Dark Depths Campaign

Who is that doing the stooges cover in act 2?
I thought it was iggy pop? 😅 it’s a slayer cover from their cover album undisputed attitude.. I’m still keeping with that theme for the gang. Although.. if you like the song listen to the lyric changes.. they are so naughty.. I picked the song as this version is “I’m gonna be your god” (referring to khorne/lord of skin and sinew) rather than I wanna be your dog.
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The final ACT of the Reign in Blood's backstory. The Lodge recruits the initiates. It needed a re edit so if it seems a little choppy its because i decided the original story was a little too insenitive and gave it a 180.

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Ok Its been AGES!! An exremely stessful house move has derailed everything hobby.. but were slowly getting the wheels back on.. Last weekend we kicked off the campaign! With the gangs rushing over the makeshift debris bridge to claim some new unknown turf!

Van Saar vs Delaque over the Tech Bazzar!
Goliath vs Escher over a Promethium Cache
Corpse Grinders vs Cawdor over a Collapse dome
And the results..



Ill see if i can get the fellas to share their stories again!
Reign in Blood vs The Saviours for the Collapsed Dome

Soundtrack to scene:

“Almost there… almost there.. “

Spirt in Blacks fingers hunting for that final hand hold. He laybacks over and lifts himself up on a big branch of the old dead tree.

Below him Seven faces begins to preserve the lodges conquest. The bodies from the slaughterhouse smoking below on crude racks.

A sinner bolted to the enormous wild tree. Its root system crushing the little brick structure below it like a giant boa constrictor. The old ruins a place of worship, now providing lodging for the Angels outlaw harem.

His head locked into position by a blinding clasp facing his head to the heavens above.


Spirt has to know…

“Hey... hey… are you alive?”

He reaches out and shakes his leg gently.

The man coughs and splutters to life pleading for his life.

“Easy fella.. ill cut you down. Save your energy”

The man quietly whimpers as Spirit releases him and lifts him over his shoulder trying to retrace his steps to climb down the tree.

Spirit offers the gaunt man some water that he guzzles so fervently he coughs most of it back up.

The Reign in Blood return.

Their heads hang heavy. Only Fleshstorms weapons gleaming with the gods lifeblood.

Silent Scream limping. Their newly constructed cult relic missing.

War Ensemble angrily spins hurling his saw like a discus into some foliage and trudges off into the darkenss.

Seven faces kneels down with head bowed.

“Supplies will be ready soon my liege”

“Good work Seven”

“Today it might look like we retreated. Like I called you off too soon. But we are not ready yet. We grow stronger daily. We have supplies to outlast the others.

We……. will have our day… rest up everyone... we’re going to cross the river tomorrow”

Angel leans over to the harrowed man handing him some of their meat. His eyes welling up in sheer disbelief still.

“I shall call you WAR ZONE” because you look like you have just survived one.

In the background a few of the locals lay a care package of whatever they have been able to scramble together. They pay their respects to the new gods of the temple in bent prayer.

Seven faces applies the gods lifeblood to their faces as he regales them in their new faiths plight.

War Ensemble returns when the lodge begin their feast.

“Cooled off ya hothead”

“Hey.. A dogs gotta eat…”

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Round 2!!!!
The Legendary Lifters call out Backdraught!! for the Wastes!
The Sons of Samus call out the Reign in Blood for the Toll bridge
The Venom Sirens call out the Saviours for the Bone Shrine.



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Venom Sirens Opening Credits:
Abandoned. There was no way to sugar coat it. Many generations ago, the Queen of Blades had abandoned the Venom Sirens. This wasn’t wholly unexpected, they had been cut off and lost all communication. A few generations later, after some monumental efforts to establish communications with anyone higher up in the hive, they had been spurned once again. Their efforts to reach out to their sisters returned with distrust and disinterest. Queen Viper cared not though, it was better this way. Down here SHE was the Queen of Blades, SHE ruled the sisters of the Eschaki, or more commonly known to the locals; the Venom Sirens. And life was good. Well, as good as it could be in a stinking sump. She controlled the Chem trade down here, and she answered to nobody.

