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Of The YAQ
Oct 12, 2015
Issy-les-Moulineaux 92130 France
Re: Weapon accessories

What about something like that:

WeaponHotshot las packGunshroudLas-projectorTelescopic sightInfra-sightMono-sightSuspensors
Reclaimed autogunYesYesYesYes
Combat shotgunYesYesSalvo onlyExcept SalvoYes
Las carbineYesYesYesYes
Cawdor Polearm with autogunAutogun onlyAutogun onlyAutogun onlyAutogun only
Cawdor Polearm with blunderbussBlunderbuss onlyEmperor's Wrath onlyEmperor's Wrath onlyEmperor's Wrath onlyEmperor's Wrath only
Sawn-off shotgunYesYesYesYesYes
ShotgunYesYesExcept ExecutionerYesYes
Stub cannonYesYesYesYes
Suppression laserYesYesYesYesYes
Throwing knives
Reclaimed autopistolYesYesYes
Bolt pistolYesYesYes
Combi-pistol autopistol/handflamerAutopistol onlyAutopistol onlyAutopistol only
Combi-pistol autopistol/plasma pistolAutopistol onlyYesYesPlasma pistol only
Combi-pistol bolt pistol/handflamerBolt pistol onlyBolt pistol onlyBolt pistol only
Combi-pistol bolt pistol/plasma pistolBolt pistol onlyYesYesPlasma pistol only
Combi-pistol stub gun/plasma pistolStub gun onlyYesYesYes
Flechette pistolYesSolid only
Hand flamer
Las sub-carbineYesYesYes
Needle pistolYesYesYes
Plasma pistolYesYesYes
Stub gunYesYesYesYes
Web pistol
Combi-weapon autogun/flamerAutogun onlyAutogun onlyAutogun onlyYes
Combi-weapon autogun/grenade launcherAutogun onlyYesAutogun onlyYes
Combi-weapon bolter/flamerBoltgun onlyBoltgun onlyBoltgun onlyYes
Combi-weapon bolter/grenade launcherBoltgun onlyYesBoltgun onlyYes
Combi-weapon bolter/needlerBoltgun onlyYesYesNeedler onlyYes
Combi-weapon bolter/meltaBoltgun onlyYesYesMelta onlyYes
Combi-weapon bolter/plasmaBoltgun onlyYesYesYes
Combi-weapon lasgun/meltaLasgun onlyYesYesYesYes
Combi-weapon lasgun/plasmaLasgun onlyYesYesLasgun onlyYes
Grav gunYesYesYes
Grenade launcherYesKrak onlyYes
Long lasYesYesYes
Long rifleYesYesYes
Needle rifleYesYesYesYes
'Nightshade' chem-thrower
Plasma gunYesYesMaximal onlyYes
Rad gun
Web gun
Cawdor heavy crossbowKrak onlyYesYes
Harpoon launcherYesYes
Heavy bolterYesYes
Heavy flamerYes
Heavy stubberYesYes
'Krumper' rivet cannonSuper-heated onlyYes
Mining laserYesYesYes
Missile launcherKrak onlyYesYes
Plasma cannonYesYes
Rad cannonYesYes
Seismic cannonYesYes


Of The YAQ
Oct 12, 2015
Issy-les-Moulineaux 92130 France
So, trying to synthesize the above into as short a set of rules as possible:
  1. A Hotshot las pack can only be fitted on the regular Lasgun and Laspistol
  2. A Throwing knife cannot be fitted with any accessory
  3. A weapon/profile cannot be fitted with an accessory if that accessory would have no effect or a negative effect on the weapon (e.g. a Silent weapon cannot get a Gunshroud, a Long las cannot get a Telescopic sight, Template weapons cannot be fitted with accessories that give bonuses to the hit roll, etc.)
  4. A weapon with multiple profiles (including combi weapons) can be fitted with an accessory if and only if at least one of its profiles can be fitted with that accessory. The accessory is ignored when using a profile that cannot be fitted with it. For the purpose of this rule, combi weapons and polearms are considered as respectively Basic/Special and Close combat/Basic weapons.
  5. For the purpose of accessories, Pistols are divided into two sub-categories: 'Basic pistols' and 'Special pistols'. Basic pistols can only be fitted with accessories that can be fitted on both Basic weapons and Pistols. Special pistols can only be fitted with accessories that can be fitted on both Special weapons and Pistols. Basic pistols are as follows: Autopistol, Reclaimed autopistol, Bolt pistol, Laspistol and Stub gun (every other Pistol is a Special pistol).
I'll admit that's a bit house-ruly, but the RAW don't make sense to me.
Apr 4, 2018
Bristol, UK
I've made my comments on each of the previous points.

2.02: nerve checks in combat
RAW I’m fairly confident it’s two. However, I think RAI it’s definitely only one.

5.06: weapon attachments
The way I’ve assumed it works is you can only apply the attachment if all of the weapon’s profiles match the description (same for weapons with multiple profiles, such as grenade launchers and infrasights).
Which would mean that you can theoretically, RAW, fit a polearm with an infrasight for +1 to hit when engaged.
However, I like the houserule idea that you can fit attachments when part of the weapon qualifies, therefore only gaining the ability for that part of the weapon (with exceptions specifically called out such as polearms or throwing knives).

6.02: Juve to Champion advancements
I’ve assumed that the increasing costs would only begin to accumulate for advancements granted whilst a champion. Although RAW I would probably would mean the champion’s advances are suddenly hit with a large increase.
In terms of tracking it, I put a mark next to the stat on my champ/leader fighter cards when they get an advance to count it. However if you rely on Yaktribe that wouldn’t work so well.

