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N18 Competitive?


Sep 27, 2019
I was wondering if there is any rule pack to play competitive. In the style of Kill Team (where in the tournaments the scenarios mixed scoring for killing and for having objectives)

I have seen in this forum some pack of many years ago, and using old scenarios...

To know if there is someone who is working on something similar.

Now that it seems that there is more and more discontent with KT, it would be a good time to extend necromunda at a competitive level, (and that soon all bands will have their "codex")

(Please save yourself comments that necromunda can only be played at narrative level)


Kiro The Avenger

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Apr 4, 2018
Bristol, UK
I believe the main rulebook has a couple of pages on suggested formats for competitive events.
There's certainly some (very minimalist) rules somewhere.

I'm not saying Necromunda can't be played competitively, I'll just say it's really bad for playing that way. If competitive players aren't finding Killteam to their liking, I don't think Necromunda will gain much traction.


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Mar 31, 2017
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
(Please save yourself comments that necromunda can only be played at narrative level)
Fine, I won't say it. Necromunda cannot be played at a competetive level.

There are many reasons why Necromunda does not work well for competetive, but I'll list just a few:
  • Poor balance between gangs (Goliaths, Corpse Grinders and Van Saar have powerful and underpriced options)
  • It is suited for a campaign play which may last several weeks and competetive events are usually tight on time.
  • Rules are riddled with errors, and are easy to exploit. For example, because of poor wording, each familiar of Genestealer cult can protect their owner from every attack, because rule writer mixed Turn and Round terms. While the intention is clear, competetive player would probably play it RAW. Have fun trying to kill something that evades hits 3 times per attack sequence on a 2D6 needing 6+ or better.
  • P2W tactic cards which are very hard to get your hands on.
Edit: if you want something close to competetive, I highly recommend Assault on the precinct mini-campaign from White Dwarf. It is very good and somewhat balanced scenario which can be played in 1 day.
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Sep 18, 2018
Halmstad, Sweden
I think Necromunda could be a pretty good competitive game. But there is a lot of work to be done to get there.

Here is my shortlist of the most pressing issues:
- Better balance between gangs
- Better balance between weapons
- Clarifications for a lot of rules and situations, and interactions between abilities
- Scenarios written specifically for tournament play


Cranky Git
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Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia
I haven’t seen anyone making a competitive rules pack on here as most people prefer playing it as a campaign.

That said there are the skirmish rules and tournament rules included in the hard cover rulebook that give a framework for how to run a weekend tournament event, but leave a bunch of choices up to the tournament organiser.

The biggest thing in addition to the rules/suggestions that are included in the rulebook is to play preselected scenarios that are balanced for both sides. This means playing more of the more boring scenarios like tunnel skirmish, stand off, and border dispute as well as a couple of treasure grab scenarios like forgotten riches.

It’s also worth deciding if your tournament should enforce use of zone Mortalis or sector mechanicus game boards for the whole tournament or for certain rounds of the tournament or if you should leave it up to the players each round. If you are trying to emulate the Uber competitive tables that come with 40K then every table should be the same for each round, but for ease of running a small tournament I would probably pre set up with whatever terrain you had and keep them that way for the whole tournament and cycle players.

It might also be an idea to remove the ability for players to voluntarily bottle and flee from the board as well. This single change will likely make objective grabbing scenarios less prone to rules gamesmanship.

I would also consider placing a turn limit on games so that you can try to maintain some sort of schedule for the tournament.

Another big curveball to the rules would also be to remove victory points for killing fighters in objective based scenarios. Coupled with a turn limit it would mean that gangs actually have to play to the scenario in order to win and not just blast the other gang off the table.

Anyway they are just a few thoughts on how I would try to run a tournament.
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Cranky Git
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Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia
I think that giving Victory points for opening Loot caskets (without blowing up in the process) might be a neat way to make a lot of scenarios competetive.

Yep. When there is no penalty for losing fighters and no bonus for killing gangers then it becomes much more likely players will focus on the actual scenario win conditions.
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Dec 29, 2017
A lot of these ideas sounds very good for campaigns also. Rebalance, less focus on inflicting/suffering casualties, more focus on objectives etc.
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