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Oct 24, 2013
Kettering, Northants, UK
As ordered by @CaptainDangerous I have created this thread for anybody attending Tribe Meet 2018 to post any wip pics of any new gangs or even pics of old gangs that are being dusted off ready for the upcoming turf war.

Myself I am hoping to bring a new gang, my goliaths, the Ripflow Sharks. They almost made it to yakday 2017 but were swapped out due to time constraints. This time around Brutus Maximus is coming to crush you all, drive you all before him and hear the lamentation of your women!

I spent yesterday working on my gang, here are the results













All of the above just await some greenstuff and a few minor additions before priming. Nearly everyone has magnetised hands ready for weapon upgrades after my inevitable victories :) Not shown are my two heavies who had their heads misplaced and so didn't get worked on, maybe next time.
There is also another addition based on the captains theme which he will hopefully be posting about in a bit. My brother in law @horuswaspretty also put a shift in on his Cawdor so hopefully pics from him soon.
So yeah, who is coming and what gang are you bringing, who do you think will be triumphant at the end of the campaign and why is it The Ripflow Sharks? :)
All gangs (except for guilders) are welcome! .....tho..... house gangs will receive a bit of a buff (will explain in t’other thread)
Can’t wait to see what folks bring to the table!
I’ll be returning with fresh muscle from house G! My leader is the true embodiment of masculinity!! :p:D
The Crusade of Peace will be in attendance! They wish to spread the Emperor's Divine Light* to the unbeliever, the heretic, the mutant, the impure, people who hang toilet rolls with the flap towards the wall and pretty much anyone else really, they ain't picky!

*Sponsored by The Emperor's Divine Light Prometheum & Armaments Company Incorporated - Spray that light, hear them scream with repentance!

I need to paint a couple of them and touch up others as they got bashed about a bit in ye olde days - I'll put a pic up soon.
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... Can I jsut confirm... @CaptainDangerous , We'll be using the NCE even though the new necromunda will be well out by then?

I've not even started modelling mine yet... although I have a spark of an idea, a theme if you will...

I'm here at this podium talking
The ceremonial offerings dedicated to urban dysfunctional offspring
What's happening?
Hive governments are eternally napping
Trapped in greedy covenants
Causing urban collapsing
Bullets that scar souls with dark holes
Get more than your car stole, some parts be blacker than charcoal, for real
This society's deprivation depends not on our differences but the separation within
No preparation is made
Limited aid, minimum wage
Living in a tenement cage where rent isn't paid
Tragedy within a parade
The darkness overspreads like a permanent plague

There's a war going on for your mind
We are the insurgents

My Orlocks will be in attendance.

[Note if we are using new necromunda then I'll likely have my escher from the new box ready by then instead and will bring them... then I have no idea my theme]
@spafe I am pretty sure the NCE will be best for this one as there are no guarantees on enough "new" gangs being available by February plus it doesn't put pressure on everyone to buy and learn the new rules.
@Stoof yep they have big balls of steel and the drums are a reminder of that :) looking forward to pics of your redemptionists
Clicked on my photobucket by accident earlier and found I do have a pic of one of my heavies from a while back. Still wip but you get the idea

And standing next to the boss man
I am pretty sure the NCE will be best for this one as there are no guarantees on enough "new" gangs being available by February plus it doesn't put pressure on everyone to buy and learn the new rules.

I am hopeful for NCE. I ain't touching the new version in a campaign fashion until all of the house gangs are out. Finally caved (after 2 days) and pre-ordered the boxed set for the minis though.
Seems I had best claim my turf for this. Found a spare one of this guy lying in my renegade guard bits and had an epiphany.

Meet Arch-deacon Jedeziah Retch, aka Bubonicus, the Bloat King, "Grandfather" of the Brotherhood of the Gifted.


Going to replace his chainsword with something less flashy. Shotgun / Autogun / sword maybe? Thinking I will give him the "Hideous" mutation to represent his relentless dirge and almighty stank.
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Yeah, methinks the pic link didnt work fella
awesome model dude! thats a great starting peice for your boss. I'm expecting lots of tox bombs from this list I think...
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Visible now, and plenty cool looking for a boss. I would probably go with a crude looking shotgun in his right hand, and a slung sword on his left hip if there is room.
His right hand is perfectly positioned for a sawn-off, just the right curve in the existing hilt of the chainsword by the look of it. I would be tempted to model a short barreled side-by-side shotgun on top of the chainsword... deeply impractical, deeply awesome. It's got provenance too!