The Birth of Shadow:
Music: I Shall Rise

The air was thick and dark, if such a thing was possible. The young Eschaki warrior clawed her way up out of the grime and mud. The low growl of all manner of beasts all around her. She could not stand; her leg was torn to shreds. Blood gushing from a gut wound, and severe injuries to her eyes. She couldn’t tell how far she had fallen luckily into a soft place. Well… luck was relative. Now she would slowly bleed out instead of just mercifully dying on impact. She could sense the beasts closing in. A tussle with a Goliath meathead had gone sideways. She had been holding her own, toe to toe with the massive brute. But those fucking Delaque… A son of Samus took advantage of the situation and saw fit to blast them. Coward.

The gantry under her feet gave way, and the last thing she saw and heard was the imbecilic laughter of the meathead who hand managed to hang onto an overhead pipe. Clawing her way to service shaft, she threw herself inside the access lift just in time. A massive beast clamouring at the door. The sound slowly drifting off as she ascended. A testament to her will to live, she dragged herself back to her Queen, and in that final moment, died. Yet, lights flickered anew. She awoke to a new sense of purpose. She would find them both, and they would both pay, the Meathead and the Coward would regret crossing her. The Shadow has risen.

The Gang:
Music: Toxic
Gang Queen: Viper
Matriarch: Lylith
Death Maiden: Shadow
Specialist: Whisper
Sister: Brynn
Sister: Verse
Wyld Runner: Maxxi
Wyld Runner: Trixx
Little Sister: Lynx
Little Sister: Jinx

The Battle for the Dark Depths begins:
Music: Survivor

There had been a few hive quakes recently, shaking open new sectors of the hulk. Viper often led her sirens into the depths herself, this new excursion though, felt different. They'd explored every corner of this place before. But now... new places. Dangerous places. And every single other gang in this place would be rushing down there too. An uneasy "truce" had existed. Sure there were minor conflicts and scraps, but there was a respect for territory (despite the occasional raid attempt). But with these new areas, those old respects were out the window. Open hostilities had become more frequent with the Lifters.

There were reports of the weird tech guys getting into conflict with the Sons of Samus, who everyone in the stronghold weren't entirely convinced were human, shrouded in what seemed like a haze all the time didn't seem... natural. Then there were reports of the local religious weirdos finding a sect of cannibals down in the depths of the dome. Things were certainly about to become a lot more violent for the Sirens. That much was clear.

Round 1: Escher vs Goliath
Music: Paradise

Trudging through the bleak tunnels, they found a massive cache of prometheum. This find would power the stronghold for years. Maxxi, one of Viper's two runners gave a sharp whistle, and pointed over the sump river. In the dim light on the far side... Lifters... Emperor damned meat heads... This was a Sirens find. A gruff shout echoed across the river, the dull slabs had spotted them too. Guess things were about to get heated...

The battle was hard fought, the gloom made targeting really tough. These slabs were different, they seemed to favour their guns over getting up close and personal. Little sister jinx took a glancing blow from a stub cannon while skipping onto a stranded bit of floating debris. It threw her back, she managed to hold to the edge, but took some nasty chem burns to her legs. Maxxi waved her into cover and told her to sit tight. Not far away Trixx also took a stun cannon round, but with a quick tumble she absorbed the blow and dropped into cover. Looks like they'd need to hunker down and fire volleys into the dark. They saw shadow rush across the bridge, eager to mince these gun toting slabs, but she took a bolt and went down behind cover, thankfully not fatal, but she wasn't going to give the team any further help this time.

Meanwhile Lylith and Brynn backed shadow up, driving the slabs on the bridge back, away from Shadow. Lylith spotted a slab making his way across a makeshift bridge to where the runners were hunkered down. She took aim and planted a needle round in his neck, dropping him where he stood. Maxxi left fly with an acid arrow and forced another slab to start burning and screaming. On the far side of the bridge, Viper, Whisper and Lynx made their way slowly across the river around a stranded vehicle, Viper took cover from a rain of shotgun fire, some of the shrapnel bouncing off her armor. Whisper spotted a figure bristling with lightning making its way across the bridge toward her sisters. She took aim... a difficult shot, but it landed! The solid slug knock the slab clean off its feet and through a hole in the derelict bridge, Whisper smiled as the slab made a satisfying splash and disappeared into the depths of the chem sludge.

