N18 Custom Scenario, Outbound Signal

Jan 7, 2022
Newcastle, England
I had a custom scenario idea that think sounds kinda fun. All constructive criticsms and suggestions for balancing tweaks are welcome.

Outbound Signal

A gang has come into possession of a sensitive and valuable data package. Sending the data to their House will increase their standing and be rewarded. They must secure the nearest long distance comm tower in enemy territory in order to send the data.

The battlefield is sector mechanicus and set up by the arbitrator. The comm tower is placed in the centre of the board.

The attacker uses custom selection (6). The defender uses D3+3 random selection.

The defender gains D3 reinfoecements every round from the second round.

Tactics Cards
Both gangs select 3 tactics cards.
If during the pre-battle sequence the total Credits value
of fighters in one player’s starting crew is less than their
opponent’s then they may randomly draw an additional
Tactics card for each full 100 credits of difference.

Standard deployment rules.

The attacker must reach the top of the comm tower and activate the console to send the data package. Any fighter within 1" of the console may take a single basic action to attempt to use the console interface by passing an intelligence check. On a successful check, the data is uploaded. The data takes three rounds to successfully upload and send.

The defender may interrupt the upload if they can activate the console. To so so, they must be within 1" of the console and pass an intelligence check. If the upload is stopped, the turn counter does not reset. For example, if the data had been uploading for two rounds already, its upload is simply paused, and only needs to upload for another single round upon a successful reactivation by the attacker.

Ending the Battle
If the attacker has no fighters on the board at the end of any round, the battle ends. If the defender has no fighters on the board and no reinforcements left to arrive, the battle ends. If there are still reinforcements left to arrive, the battle continues. The attacker may retreat to their deployment zone and extract once the data has successfully been uploaded.

.The attacker wins if the data is successfully uploaded.

.The defender wins if the data upload is stopped and all attackers are defeated.


.If the attacker successfully uploads the data, they receive 3D6 x10.

. If the defender successfully stops the data upload and defeats the attackers, the defender can sell the data to Guilders for 3D6 x10.


.Each fighter that took part in the battle gains 1 XP
. If a fighter successfully uploads or interrupts the upload, they gain 1 XP

.If the attacker successfully uploads the data, their gang earns D3 reputation.

.If the defender successfully stops the upload and defeats the attackers, their gang earns D3 reputation.

.If a gang bottles out, they lose 1 reputation.
I feel like this scenario could be polished a little more. But i love the overall idea.
Definitely sounds fun! Easy to modify the difficulty on, too, by just tweaking how many rounds the Attacker needs to transmit for. Or, since the Arbitrator is setting up the table, that could be used as a balancing factor as well, making it easier or harder to get to the comms tower as needed.