N18 Custom Scenario Assault on STC Black Site


May 17, 2022
Id like some help fleshing out our current Finale scenario, game 7 in our current Necrodamus style campaign.

Little background lore on my gang is they are a corrupted band of van saar outcasts. Working at a black site for the van saar HQ the end up worshiping tzeentch in order to try and gain the knowledge to construct a fully functioning dark age STC. It works, and a gene-stealer data scrivvener already infiltrating the van saar compound manages to send data off before becoming enveloped herself.

I figured this would comprise of a 2 or 3 mission deal and begin on our next regluar match:

The admech and inquisition catch the data and send an Agent down to commune with those dealing with the problem down in the badzones (Palanite enforcers/ Orlock gang). The agent will propose a deal to send down reinforcements and the means to gain access to the Black site and the now fully functional Corrupted STC. if they manage to find the Black site, hack through the front door and disable the STC in the lower levels. they will be granted position within the inquisition or pardoned (depending on the gang). There are two other chaos corrupted gangs besides myself who would act as flanking enemies on the mission with their normal stats while the palanite enforcers and the orlocks would work as one gang, along with some reinforcements of their own. If anyone is killed they die an honorable death.

I want to use some Pink Horrors and Tzaangors, but i want them to be environmental quick kill hoard units. a boat load of em. the first mission would be gaining access into the facility. second would be disabling the STC. I was thinking the npc's would be like one wound with no save, if they are hit and wounded they are just dead outright and respawn back at their starting point across the board or in a random rolled quadrant. If for whatever reason they fail the inquisition will exterminatus the planet.

What kind of ideas or templates did you have in mind. or is there anything you can think of that I could use via traps or game styles? id like to incorperate orbital strike oppurtunities topside, when they make it down below id like some van saar traps, chaos traps, and definitely something fluffy that the Corrupted STC can do to halt their progress. like time stop or something like that.