Lynx was facing down an Immense stimmer, she'd made peace with the fact that she was likely about to die. Viper leaped out from behind cover and with a few precise blows, put another slab on his back. And then... they ran. The slab that had been lobbing grenades from up a bridge broke first, then the one nearest Viper bugged out and ran. Lylith had what seemed to be the leader in her sights, as he was turning to run off, she let fly, but he was out of range... a pity... Lynx took a breath of relief as the enormous oaf in front of her turned tail and ran. But her twin was hurt! She needed to find Jinx. Now!

New Gang Member: Hanger-on - Apprentice Clan Chymist:Zenith

Round 2: Escher vs Cawdor
Music: Sinners Blues

Strange bones adorned the entrance to the facility. Viper had heard the chanting of zealots while scouting. She had heard of these Cawdor bone shrines, but never seen one. “Right ladies, let’s take this place. We go in quick and quiet like.” She gave the team a once over. “Shad, Maxx, Lynx, Lyl and Whis let’s go, rest of you head back home.” They stormed the entrance. “I don’t like this boss.” Lylith said, “This hallway makes us sitting ducks. Especially with the flamers and explosive these crazies use.” “Quit your belly aching and move!” Shouting came from down the hall, quiet was no longer an option.

Maxxi and Lylith found a side passage and ducked down it, hoping to flank the Cawdor. Shadow flickered out of sight, living up to her name. Vanishing down a corridor. Viper, Whisper and Lynx took the passage straight ahead. The door burst open, no less than 5 zealots shouting and running down the hall toward them. Lynx took the first salvo, getting pinned down in the hallway, whisper caught an explosion and went down pretty quickly, barely able to breathe, crawling behind cover. Viper darted down the side passage where Shadow was waiting to strike, Maxx and Lylith finding their way to them from the side route they’d taken. This place was a damned shooting gallery, was this all a trap?

Another blast knocked whisper out cold and slammed Lynx into the wall, knocking her shoulder right out of joint. Shadow darted through a side door, determined to find a way around, but was shot in the back by a lurking creep. She spun around and put him down immediately, just a graze to her. Meanwhile in the main hall, a particularly brave freak stepped out from behind cover, determined to burn Viper and Maxxi, the look on his face when his blunderbuss ran out of fuel was priceless. Viper stormed him and with a few precise blows with her stiletto, put him down permanently. But didn’t see another creep hiding behind the barricade. A few flame blasts later, viper took one too many hits and was knocked out cold. Maxxi caught some shrapnel which took out one of her eyes.

Things were turning bad, Lylith grabbed her injured sisters and ran while she could, covering their escape with the incendiary charges she’d found at the crossing, yelling to shadow to follow. But shadow had one final blow to land, one of the more important looking creeps with his enormous explosive crossbow, who had been raining hell on her sisters from the back was in striking distance. A few precise blows put him down, but not before the hulking zealot with a chain glaive managed to bear down on her with his crony. She turned to flicker off into the shadows, but caught a hit from the chainglaive, which ripped through her side. She could feel the strength drain from her, that lasting injury would leave its mark. But she still managed to fade into the shadows and disappear with her sisters.

“Next time I hope you listen to me boss, that was a slagshow.” Viper gave her a stern glance, but nodded in acknowledgement. Sometimes she was a little too greedy.

New Gang Member: Little Sister - Zero
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Forge TyrantStimmerForge BossForge BossBruiser (Spec)BruiserProspectProspect
ChuckThe Pain TrainChef AinsleyStubbsChainsJoe ExoticBillyLacy / Lucy

The Sump-rig - Lacy
Lacy returned to her stronghold, ecstatic over their win against the Wastes gang, commonly known as the Van Sarr. Her storm-welder had single-handedly won the fight by electrocuting five enemy gangers and she had not blown up to boot! Their gang stronghold was located deep in the toxic waters of the Hive Primus, a sump-rig shrouded in mist. As she floated closer, the glow of the rig’s lights became brighter, and the shape of the decaying rig came into view.

