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We've always taken it that a Scummer/Bounty Hunter/Ratskins' weapons and equipment are his "Tools of the Trdae" and therefore his and his alone. He takes EVERYTHING with him where ever he goes, all the time.

As in he'd have one each of the lasgun, shotgun and autogun back at base, and just takes one into battle at a time? I'm not angling for that... just not sure if that's what you mean :)
Sort of. He has access to all his listed weapons back in his 'cache' somewhere, but they are his, and like Joey with food ... he doesn't share.

Gotcha. I'm guessing this is only for weapons rather than equipment. Otherwise, do you have problems with stuff like bionics for bounty hunters?

Apart from that I think the extra utility this provides for hired guns is a good thing. I don't use them much - mostly because they don't add to the developing roleplay character of my gang like normal gangers - but partly because if my gang dynamic changes and I want more long range weapons on my normal gangers, I can't swap my rattie's lasgun for a shotgun to fill out my midrange support without firing the one I have and rehiring.

Which is why I was wondering if that last part was intentional in the rules.
At the end of the day people will choose which rules they like, which they don't, and which they amend.

As I say, we play that the Hired Gun, and only the hired gun, can use the hired guns 'stuff', and when he leaves, he takes it all away with him.

But then we're pretty strict with the House Weapon Lists and Leader Only stuff too. It works for us but not everyone.
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As I say, we play that the Hired Gun, and only the hired gun, can use the hired guns 'stuff', and when he leaves, he takes it all away with him.

Yeah, I don't think there is any reading of the rules which can get around this. Otherwise even the 70 cred hire+pay&fire overhead for a Bounty Hunter would be worth it for all his gear :D.
The way I read it, is that each hired gun carries all of their weapons of choice at all times. This might encumber them, but they are Solo characters and in no way would their fluff have them stashing some of their gear anywhere that their employers may be able to snaffle them.

Sure, they might have a plethora of weapons caches hidden in nooks and crannies around the place, or even have a shottie behind the bar at their trusted local haunt, but this might only give the option of ~"may swap weapons in between battles".

As for tooling up a Ratskin Scout with close combat in mind, that sounds cool. Adding a pistol or two to the ranged weapons options looks like a good idea - Remember that the Scout was introduced before Ratskins had a gang of their own. :)
The Ratskins' isolationist rule says they are not offered any rare trade items after a game. If a chief visits the outlaw trading post, does he get offered 1 item in the same way a ganger would get +1 item for visiting?

Given that a leader normally has to visit the trading post (and forego foraging) to get the d3 rare trade offers, does this rule effectively reduce Ratskin's rare trade offers from d3 to 1?
It means you have to send the Chief and a Ratskin to the trading post every time yo get offerings.

That may be the intention, but I don't see anything saying that you have to send the chief. So far as I can see, you can send him foraging (because he doesn't generate rare trade items anyway) and then send a regular Ratskin to get one rare trade item. This doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, because it means all the ganger-level Ratskins are actually better than the chief at getting rare trade, but it seems to be the RAW. Am I missing something requiring you to send the chief?
The very end of Isolationists in the OCE says "Ratskins must be sent in search of rare items following the usual trading post rules". However while it does state in the NCE rules that D3 items are offered to the Gang Leader, it does not expressly say that they have to be sent to the Trading Post to view these items. As this seems to be where the uncertainty of RAI/RAW would stem from, I think this would be where the correction be made.

My interpretation is that the Gang Leader must go to the Trading Post to get any Rare Trade options. If the Leader went OOA in the match before, part of that hurt would be that nobody the Traders are accustomed to dealing with would be able to go to deal for Rare Trade, and as such the D3 items would not be offered. This would be the requirement of usual Trading Post rules, and therefore would solve the Ratskin question. However since it is open to interpretation in the NCE wording, can't really push that argument any further than that...
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In the official rules the Trading Post section states: "To determine how many rare items are offered roll a D3. This is the number of items offered to the gang leader as he scours the trade posts and visits his contacts in the drinking holes and gambling dens."

This seemed to cause some confusion, such as what happens if he's injured, captured over multiple games, or foraging, so in the NCE it was changed to: "This is the number of items offered to the gang by their dealer contacts, guilders and local merchants." The idea being the Gang Leader has no bearing on whether the gang get any rare item offers or not.

