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    Just a bit of curiosity, leading to the small possibilities of a fan-created mob type if someone picks up the challenge [and it WOULD be challenging to write one that is balanced].

    I was puttering about through some of my old GW books, and noticed these [handily was able to find images of both online]:

    In short, a reminder that sometimes orks encounter genestealer infestations in the corners of the space hulks they commandeer to waargh off across the galaxy, and that sometimes, albeit rarely, these lead to small corruptions of ork bands, akin to not-terribly-successful-in-the-long-term genestealer cults among human populations. "Occasionally hybrid bands are encountered wandering on the fringes of ork society" as minor elements of freebooter gatherings. It is, as the entry in Freebooterz mentions, a rarity that such infections survive at all, an even greater rarity that any purestrain "fifth generations" occur due to the ork reproductive cycle, and usually such bands are merely temporary staging grounds for the genestealer 'patriarch' in an effort to soon encounter a more suitable host species.


    There is already a scenario published in the Citadel Journal ages back about the possibilities of a genestealer infestation having infected a mob on Angelis, as a one-off scenario. After all, the orks headed to Angelis traveled by Hulk [so a fair likelihood of having had a stealer infestation in some dark corner of the Hulk], and then have been trapped on Angelis for a LONG time, with many generations of orks passing along. The possibility of a mob-worth of infected orks surviving in the desert is... surprisingly good, actually.

    This suggests a few possibilities for industrious creative folk to pursue:

    1) Expanding the idea of that scenario into a longer-term campaign narrative that is a bit less... final... than the "awakening necrons" campaign narrative. A series of linked scenarios scattered throughout the campaign, the possibility of losing the occasional downed mobster to infection [only to have them encountered as an enemy now serving the 'Stealers in a later scenario], with a hopeful final purge to climax the narrative would leave surviving mobs still entirely playable in a subsequent campaign.

    2) Creating a short list of "mutation"-style gear for purchase by orks or Diggaz, which could hint at genestealer infection in a mob by having two or three "hybrid" members scattered among their number [of course, only able to be purchased on hiring, since hybrids are born that way]. Since the initial infected just look like the host species [orks or humans], and since the fourth generation look ALMOST just like the host species [orks or humans], only the intervening generations would need any representation.

    3) Assuming the infection abandoned the orks and headed toward humans, modeling one's Mutie Raiders as a Genestealer Cult by mixing GSC and AdMech parts could make a solid Mutie Raiders theme for a mob. "Glory to the Four-Armed Emperor of EterVigila."

    4) Coming up with an actual mob list specifically geared around representing a Genestealer Hybrid infected mob, serving a hidden patriarch [and being nowhere near ever reaching a fifth generation and its purestrains].

    Each and all of these have a strong possibility of being an entertaining addition to a GoMo campaign.
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