A relic from the past, the Legendary Lifters had turned it into a home as well as an industrial forge-rig to mine ferrite sludge, mercurian compounds, and other composite materials hidden below in the toxic waters. All the mined materials were for making ferrocrete which the goliath gang made into weapons and amour. A huge drilling machine stood ready for action, facing toward the green waters, a steady thundering came from piston-hammers of the forge-works, and in between the blows, laughing and grunting from all the gang lifting weights on the platforms.

The dredger-barge finally arrived at the landing platform and Lacy grabbed her storm-welder and headed up to celebrate. Watching for sumpkrocs as she stepped onto the pier. Lacy was a prospect but she already felt a kinship to the gang, she had been selected and Chuck the Forge Tyrant had given her a place to stay, a weapon, and an opportunity to prove herself. And today, as a reward, she was to become a full gang member.

Round 1 - Stubbs (Goliath vs Escher)
The rival gangs met across the bridge. The screaming Escher on one side and the Goliaths the other. Chef Ainsley got into position on the east of the toxic riverbank and readied his weapon. “Alright Billy we got this side, hold them off long enough while the main gang goes for their leader and the Promethium Cache. We want those incendiary grenades. We’re the shooters, so take lots of shots!”.

“There! Shoot” shouted Stubbs, as he saw an Escher Prospect appear and drawing her bow. He aimed his Stub Cannon and pulled the trigger “BOOM”, the Escher fell clutching at the rails, managing to hold on and not fall. “Shoot that one too Billy, keep them back!”. Billy took aim with his Stub Gun, missing another ganger. Along the riverbank, the rest of Goliaths started to shoot. Grenades landed pinning some Escher. Sounds of the leaders boltgun rattled away, and every now and then a Storm Welder bolt arced across grounding into the toxic waters.

It was not enough though. The Goliaths fought in vain as the Escher fearlessly advanced and returned fire. A well-aimed shotgun slug hit Lacy dead-on knocking her off her feet. She fell through a hole into the toxic waters below. Stubbs’ pinned Escher then managed to shoot an arrow at Stubbs causing him to catch fire. Joe Exotic then took a long rifle shot to the face and was knocked out cold.

As Lacy disappeared into the chem sludge, Chuck watched on disappointed he would not be getting his Storm Welder back/ “A shame” he muttered. At the top of his lunds, he then shouted, “Fall back boys and girls, we won’t be getting this cache, this time”, the Goliaths tactically retreated.

Round 2 - The Pain Train (Goliath vs Van Saar)
“Word on the street Boss is that the two flamers of the Van Saar are currently out of action. Maybe we should strike now?” The Pain Train informed Chuck. “Alright lets setup a trap then” replied Chuck. “Boys we move out just before dusk I want to take the Wastes from the Saar while the light is getting dim.

Quietly, the gang crept into position while the Saar rested in their temporary camp, setting up an ambush quickly and easily. The Pain Train knelt beside a rusted container waiting for his opportunity. Chuck started to rapid fire his bolt-gun pinning one to the ground. Chains then shot his special ‘big-boy-round’ grenade, the blast pinning 3 more. Chef Ainsley then blasted a shot into two more gangers with his combat shotgun, out-of-actioning them both.

With the fight underway, The Pain Train saw his opportunity and charged the Saar Champion holding two auto-pistols. He had the strict instructions to get as close as possible and take out a champ, The Pain Train charged with his paired Stub-Jackers and pummeled the champ, knocking him back to a wall. The Van Saars’ armour saving only one blow, three more got through. A final sickening blow breaking bones and muscle dropping the Champ to the ground.

It was a simple quick fight and the Goliaths had won. Chuck grinned with glee, although he’d enlarged his territory, the Wastes certainly had nothing in them. A useless territory, if another gang came to try and take his territories, this would be the first to go.
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Darkness flooded in. Not a typical darkness that was felt, in the shadows it was a darkness that was felt in the soul. Every moment feeling as though crystals grinding against each other with evey moment every blink, twitch, every expression of pain. crystalline dust forming, the more that formed in the darkness emitting light from it. Untill a voice broke the ever lasting silence.

" what have you done...... What have you done with my gifts?!?" angrly questioning from every direction in a scolding tone familiar to all parents disciplining thir children.

"My.... My lord" the words hard to find as the rebel kings voice was no longer familiar to him. Feeling as though he was breathing and speaking through fine grits of sand.

