p111): They all have strength and damage characteristics, but the rules for Gas say they do not pin or roll to wound.
    • Comment: Fixed in the Official Errata. Remove strength.
  • Ceramite Shield )p113): It lacks the rule that allows a fighter to equip a Ceramite shield in addition to a regular suit of armour (see Armoured Bodyglove and Scrap Shield). Additionally, it doesn't have a rule that states you should check whether the wielder was Standing before the attack to see if they get the armour bonus (which makes it useless against most ranged attacks, since the fighter will be Pinned by the time they get to make an armour save — the Energy/Assault shield Weapon trait does have a rule to that effect). It also lacks the rule that changes where the attack originates from for weapons with the Blast trait (again, see Energy/Assault shield). Finally, it states the attack must originate "in their line of sight", which is different from the more sensible "within their vision arc" found on Energy shield. ("within their line of sight" means you can draw LoS to the attacker, regardless of facing, while "within their vision arc" means the attacker is in the target's field of view).
    • Comment: Add all of the above rules from the related items as noted, re-worded to fit the Ceremite Shield of course.
  • Threadneedle Worms ( p121): The description says it is removed from both a fighter's card and the gang's stash when used, It cannot exist in both those places. Additionally the table has gaps and overlapping ranges, it reads:

    1 - The Worms Turn
    3-4 - A Few Live Worms
    4-5 - A Few More Live Worms
    6 - A Can Full of Worms
    • Comment: Halfway fixed in Official Errata, random table fixed. Ignore references to the stash. Change the second entry on the chart to, "2-3 - A Few Live Worms".
  • Void-born Scum (p20): They appear to me to have an incorrect characteristic profile. The Cold Traders were reprinted and updated in House of Blades without changeing the Void-born Scum. Also, I am obligated to inform you that lead designer Andy Hoare has confirmed these characteristics are indeed correct, via a Facebook post in a closed group. This does not answer the question of thier strange weapons for ogryn level stats.
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Have only had time to read the previews closely.

Estus Jet, Gaen Govrus: Incorrect fighting knife profile (+1 hit modifier).
Jonny Razor: Throwing knives (Str S, lost Silent trait).
Vunder Gorvos: Stub gun (Am 4+, reckless). If this is an unique weapon, it must have an unique name!

They still refuse to give Smoke grenade 5" Blast.
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Void Born Scum clearly have incorrect characteristics.
There is obviously something wrong. Brute-like stats with puny las pistol and fighting knife. All other brutes have unique weapons (open fists etc) or huge weapons. We cannot be certain what was intended however. Perhaps the characteristics are correct, but should have different weapons and only be 1 instead of 2? Or come in pairs as normal, keep their weapons and have something similar to standard human stats.

Water Guild got Brute-like Bodyguard(s), so it's not unheard of for an alliance to bring this kind of power. It is uncertain whether they only come with 1 though.
Thanks for the submissions, I never actually check the Dramatis Personae rules in these books because nobody uses them in the campaigns I run.

As for Void-born, I'm going to include in my errata that they have the same profile as Factoria Workers. The alliances with brute level bodyguards only have 1, where the Cold Traders specifically say there are 2 Void-born Scum.

The Smoke trait is beyond the scope of this list as it has been an issue since the new hardback book. It would be nice to see an official errata clarifying that they may be fired like Blast weapons, but I don't see the need to add the trait to the item stat line. It can be handled with 1 correction instead of dozens.
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Not sure if this a typo or future proofing but in the Redemptionist Backers Racket there is mention of a Corpse Grinder Cult Gang??

Special: Helot Cult, Genestealer Cult and Corpse Grinder Cult gangs may never claim this Racket. If they gain control of it, it becomes dormant until claimed by a different type of gang.”

Excerpt From: Specialist Design Studio. “Necromunda - The Book of Judgement.” iBooks.
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With the statline they have, unarmed attacks still sound pretty scary. Maybe they are intended to be that kind of brawler?
Corpse Grinders, along with Scavenging references, are apparently future-proofing.

I'm not sure Magnacles would be cheaper for Enforcers.
I don't understand why they are doing this to themselves. Nobody is asking for 7 different ammo types for an auto pistol. What beast is chasing them down this path, where they're adding tons of new weapon profiles with copy-paste errors? Why do they insist on adding this stuff, when they don't care to do it correctly?

If they got a lot of feedback from players saying the demand more ammo types or they refuse to buy more books, I could understand why they rush and have errors all over.
Often, content is created for contents sake. Or someone has cut their teeth designing this content and has convinced the lead designer and editors to include it.

There is a general ethos that: more content == more gameplay.

I can imagine a conversation where someone says: “This page would format nicer if we added more rows to this table. Anyone got any ideas?”.

I don’t mind it personally. I don’t think anyone will buy it in my campaigns, because:
A) it’s broken
2) it’s often scarce/limited
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More inconsistent weapon profiles:

Jaws (Hacked cyber-mastiff, Enforcers) vs Jaws (Giant Rat, Perils)
Strength: S vs 3
AP: -1 vs - (none)
Traits: Rending vs Backstab

Seems like "Jaws" (Hacked cyber-mastiff) is the exact same thing as "Ferocious jaws" (Sump-croc)! Why not call it Ferocious jaws then?

Back to Gang War era garbage ffs!!!
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Is the hacked cyber mastiff for the enforcers to take as a pet? Or something on the black market?
More inconsistent weapon profiles:

Talons (Grapplehawk) vs Talons (Khimerix, Phyrr cat)
Strength: 3 vs S
Damage: 1 vs 2
Traits: Disarm, Entangle vs Pulverise
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