N18 Crew and Wargear.


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Jun 12, 2022
This question primarily concerns Wargear
Are Vehicle Crew counted as "fighters" or "vehicles" or "models"?
As of page 57 Core rulebook a single humanoid etc is referred to as a "fighter" while a single figure that represents a vehicle is referred to as a " vehicle".
When the term "model" is used it refers to either.

Given that you can swap vehicle crew from vehicle to vehicle they are in fact a separate entity to thier Wolfquad.
Filter Plugs are on the equipment list yet they have "fighter" as a requirement not model.
If they are treated as "vehicles" then they can, from the Core rulebook list, only use Cameleoine Cloaks (it says wearer not model or fighter), Dome runner maps, Photo goggles, Photo Lumens and Respirators.
If the Crew are " fighters" they can use anything.
Which is it?
(Not that I have a burning desire for filter Plugs)
Obviously some Wargear crew can't use as they don't have the stats to use, like a armour save for armoured undersuits or available actions like lock punches which need the Force Door Basic) action
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Here's TopsyKretts' conclusions about the crews, fighters and models from another thread (https://yaktribe.games/community/threads/vehicle-crew-and-house-specials.13526/)

Ok so it's about the Hangers-on special rule called "Gang Fighter". That was previously called "Part of the Crew", which was arguably a better name. This special rule has nothing to do with anything else really, it's just a placeholder name, as you point out (not related to Gang Fighter (X), the model type 'fighter' or anything else).

I thought the original discussion here was about vehicle crew specifically, so I'm getting confused by all these other examples. I just don't see the relevance of pets, mounts, hangers-on or battlefield type.

After re-reading the rules I rediscovered that crew is a vehicle, so you're absolutely right. And only in certain circumstances are treated similar to a fighter. Of course this is an abstraction as a result of streamlining. In GorkaMorka for example, the crew was indeed a 'fighter' and the vehicle was something separate. In Necromunda they're more closely linked together. The crew is one with the vehicle and is a single model during the battle. But has certain aspects of fighter for other purposes as mentioned (also stuff like XP, advancements, injuries, death, retirement etc.).

So to put it simple, a vehicle is always a vehicle. A fighter is always a fighter. A crew is a vehicle except sometimes when considered a fighter :D

You are correct about all of the house gang bonuses (which is good). So that settles the discussion. Probably a lot of other gangs hopefully have similar restrictions to their special rules.
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Note that some crew have illegal stuff listed. Like Cawdor crew and Bio-booster, which is impossible to use. Arguably Filter Plugs should work on vehicle crew, as it uses Rear Toughness against gas and Filter plugs improves Toughness against gas.
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