Daedle's big lot of Gorkamorka and Necromunda hobby


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Sep 24, 2023
I love Gorkamorka. It's possibly my favourite tabletop game of all time. While I was always interested in Necromunda, Gorkamorka was the one I played and loved.

A local store was having a diorama competition. They specified a maximum diameter of 160mm, but failed to mention a height. I knew exactly what I had to make.

Sadly I came down with Covid the night before the competition so I wasn't able to take it down.

A GoMo campaign started at a local(ish) game store so I took the opportunity to build a couple of mobs and a table full of terrain.

There's a new Necromunda campaign kicking off in the store, so I'm going to be jumping in with that now too.
My current project is a set of classic inspired Necromunda terrain. I've designed new bulkheads and I'm designing platforms to be cut out with my cricut out of plasticard. Some parts I'm doing out of chipboard.

Generally I'm aiming for something very similar to the classic terrain, though I'm sticking the large buildings together for stability.

Great looking terrain and terrain components. I can imagine some excellent risers using those arches.
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Fantastic work on that diorama, and the GM terrain too! Can't wait to see how the DIY Necromunda buildings & walkways come out!
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Construction is proceeding at pace...

I'm really happy with how this is turning out. I've got pretty much all the platforms I want, but a lot of them still need rivets attaching.

To do:
1) more walkways
2) stairs and ladders (to design and print)
3) create risers
4) scatter terrain
5) storage tanks and a toxic pool
6) detailing