"save your excuses on one that will listen" the first voice replied.
" it is clear that you are either Unsuited for the task presented to you, or you are a pale imitation to the one that you claim to precede...... I should let you drift and cast you aside, perhaps looking towards your next in command, what was his name again?? Ahh yes..... Crixus... I could work wonders with him"

"No, not Crixus, it is I who pledged my allegiance and it is I who will fulfill it" every word being harder to manifest than the last.

"A feat I would relish in witnessing seeing as though you are dead..... I know not of any that have managed to perform such an act" the voice losing its parental tone and shifting into one that would antagonise or jest.

"Dead.... No I can't.... Be... Dead, there is still so much more that needs to be done.... I know... You have... The... Power.... Send... Me... To.. My.... Task." each word falling from the rebel kings mouth with increasing difficulty, the crystalline dust following every word like a breath hanging on a frozen planet.

"You have sworn your patronage already...... I have bestowed gifts upon you already.... I ask what more can be done...... The efforts I have gone though have already been extensive....... And to let you slip away would be a shame, however I also question the additional efforts required after this. Where will it stop? I will remove the decision from our hands... And place it in hers" as a figure emerges from the darkness approaching the rebel king. A female form, a form he was most familiar with as it took the form of his fallen lover.

"Mrya??" was the last word the rebel king was able to exhaust from his body as the figuer walked through him.

Visions where the only way it could be described, visions of a battle with his body not being.... His body, doing things that he was never able to do. Catching quick glances of reflections it was him but it also emulated the vision of Mrya. The battle was bloody and hard fought. With the parental voice returning as the last memory the rebel king having prior to blacking out.

"she has fought for you, so you can fight for her...... Live again, and do not shy away from my patronage as you have in the past! For next time there will be no fighting only never ending pain for the both of you"

Awakening to blood curdling screaming the rebel king realising that he was the source of the screaming. Being pined down
By a source all to familiar to him, the result or web technology known to the Delauqe. After regaining his senses he saw Crixus move swiftly to his aid to reassure him.

"brother..... Are you your self again?" with a firm but quizzical look on his face.

"yes... " the word being far easier to create than a moment ago.

"Yes I am my self again..... You can put your gauntlet down.... We have work to do"
Game 2 for The Reign in Blood vs the Sons of Samus. A border dispute over the Toll Bridge Territory.

Soundtrack to scene:


The Bridge.

A critical choke point to safely passage between the new lands.

Has the lodge made it in time to claim it as their own?

They approach from the south.

War Ensemble tasked with taking point. His big intimidating frame a great asset to scare off any potential lurkers.

Fleshstorm, sporting a newly clasped, X-penal troop- frenzon collar around his neck feeding him a concoction of drugs.

Seven faces barely allaying him as they attempt to sneak around the outskirts.


War ensembles giant boot thuds up onto the first step of the bridge…

“I hereby declare….”

A eerie feeling passes him momentarily halting his resolve.

“You…. I am not here for you, there is great potential in you if you where to find but the right cause, a just cause…… Tell me …. Would you be swayed by such words???”

War turns his head slowly to the voice. His eyes piercing the black eye sockets of his glimmering helmet.

An ethereal female figure hovers towards him. As she moves ever so slightly there’s the lag of a tethered physical form underneath.

War notices slinking faceless forms approaching from the north.

The Sons of Samus have contended the bridge.


High up above them, likely still unnoticed. Expendable youth and Dead skin mask infiltrate up towards the Sons gang relic. They must retain that element of surprise.

War Bellows a war cry with all his might to draw the enemy’s attention and charges into the figure swinging his mighty rotary saw.


His swing connects dealing the physical form a blow but soon it flits away out of sight and he clambers to a nearby structure before the shooting starts.


Expendable youth reaches their relic and reaches into his sack of rotten faeces and entrails.

A sharpshooter knocks him back on his ass taking a chuck out of his shoulder which causes him to fling his bag over the edge. He crawls over to the relic and smears his blood on it in the scripture of the great one.

Dead skin mask holds a flanking shadow at bay with his flamer.

