Necromunda Custom Board Tiles

These pipes are on the ground right? So you can walk over them. I assume so but was wondering if they were overhead sprinklers for a while.

As a pointless side note, when I first saw it I thought “gear shift pattern”.
The pipes are integrated into the ground. The tile is not done yet, there is yet a lot to be added, such as vines and undergrowth.
Overhead sprinklers would look weird on a 2D plane.

Here is a simple image edit of what I thought by the 2-part tile. I didn't want to make it too modular, as the blue marked box is the pump control system, and while the pump is running, the whole yellow-marked area becomes a quagmire (difficult terrain and -1 to hit to all present). Adding extra modularity, it can play too much to one gang's advantage. The pump has to be switched on first, and it is easy to switch it off once it is running.

While the irrigation pump is running, you can imagine there s a thick mist and powerful streams of water coming out of the cracked pipeline. And the ground becoming a slippery mush.
Soooo.... I decided to get my hands on Blender a bit better, and decided to edit some files I found on Thingiverse, to make an Enforcer booth, where people can report crimes of their neighbors. Also known as Outpost 11 tile, discussed in this thread before.

I will upload it to Thingiverse once I'm done tweaking it as an .stl tile.
I made one more piece with a grated window. There seems to ve some slight issue with the models (same for both, the arch roof being hollow), but I'm working on it.

Any suggestions, help or feedback is welcome. I'm new to Blender.

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Have you got a crossing section? Like a walkway for pedestrians to cross over and get hit by the train when the signals fail to alert them?
Pedestrians are free to cross the railway pretty much anywhere, where the access isn't blocked by a wall. And rules for tre train are written and playtested, and believe me, it's fun! Especially when it all comes together in one crucial moment.

The safest route over is building an overpass from the ZM walls and platforms. Unless you fall. And the train is coming.
Also, not sure if this is a silly question, but what are the exact dimensions of a GW Underhive tile? I know they're roughly 11.5 inches, but I was curious the exact measurements. I can't seem to find the info anywhere.
I really like this project, great work Hawkins.
The tiles fit right in next to the GW ones but expand the themes so not every battle has to be about industrial corridors.
I wish you good luck in completing the sets.

+Edited for spellchecking+
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loving the tiles man had to try and print some as soon as i saw.
how do you keep size parity between each tile and the gw tiles? tried printing some got 3.9 4.2 and 4.5 cm on the small squares. was using printed to a3 pdf then took those to the print shop
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It's probably because you printed the screenshots I posted here, and not the files I have saved, which are the exact same dimensions for every single one. You can see one of the pictures has a gray frame around, while the other does not, meaning the tile itself is scaled down to fit the whole picture. on the paper.

I appreciate your effort to help! The prints look good.

And one thing, today I found a while to finish another tile from the jungle set, meaning I have only a handful left to make to have a full set.