Gang Hero
Dec 30, 2017
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada
Cyphers Fallen!

Seriously though, think about it for a moment. Cypher is by far the best Dark Angel out of the assorted history of all of the Unforgiven. He has stopped more information about the dark stain of the fallen from being discovered than all of the interrogator chaplains put together. Heck the best one only got 13 black pearls. Cypher has wiped out entire companies or more.
So the idea that he hasn't built a team of Space Marines that support him is insane. Especially now knowing that the Fallen Daemon Prince Marbas, has released Luther. I think that Cypher and Marbas are more likely to have an all consuming hatred of each other. For none can say Cypher follows any chaos god, nor has their favor, while Marbas has given himself fully to them.
I would think that Cypher has probably over the last ten millennium has required him to discover Angels who share his duality. Seeming to be agents of Chaos, but truly bringing about chaos to their schemes . I would suspect at least one great lord of the Wings of the angels of death would be in the mix. Being Cyphers lucky 7 including him self.

Any thoughts. ...ideas. . . . General additions of insanity?