Question Cult-corrupted House gangs on Yaktribe?


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Nov 9, 2018
Hi- apologies if this has already been asked and answered, but I wasn't able to find it with my initial searches.

Is there a way to build Genestealer- or Chaos-corrupted House gangs with the current Yaktribe toolset? Specifically, for handling things like:

hiring Aberrants
psyker leaders
equipping fighters with cult icons, familiars and extra arms
hybrid Juves


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Nov 5, 2014
No straight “become xenos corrupted” button, but you can do it.

Hiring an Aberrant.
You’ll have to go to the Customise section of the gang tools and manually enter the stats and name. When it gains any skills you’ll have to edit the xp cost and value.

Psychic leader.
You can turn off Restrict Skills and then on the fighter card give them an Advance, editing the XP cost to zero, and the Value to (40, is it?)

Equipment and Juves.
You can turn off Restrict Equipment.
Equipment: Cult Icon, Third Arm.
Status Items: Psychic Familiar.

ps: To change these settings - hit the three lines at the top right(menu), then hit Settings, and toggle the Restrict Equipment and Restrict Skills from Green to Red. Swap them back when done so you don’t see a massive list of items for sale when you are doing the usual stuff.
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