N18 Creating a Mechanicum Venator Gang

Aug 12, 2019
So recently I came upon the idea of doing a Mechanicum gang using the Venator rules. This would represent a Magos-Explorator and his posse, who are on Necromunda to explore its "Forbidden Cities" (and Black Markets) for all manner of odd trinkets and lost relics. Of course the problem comes in...how exactly to do that?

I will preface this first with the statement that our locals is testing out a houserule that allows Venators to take items from the Black Market as well, up to their allowed Rarity, with the exception of anything marked as Illegal. You're also still stuck with what you start armed with, so no using a Champ to get a Ganger a weapon he'd normally not be able to take starting off.

Firstly, I guess we should start with the Skill Set, as that's really the core of the Venators' customizability. I'm thinking that Savant and Cunning are probably the most representative Primary skill trees, with Shooting and Ferocity taking the Secondary slots. I'm still mulling swapping Cunning and Shooting. Ferocity I feel fits well as the fourth tree because it's actually mostly resilience buffs, which fits in will with Mechanicum. And none of the other trees really fit, either...

As for guns? Well a lot of weapons actually have some rather simple analogues. Plasma is plasma. Stubcarbines are autopistols. Taser Goads are Shock Staves, and Arc Mauls are Shock Batons. Power weapons are just that. But then you have some of the wierder weapons that require some more thought. I'd say the closest equivalent for the radium carbine is an rutogun with rad rounds. Problem is, rad rounds are Rare (9) and thus unavailable to any Ganger at the start - he'll have to get them later. The galvanic rifles are probably closest in equivalence to a lasgun with hot shot powerpack. The galvanic caster of the Peltasts are probably best represented with combat shotguns. Other, wierder guns really have no analogues, sadly.

Other equipment is pretty simple. Skitarri basically wear mesh armour, with the occasional armoured undersuit, and carapace armour is a good power armour equivalent (especially when stacked with an armoured undersuit, though far too expensive to start off with). All the other random techy bits can really be just whatever.

So as much as I have those ideas hammered out, I'm still struggling to figure out a solid starting roster. I do want to build a pretty good team, though within the confines of my theme. I do have two of my starting members hammered out...maybe. But that's it. So this is where I'm asking for advice, really.

As for the two realized members:

Othelos, Magos-Explorator (Hunt Leader #4) - 235 credits
-Mesh armour
-Armoured undersuit
-Plasma pistol
-Cred sniffer
-Skill: Savy Trader

Combat Servitor "Zeta" Z-518 (Hunt Champion #2) - 235 credits
-Mesh armour
-Plasma gun
-Skill: Overwatch (or Balistic Expert)

After that...I dunno. I'm kinda thinking another Champion starting off with Fixer or Medicae, being a Tech-priest Enginseer with all the usual bells and whistles (minus the hideously expensive servo-harness, to start). So any suggestions would be well apreciated!