6.03 xp awards
Me and my group always assumed that a direct result just means if they are taken out by the shot itself. So falling to your death or being knocked into wouldn’t count, for example.

6.04 downtime credits
RAW I believe it’s just 250cr on fighters/hangers on themselves. Although my group house ruled that to include house equipment as well, which I think is a fair RAW.
I don’t think it should include trade post items, although common could be argued you definitely don’t make a Rare Trade action with the bonus.

6.05 challenge management
There really is no rule governing challenges.
My group’s arbitrator selects who challenges who for the first [compulsory] game of a cycle (randomly, potentially with some arbitrator tweaking). For the second [optional] game we’re free to arrange our own games, a gentleman’s agreement states that if one person hasn’t challenged that cycle but the other has, they’re the challenger, otherwise it’s a roll off. It’s a system that works fairly well to solve the issue.

6.08/6.10 seriously injured fighters remaining
I think that many post-battle rules clearly don’t work if seriously injured fighters count as on the board if they recover from their injuries.
So although RAW they do, RAI I think they clearly don’t.

7.02 territory boons
The way me, and my group, have played it is that when you acquire the territory it’s functionally identical to 3 of the weapons being added to the stash. So if a fighter dies with a ‘territory grenade’ it’s lost. It also saves the need to differentiate between ‘territory grenades’ and any other identical grenades.
The hanger on ones are the same. I would argue those territories should follow the same rules. However, my group plays it as if that hanger on should abandon the gang for whatever reason, they’re recruited again in the post battle sequence.

7.03 corpse farm
RAW retired fighters definitely generate income. RAI I think it’s only dead fighters though.
It is called a Corpse Farm afterall, and I like to think higher of my war-weary fighters than to provide them with the “9mm pension plan”.
It also prevents abuse of hiring and retiring Juves to generate infinite money.

7.04 drunkeness
RAW it’s cumulative. But I would quite like it to be essentially the same buff. -2 on checks more or less renders the fighter useless, -1 is pretty painful already.

7.05 mine workings
I think it’s pretty clear they can only send them to work the mines after a rescue has been attempted (or not attempted, as the case may be). It says working the mines is instead of selling to the guilders, which suggests selling to the guiders should be an option in the first place.

7.06 toll crossing
I don’t think the Orlock player has the right to refuse payment. The territory says they can pay for the boon, not that the Orlock allows them to pay the boon.
The way my group plays the both players pay situation (or rather has agreed to, as yet no one has ever paid) is that they both negate each other and therefore it’s just a roll off. This is less than perfect as I’m sure at that point both players would simply agree not to pay, but life’s too short to do a secret reveal. Perhaps rule once a toll crossing use has been declared, it can’t be rescinded.

7.07 archeotech device
This is largely the same argument as 7.02. As such I believe you declare the weapons and traits when you acquire the territory, and can choose to add the traits to new weapons or not, but once decided it’s decided.

7.08 archeotech device 2
RAW you can give the archeotech device to melee weapons. But that opens the question of what happens when blaze or radphage is used with multiple attacks? RAW it certainly seems you roll the trait for each successful hit, but the archeotech device is more than good enough as it is.
As for how Unstable works in melee, RAW it seems it has no effect. But it’s not a unique situation to the arceotech device, the lascutter has the same issue.

10.02 blasts/templates in 3D
RAW it seems to only hit in that 2D plane, as it says anything hit by the template and the template is physically an object in a [roughly] 2D plane.
10.03 Same as above, although I’ve always played it as you can angle the template upwards.
In 7th ed 40k (the last to use templates) I believe stated that you could place the flame template up or down 1 level from the shooter, blasts would fall down till they landed on something and be placed at that level. Whatever level they ended up on they would then hit everything on that level. But that’s not perfect as ‘levels’ are inconsistent in height.
Smoke seems to be a blast in all but name [causing all manner of confusion in and of itself] but it sets a precedent for a spherical blast/conical[ish] flame template.


Of The YAQ
Oct 12, 2015
Issy-les-Moulineaux 92130 France
Thanks a lot for your thoughts!

I'm gonna edit my document soon to add the answers people seem to mostly agree on, and maybe put the rest to popular vote.
Since I've a feeling some of you may have missed it in the wall of text, said document can be found here. It has even more questions that I already answered and you may disagree with, so don't hesitate to chime in on them too.
Apr 4, 2018
Bristol, UK
Otherwise questions which I don't see answered the YAQ:
(I like every current answer).

Toxon/gas 'to wound', does it autofail on a 1? RAW is definitely not, you will automatically wound a T1 opponent. However, it can be argued it's a to-wound roll, so should also autofail on a 1.

Twin Guns Blazing (TGB). The rules say each attack is fully resolved in turn, although I got a response from the FAQ team (for what little that counts) saying you fully resolved each hit. That then implies each shot is fired simulataneously.
The functional point of this is that if a target is hit by the first shot, they will then be pinned, potentially behind cover. TGB says the two shots must target the same fighter, but hidden fighters says you can't target them, which takes precedence?
Also (a point which applies to multiple hits for all weapons such as rapid fire, melee, and scatter) do you resolve one hit through to injuries before you begin to resolve the next? That would mean flesh wounds have an effect "mid attack", whilst presumably making OoA results cut the attack short.
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Dec 22, 2014
I'm happy to report that i agree with all the observations that Kiro has made.

The timing of how injury dice from multiple hits is resolved is important. It appears to be to (as far as RAI) add all the injury dice from all the attacks made (by either a shooting or melee attack) and roll together.

However RAW it's badly worded and unclear what the processor is with TGB and different weapons In CCW.

Also the table for what weapon attachments can be fitted and which parts of weird weapons they actually interact with is a great idea.