N18 Collected Errors/Typos in The Book of Judgement

So what you are hinting at is that we could see a compilation of the “Book of **********” books sometime??
They'd be better off leaking the whole book to us next time before printing and letting us fix it.


I'm not sure about 'fixing' - I don't think it's possible to always guess their intent - but at least they could get a list of obvious errors and suggestions/queries back before launch. If you believe what they post on Warhammer Community and elsewhere then playtesting has been a positive thing for AoS/40K rules development (although casual/narrative 40k players might not agree quite so much....). Why not extend that to Specialist Games?

Incidentally @Jacob Dryearth - check your PM's :)
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Many of the errors are easily fixed by a single read through. Most of the Bounty Hunter fighter cards can be fixed by using the correct weapon profile from rulebook. Several other silly mistakes can also be fixed, like correct Boon type on Rackets.
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Specialist Games would be hugely better off by publishing alpha/beta rules in a pdf for playtesting by the community and then rolling the finished results into a big polished book.
It seems they’re limited on staff so you think it’d make sense to outsource it.

Just not making the customers PAY to access alpha/beta rules bound up in book form.
Sorry if I've caused an unintended thread derailure. Let's get this back on track with issues in the BoJ....
More errors (Intrigues):

Page 63

Both players draw 3 Intrigue cards at the start
of each battle. After reading their cards, both players
should place them face-down beside the battlefield.

An Intrigue can be claimed by the player that drew
once the criteria listed have been met. A player
can claim an Intrigue at any point during the battle
simply by picking the Intrigue card up and saying
that they are claiming it. Once an Intrigue has been
claimed, it cannot be unclaimed.

Page 53:

The players each draw 3 Intrigue cards and,
after reading them, place them face-down beside
the battlefield. Both players should read the text
on each card. These Intrigues can be claimed by
either player during the battle as described in the
Intrigues section on page 64. Any special rules that
affect the battlefield set-up should be dealt with in
the Set Up Battlefield step.

Separate discussion on Intrigues here: https://yaktribe.games/community/th...o-they-work-or-do-they-work.9240/#post-205469
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I noticed that one, the first, more complete version is the only one that makes sense to me. Some of them seem to imply hidden knowledge, having both players read all 6 can't be the intent.
I think the whole ”rules are as intended, we do no wrong” (probably orders from GW high command) in combination with almost no official answers/FAQ is *really* hurting Necromunda.

It wouldn’t take much effort from Andy Hoare to reply to this (and other) threads stating the intention behind the sloppy writing/editing and correcting errors - but either he is to proud to admit faults or cannot due to some stupid GW/FW directives. Both reasons equally bad.
Page 113:
The Ceramite shield lacks a couple important rules, which makes it unusable in practice:
  • It doesn't have a rule that allows a fighter to equip a Ceramite shield on top of a regular suit of armour (rule that both the Armoured Bodyglove and Scrap shield do have)
  • It doesn't have a rule that states you should check whether the wielder was Standing before the attack to see if they get the armour bonus (which makes it useless against most ranged attacks, since the fighter will be Pinned by the time they get to make an armour save — the Energy/Assault shield Weapon trait does have a rule to that effect).
It also lacks the rule that changes where the attack originates from for weapons with the Blast trait (again, see Energy/Assault shield)

Finally, it states the attack must originate "in their line of sight", which is different from the more sensible "within their vision arc" found on Energy shield. ("within their line of sight" means you can draw LoS to the attacker, regardless of facing, while "within their vision arc" means the attacker is in the target's field of view).
Page 94:

No weapon is asterisked in the Black Market TP, meaning they all take only one slot, allowing for such things as a fighter carrying an Autocannon, a Grav a Cannon and a Power Fist all at once.

Some weapons are asterisked in the Enforcer HWL though, so that's still a thing.

The fix is probably as simple as adding an asterisk to every Unwieldy weapon from the BM, but there are precedents in GotU for non-Unwieldy weapons taking 2 slots (Harpoon launcher and Krumper)
I don't think any heavy weapons (Unwieldy or not) taking up a single slot? Not because of RAW, but a pattern without explicit exceptions (so far).
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I don't think any heavy weapons (Unwieldy or not) taking up a single slot? Not because of RAW, but a pattern without explicit exceptions (so far).
Correct, all Heavy weapons so far have been bulky (even those that are not Unwieldy). That's why I'm pretty sure it's a typo. The auto-cannon would be an extremely strange first exception to that rule (it's a big weapon).

Not sure about the Power Fist though. All Unwieldy CC weapons have been bulky so far, but they were also two-handed weapons. I'm not even sure the Power Fist should be Unwieldy to begin with (the Servo claw isn't).
Yes, the Power fist is odd. I can accept it being Unwieldy, although it breaks completely with my experience from GW games (late 90s to 2010), where basically power fist would always combine with another close combat weapon or pistol to gain bonus attack. If you hit with a power fist, the target is pretty much dead and you don't need additional attacks from a second close combat weapon or pistol. But I'm not happy with it taking 2 slots. My Orlock leader has a bolt pistol, servo claw and shotgun. I'd like to keep the power fist as an option for future upgrades.
Harpoon launcher and krumper were at one point unwieldy, so when they removed it without also removing the asterisks they created a new category of weapons.

I'll add these new findings later, been on vacation for the last few days.
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Aye the IG autocannon was carriage mounted. As were most of their heavy weapons. Would be very peculiar if an equally human gang was able to waft one around.

Two handed and unwieldy makes loads of sense for them.
On a side-note, some of the new super marines are shooting autocannons while flying with a jump pack! Times have changed.
That's an extensive list of failing on behalf of the Ceramite Shield rules. I have taken the liberty of copying them into the top post.