“C’mon man, we got to go! They’re onto us”


A Son climbs up to protect the relic. Expendable youth draws his twin stubbs and pulls their triggers randomly shooting forward on the dark balcony. He scores a hit and the shadow falls from the perch.

Its too late…

The Angel had arrived flanking the shadows from the north.

“Shit.. she’s here! Time to bail man”

The initiates showing more fear of the Angel of Death than their opponents.

Angel struts in with an initiate on either side of her. In one hand she clasps the master motivator to Fleshstorms collar.

“Times up”… She clicks the button on it.

Fleshstorm lets out a mighty roar and kicks to life like a bull that’s been tazered

He charges in with War ensemble as they lay waste to two gangers who left the safely of the shadows. Bullets deflecting from their armour. Their war masks in full effect terrorizing the weak willed.

Seven faces proudly flashing the banner of the REIGN whilst he mops up a straggler that’s barely put his flames out from surviving multiple licks with Dead skin masks flamer.

Had they succeeded?

Spirit in black flips onto his back like he’s been hit with an invisible cannon.

He clutches as his head in obvious agony. Muffled screams come from under his mask then he slumps motionless on the floor.

In the distance the ethereal form hovers over the sump river slowly edging towards them all.

Angel feels it now. Like her brain is being compressed with immense pressure.

It’s enough to bring her to a knee.

It becomes apparent its coming from the hovering spectre.

What is this crippling magic?

She makes the call and issues the signal for retreat. Although they had won the battle this new threat was deemed too much of a risk to sacrifice her growing lodge in its infancy.

The bridge would fall to this strange ghost today.
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1st game vs corpse grinders (Reign in Blood)
Mission: (SM) Border Dispute (Victory to Cawdor!) =
Territory fought for: Collapsed dome; -
Territory boon:
Income: When collecting income from this Territory, the controlling player may choose to roll between 2D6x10 and 6D6x10. However, if a double is rolled, then no income is generated and a random fighter from the gang suffers a Lasting Injury.

Sent the chaos worshiping cannibal running from a collapsed dome, to most this would be a territory of little value but our faithful Cawdor brethren know how to eke out value in what others would deem trash, and we will use this treasure we found to strengthen our cause and bring the light of redemption to all!...
Total Casualties =
CGC sustained: 2 OOA
2 out cold (OK)
Cawdor sustained: 1 OOA
1 out cold (OK)

2nd game vs House Escher (venom sirens)
Mission: (ZM) The Marauders (Victory to Cawdor!) =
Territory fought for: Bone Shrine; -
Territory Boon: (enhanced boon for House Cawdor)
Reputation: whilst in control of this territory, the gang adds +2 to its reputation
Income: the gang earns 4D6x5 credits from this territory when collection income
With the very generous offer for the venom sirens to surrender and be cleansed of all sin in his holy light and be welcomed into the emperor’s embrace being rejected, the saviors being the saviors had no choice but to put the filthy heretics to the flame!
Total Casualties =
Escher sustained: 4 OOA
2 out cold (OK), 2 injuries Death maiden 56 enfeebled (-1 toughness). Prospect 52 eye injury (-1BS).
Cawdor sustained: 3 OOA
3 injuries, 1 champion 32 grievous injury (recovery MNG). 1 specialist 35 grievous injury (recovery MNG). 1 ganger 46 & 61 Humiliated (-1 cool) & Critical Injury (spent 90 creds on visit to doc which failed, and he had gone to the emperor’s embrace.... dead).
GM Comminucation:

Not more than a few nights pass in the new unfamiliar lands of the annex dome.

Blackwell reach the locals call it. A peaceful, spineless, and scared community of farmers, fisherman, scrappers, and traders in a resource rich environment.

Your honcho thinks it’s worth fighting for and your starting to believe them. The inevitable end constantly lingers in everyone’s minds as the Hulk has become slowly more uninhabitable each cycle.

Your party stormed across the bridge expecting resistance. Expecting a fight.

Instead, the locals have embraced your arrival. The only contention coming from the other gangs hungry for relocation like yourself.

You can’t help but feel their resource rich environment is on its last legs. Almost seems like there’s barely anyone left to keep the wheels turning.

A vision impaired local in your new settlement grabs hold of your arm... coughing and spluttering.

“thank the master you’re here… Please take us out of here….”