Bug Custom Skills Error 500


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Aug 27, 2019
Hi guys! I am trying to add in the Muscle group skills for Goliath's House of Chains rules. I have been able to get in all the skills without any descriptions without issue, however, whenever I try to add in any of the descriptions that're longer than 2 lines I get:
This page isn’t working
yaktribe.games is currently unable to handle this request.


webpage: https://yaktribe.games/process/Underhive/Underhive.custom.process
slight update. I was able to get Fists of Steel and Walk it Off's full descriptions added. I was able to add Unleash the Beast after posting this and removing the colon and hyphen in the skill description. Naaargah!, Immovable Stance and Iron Man I am still unable to add descriptions for, even accounting for special characters.
This goes beyond my skills to remedy apart from asking to refresh your browser in case something weird has been cached that is preventing the entries from being accepted. Special characters, spacing, or paragraph layout may need double checking too.