@ClockworkOrange Very nice, I want a flyer for my gang but no time/bits currently.

So I went to b and q and got them to mix a tallarn sand equivalent, it’s not an exact match but it’s a lot cheaper than using gw paints :)
Wasn’t sure how much I would need so need to make another trip to get karak stone and ushabti bone mixed up but I think I can get by with just a tester pot of each, emulsion is so thick that mixed with water it goes a long way.
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Some awesome looking stuff on here. I'll try and get some wip shots up soon. Has anyone got any thoughts on how to make exhaust pipes like this?! I'm thinking bendy straws but they might be a bit flimsy.

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Use solid styrene rod, not tube (rod bends into shape more easily without distorting) and gently heat with a lighter or candle to bend it. Get some tube that fits neatly over the rod and you can make joints and whatnot.

That is how I make exhausts for my GoMo trukks.

Some nice stuff there @Tiny, you looking forwards to speed freekz?

So apparently having a manly physique like mine :) affects the amount of anaesthetic needed to take your tooth out, having numbed a separate tooth for a filling the dentist couldn't give me any more anaesthetic when half way through digging my tooth out all feeling returned :( (there was a long time between the injections and the operation due to the dentists drill packing up and having to go across the road to a different surgery) have to go back next week now, they have left me with a dull ache that I know is going to really hurt when the anaesthetic completely wears off. After popping some codeine I nipped to b and q and bought a tester pot of an ushabti bone mix and applied the highlights before the agony kicks in


Going to try to make an agrax wash equivalent tomorrow
Can’t help but feel that my little Troll carts will be just that tiny in the shadow of some of these beasts!

Ps is that an Action Force / GI Joe Warthog?
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Either way it’s going to look awesome with thousands of trolls zipping round it in tiny carts or buzzing it in hot air balloons! Death to the mechanised scum!
I love the Trolls ... but that spotted cloth gives me serious issues! = )
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So time has not been on my side of late and so to make sure I have a painted gang to play with I have had to ditch the ashwaste nomads and let my delaque gang, the copperheads, take the stage.
So now I only need to build and paint a truck for them instead of finish sculpting and converting my whole ashwaste gang.
Still, no small task to ensure it is done before next Saturday :)
Today I pulled out an old kit I had laying around (originally the launcher was planned to form the basis of a more military looking exorcist) the track unit was up for grabs

As were a few taurox parts

After today’s hobby session here is where I am at

Lots to do but at least it’s a fully formed model now rather than just an idea
Wow, and I thought I was cutting it fine. That looks awesome. Bless the taurox. Have struggled to post my wip pics up here (couldn't figure out how) so am going to try and get some work finished ones up instead!