N18 Collected Errors/Typos in The Book of Judgement

I should probably be less rude in how I phrase my rulings since we know they used this as an outline...

I still insist that page 20 was an error they refuse to admit!
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Some of the problems in the top post have been cleared up with errata, or subsequent publications where alliance rules have been reprinted/updated. I will need to go through these again sometime.
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  • Scouring (p35): The Scouring psychic power is different from the ones in other publications.
    • Comment: It is up to each play group to decide how to handle this power across all its accurences, as GW can't figure it out.
Funny that the FAQ/Errata actually updated Book of Judgement's Scouring specifically to be Continuous Effect (ie. useless). Howevere, Scouring is not Continous Effect in House of Shadow (2021) :LOL: I know which one I would declare as correct... and that's not the FAQ/Errata one.
  • Desire's Needle (p108): It has the Toxin trait, but also has strength and damage values.
    • Comment: Fixed in the Official Errata. Remove strength and add Silent.
  • Desire's Needle (p108): It has both the Power and Toxin traits. Toxin does not cause damage and Power increases damage by 1 on a natural 6 to hit.
    • Comment: Even after the fixes above this weapon is still not correct. Just ban the thing, it was clearly written without any knowledge of Necromunda rules for damage and weapon traits!
I'm a bit confused about these 2 points for Desire's Needle. Can't find any FAQ that:
  1. Adds Silent. Should that be for Throwing Knives or Needler instead?
  2. Removes Strength.
For Power & Toxin, this was clarified in FAQ that Power has multiple parts, not all of which combines with Toxin. In particular the +1 Damage, all other rules combine with Toxin. Not perfect, but also not completely useless.
  • Can't be parried except by other Power weapons. Also applies with Toxin!
  • A hit roll of 6 gives:
    • Ignores Save rolls (except Field armour). Also applies with toxin!
    • +1 Damage. Doesn't apply with Toxin.
  • Pitch Black: Revealed when used. Also applied with Toxin.