N18 Custom bounty hunters?

Jun 8, 2018
Hey all,
Sorry if this is already well covered elsewhere. I’m looking to add a newly acquired bounty hunter, as part of a Dominion campaign underdog card, to my gang. The one in question is Hagar Freelord. I’ve approached it by building a custom ganger in the customise section, ensuring they didn’t cost anything but had a base value and that they could have a skill advance etc. I have made them available to our specific campaign, and whilst I can find and add them to my gang I can see no way whatsoever to add the necessary equipment to them - in this case two plasma pistols, a respirator and mesh armour. There are no available options to add within the edit ganger and I double checked at the customise function and they can’t be added there. It looks like the only way I can do it, is to edit my gangs credit, then buy the equipment and then somehow change the value of the ganger so it isn’t above the 180 credits it is supposed to be? I’m sure this ain’t right and I can’t be alone I trying to do this? I’ve also double checked and this bounty hunter isn’t available in the existing choices available. What am I missing, or is this not something I can do yet?