Custom Scenario: Munificent Mercenaries

Dec 7, 2017
I'm writing this up for a special game at our FLGS. Inspired by Settlement Attack, Seven Samurai, and our regular Campaign Arbitrator having collected all the Forge World characters.

Not play tested yet, C&C welcome.


Countless settlements dot the ash wastes surrounding the hives of Necromunda. Founded by all manners of settlers, from the underhivers escaping the brutal life in the sumps to escaped bondsmen trying to eek out a living away from the oppressive hierarchy of the hives, these places crop up as fast sump mold. They also disappear as fast in the harsh wastes, falling victim to raiders of all manners, wiped out by radiation, disease and starvation, or just mysteriously disappeared as if reclaimed by the inhospitable environment. Though, for the inhabitants of Innominate, one such settlement, they feel their little hamlet was one of the more fortunate ones. Having survived for decades, the settlement has stood long enough to have a village elder, and a generation of villagers who could not remember the founding of their settlement. Their life was not easy, but graced with drainage run offs from the nearby hive that flows near the settlement, they managed to harvest molds and fungi to survive comfortably in the ash wastes. The villagers thanked the distant God Emperor for their fortune and had gotten on with their boring but steady lives for years. However, it seems end of this last standard cycle, their fortune had run out when their village was raided by a collection of violent underhive gangers demanding tribute and taking some of their villagers captive. After much havoc and posturing, the underhivers left promising to return the next standard cycle to reap the mold harvest from the village. The distraught and desperate villagers sent a small delegations, along with the collection of their meager valuables, to the nearest watering hole, known as the gathering place for hired-guns, bounty killers, and other ne’er-do wells, to hire mercenaries to help defend their settlement.

Attackers and Defenders
This scenario is a multi-player scenario meant to pit one powerful gang against several other gangs. The gang with the higher gang rating are the defenders, charged with safeguarding the settlement. The other participating gangs are allies for this scenarios and are the attackers trying to breach the settlement. In stand-alone skirmish games, the defender receives 2000 points to purchase their gangs, and each attacker receive 1250 points to create their gangs. In campaign game, the gang with the highest gang rating should play as the defender, and other participating gangs are the attackers.

This scenario should be played on a Sector Mechanicus battlefield. Mark the center of the board as the village center. Set up buildings and structures representing the settlement within an area 9” (radius) around the center. At the perimeter of the settlement, make sure to leave three gaps at least 6”wide, representing the entrances into the settlement, between the buildings, while any other gaps between buildings can be filled up with appropriate barriers and barricades.

This scenario uses standard rules for choosing a crew, as described on page 22 of Gang War. Players can use the Custom Selection method to choose their crew.

The Defender deploys their crew first anywhere within the settlement area (9” radius around the center of the board). Each attacking gang then set up in order of gang rating (roll off in case of ties), placing their gangers within 6 inches off any board edge.

The attackers are trying to breach the defenses of the settlement and remove any armed resistance so that they can loot. The defenders are trying to stop this at all costs!

Special Rule: Enthusiastic Conscripts
The defending gang is joined by some of the well-meaning, albeit untrained, inhabitants of the settlement in this fight. Subtract the defending gang’s rating from the sum of all the attacking gangs’ rating. For every 50 points the defender is below the attackers’ rating, they may take one village defender. The village defenders use the following profile:

M 5, WS 5+, BS 5+, S 3, T 3, W 1, I 4+, A 1, Ld 7+, Cl 8+, Will 9+, Int 9+

The village defenders are armed with either reclaimed autogun, or reclaimed autopistol and axe. For all intents and purposes these defenders count as part of the defending gang for the duration of the battle. They can benefit from leadership skills like inspirational, can be included in group activation, and can assist defenders against the same target in base to base during close combat. They are also subjected to nerve tests. However, since they are not truly part of the defending gang, village defenders are not included in the gang size for purposes of bottle tests, nor would a seriously injured or out of action village defender would trigger the defending gang to take a bottle test.

Special Rule: Allies but not friends
Although the attackers are working towards a common goal, the fighters from different gangs are treated as separate for purposes of nerve tests and close combat assistance. In addition, individual gangs may bottle out as usual if enough of their fighters are seriously injured or taken out of action.

Home Turf Advantage
The Defender has the Home Turf Advantage.

Ending the Battle
The battle ends when one side has no fighters, who are not broken or seriously injured, left on the battlefield.

Victory (Skirmish Only)
If one side has fighters on the battlefield at the end of the battle – not including Seriously Injured fighters – and the other side no longer does, they are victorious.

Rewards (Campaign Only)

For each attacking fighter – not counting Seriously Injured or Broken fighters – that is within the Settlement Zone at the end of the battle, the gang the fighter belongs to gain one loot counter. Each loot counter is worth D6x10 credits.
If there are no attacking fighters – not counting Seriously Injured or Broken fighters – in the Settlement Zone, and there is at least one active (not Seriously Injured or Broken) defender, the defending gang gains 4D6x10 credits.

Each fighter who took part in the battle earns 1 XP. Each attacker with a loot counter gain 1 XP. Each Defender, not counting Seriously Injured or Broken, left within the Settlement Zone at the end of the battle gain 1 XP.

If there are no attacking fighters – not counting Seriously Injured or Broken fighters – in the Settlement Zone, and there is at least one active (not Seriously Injured or Broken) defender at the end of the battle, the defender gains D6 reputation. Otherwise, each attacking gang gains 1 reputation, and each attacking gang with at least one active fighter within the Settlement Zone at the end of the battle gain D3 reputation.

Optional Rules
Picking the Defending Crew:
In single one-off games, or as the climatic end to a campaign, or a special games day event, the defenders could be chosen from the list of Dramatis Personae Bounty Hunters or Hive Scum up to 2000 points, without any of the usual restrictions placed upon hiring of Bounty Hunters.

Fighting Groups: Village defenders are organized into fighting groups made up of three defenders. Depending on the number of village defenders permitted by gang rating differences, there will be one fighting group composed of any left over village defenders. For purposes of activation the fighting groups are activated together as a single individual, and count as one fighter for purposes of group activation. This fighting group must remain take the same actions,

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal: The attackers may all be working towards the same goal, but that does not mean that an opportunistic gang cannot try to reap all the rewards at the end. The attackers can also attack each other. If this optional rule is used, the battle ends when only one gang is left with active fighters on the board. For Campaign Rewards, each active fighter from the attacking gang in the settlement zone at the end of the battle gains two loot counters. The attacking gang with active fighters remaining on the board gain D6 reputation (instead of D3). Note, the victory conditions for defending gang does not change.