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Hewn the Bloodless

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May 4, 2023
Hey, I'm a relatively new player when it comes to necromunda. I noticed on my new Corpse Grinder Cult's gang card a section called "meat" what does this mean? Is there a starvation mechanic in the game? I have checked the book of ruin but couldn't find anything.
Its for the Uprising Campaign - which is only available as part of the Dark Uprising starter set (...or third party rules compilations). The Book of Ruin has supplemental rules for the Uprising Campaign, but GW weren't forward thinking and didn't include the actual campaign in the book ...and now its out of production. Woo.

Meat yes is part of the Uprising Campaign's starvation mechanic. Where you have to feed your fighters or they begin to starve, get debuffs and eventually die.
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You might try your luck raiding your local friendly gaming store but I doubt you will have muck luck.
Hungry hungry hippos are plenty killy outside of the meat rules anyway.