Necromunda Confrontation 1990

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Mar 12, 2014
nooker submitted a new resource:

Confrontation - Confrontation

These are the original Confrontation rules. They were published serially in White Dwarf before Necromunda was published and are compiled here. They were never completed and this is all of them that were published. This is a lower quality version. If you want the higher quality version (55.8MB) PM me (nooker) with your email address and I can send you a Dropbox link to it.

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@nooker and @Malo. I have troubles with this pdf (shocker!), both in Chrome, Foxit pdf reader and Adobe Acrobat. In addition, trying to edit it in Acrobat XI (ie. re-saving it) gives the following error code (loosely translated) - "there was an error while processing images". How is it on your end?
It seemed fine to me, but this is a 7.3MB version of an original 55.8MB document. There being some issue somewhere isn't really a surprise. I will readily share my dropbox folder that contains the full size version with anyone who wants it it's just too large for here.
I've converted the high res version from Nooker to a word doc, there may be some spelling/typos but should be pretty good. There's no pictures but it's editable and easily printable. Not sure how to upload it but if anyone is interested I can find a way to get it to them.