So far as I can see, you can send him foraging (because he doesn't generate rare trade items anyway) and then send a regular Ratskin to get one rare trade item. This doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, because it means all the ganger-level Ratskins are actually better than the chief at getting rare trade, but it seems to be the RAW.

Yeah it's pretty unlikely to run into a situation where it would matter but there's still the potential at least. For example, if all your Gangers go OOA leaving your Gang Leader who can only forage rather than work the territory. Perhaps this should be changed so in the case of outlaws non-Juves would be allowed a post game action.
In the Bounty Hunter rules, the capture rules seem to directly contradict themselves in regards to the victims equipment.

If a fugitive is turned in for bounty the gang's reward is a number of credits equal to his total Experience points plus D6x5, which is added to the gang's stash. The gang may also keep any of his equipment.

To find out what happens to a fugitive who is turned over to the Guilders roll a D6.

1 Sold into Slavery: The fighter disappears forever.

2 Fined: The fighter is fined his value in credits and his equipment confiscated. His gang may free the fighter by paying his value in credits including the value of his weapons and equipment. All of his weapons, and any equipment that is not physically part of him (bionics, lobo chip, etc) are confiscated by the Guilders.

3 Fined: Fined his value in credits, including the value of his weapons and equipment. His gang may free the fighter together with his weapons and equipment by paying his fine.

4 Fined: Fined D6x10 credits. His gang may free the fighter by paying his fine as above.

5 Fined or Sentenced: The gang may choose to free the fighter for D6x5 credits or let him serve his sentence in the pit, in which case he misses the next game.

6 Insufficient Evidence: Released immediately.

So which is it? Does the capturing gang always get to keep all of the victims equipment, or do they have to let it go along with the fighter if a 2 or 3 is rolled? Especially 3? If they initially decide to keep the gear, would the result of a 2 or 3 be the bounty gang telling the guilders, "Oh we found him like this, all he had on him was a knife when we caught him."

As an issue of game balance, I think it's a mistake to give the capturing gang the equipment. It's like a tax free boost for them in the long run, especially if the fighter was carrying a special or heavy weapon. I also think it's a bad idea to include the value of the equipment in the ransom, it makes paying to get your ganger back prohibitively expensive, unless you can subtract that fine from your income before figuring out how much you get to keep.
Suggestion: the movement section should clearly state that, except where specifically permitted by a scenario (or subject to involuntary/compulsory movement?), you cannot move off a table edge.

See discussion here:

There's a note on p. 26 that some scenarios allow you to move off the table, but nothing actually seems to prohibit it elsewhere.
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Hm.. I'm not seeing a balance issue with keeping the fugitive's equipment since that's what happens if he didn't roll a 6 or is an outlaw. I'm thinking considering how rare it is for a fighter to be recognised as a fugitive the D6 table is quite excessive, so overall would be better to replace the 2-3 result with something simpler, such as "the fine is equivalent to his basic fighter cost + Experience".

Should probably also clarify the fugitive is only turned in if a rescue is failed or isn't attempted, and in the Recruiting section that outlaws can't hire bounty hunters (at the moment it's only briefly mentioned in the Outlaw Trading Post section).
Would also be worth clarifying what happens if the gang with the bounty hunter has fighters of its own captured.

Normally the captives would have to be exchanged, but there has been some disagreement in LAGGNOG about whether this still applies if the bounty hunter successfully recognizes a fugitive and turns them in. In my view the exchange is mandatory and immediate and must be carried out before the bounty hunter rolls to see if the fighter is wanted or not, which I guess would be implicitly covered if you require a rescue to be attempted or turned down before he is handed over?
Regarding Bounty Hunters and capture:

I have always assumed that the normal rules for allowing the gang who lost the fighter to have a choice to at least attempt rescue. This would indicate that there is at least time to work the exchange.

But then the Bounty Hunter capture seems to take precedence over the regular rules for exhange/ransom/rescue, so at the moment we are not sure.

I like that the Bounty Hunter could subvert the normal rules and allow for an immediate loss of a fighter. They almost never pay off otherwise and it's very fluffy.
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Okay folks.. after the current update I'm going to be taking a perhaps permanent hiatus from NCE duties. I absolutely don't have the free time I once had which isn't going to change any time soon, and what little Necro time I do have I'm rather looking forward to exploring the newest incarnation of the game which seems to be expanding it into some interesting directions. I'm not entirely sure what this means for future updates, though it is called the Community Edition after all.
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