Dark Depths Campaign


The master bent down over the secured crates. Once again, the haul looked to make their future expansion that much simpler.

His ears caught the sound of some commotion off to his left. Crawfish Joe pushed his way through the gangers and made a beeline for him.

The master stood and met Joes gaze his stance stiffened as he recognised the murderous intent in his eyes. Cuckold Will stepped in front of Joe to block his brother champion’s path. Joe didn’t even slow his pace as he king-hit him with a blow that would kill a lesser man.

The master held fast, hands at his side as joe reached him, not moving so much as a hair on his head as the furious champion grabbed him by his collar and crashed their foreheads together. Joes eyes stared daggers into his, his breath fuming through his nostrils.

Joe kept their heads locked together for an uncomfortably long moment while the rest of the crew looked on in stunned silence.

Without breaking the lock Joe shot a pointed finger out at the RJ, who had followed Joes path and stood dumbstruck watching his uncle commit what seemed like unquestionable suicide.

Joe spoke with a low, dangerous grow

“This is my ganger.”

His forehead and eyes never left Lafontaine’s

“Their are many like him.”

The master stared back in silence

“But this one is MINE.”

Joe let go of Lafontaine and broke the lock in a swift motion. He turned and walked back the way he had come, with a awestruck RJ falling in behind him.

Brother gumbo moved in next to the master.
The pair stared after RJ and Joe.

“We gotta problem there boss.”
It was hard to tell if it was a question or a statement.

The Master wiped away the line of blood trickling down his head, a souvenir from the initial impact of Joe’ browlock.

“Not sure yet.”
// Toll Bridge, Scourers vs Reign in Blood //

“Top, intel report.” Colux limped across the control room, reaching out to Ventarion with a slate. Col’s leg hadn’t quite healed from the las bolt, yet he never stopped working.

Ventarion grabbed the pad and skimmed it.

Description matches Reign in Blood… Overpass Gamma Epsilon 3-2, where is that?...

“How reliable is it, Col?”

Col looked at him and cocked his head ever so slightly.

“Lasbolt proof, unlike my leg. Eis is adamantium-solid.”

Ventarion clenched his jaw.

*Who will it be this time? Mectus?*

He nodded at Colux.

“Put it together. This has to be surgical.”

Colux smiled.

“I know just the surgeon we need.”


Ventarion walked through the streets to the overpass in question, with his patrol in formation. Colux was still recovering, they had Solabus and Helis with concussion carbines, Avikus and Scaras with shotguns, and Kartole on his first op – he hadn’t qualified on any advanced gear yet, the Stub gun was challenging enough coming from the vox console.

He scanned the road as they rounded a corner. People moved out of the way, ducking into alleys – shops closed up and cleared out their customers when they approached. Ventarion told himself it was because they were all criminals of some sort.

Or do they think we’re the same as these street gangs… Thugs with ammo who think they’re the law now?

A citizen didn’t spot Avikus until the last moment, and he polited excused himself – the voice boomed through the helmet and they jumped, dropping what they were holding on to, and started backing away into an alley.

Avikus looked at them, then reached down to the jacket they dropped. He walked towards them with the jacket outstretched.

“You dropped this, don’t want to lose it.” Avikus was completely clueless to how threatening he looked, thinking he was just doing them a service.

“Scourers! Over here!” A head popped out of a window and waved at them. Avikus looked at the person calling out to them, and the frightened citizen snatched the jacket and bolted. He called back to them

“You’re welcome!”

They walked down to Diplomacy Supplies Incorporated, the patrol fanning out to hold 360º security while Ventarion walked up to the proprietor, he took his helmet off clipping it to his belt, and flashed the aquilla across his chest as a greeting.

“Eis?” Ventarion queried, the man nodded and returned the aquilla. Top looked around the shop, spotting arms, ammo, and armour of all kinds lining the walls.

“Diplomacy comes in all forms, Scourer.” Eis replied, the syllables soft as the words fell out of his mouth like wet porridge slopping into a bowl.

“They’ll be here shortly. You’ll hear from a friend on lookout.” Eis mumbled on, gesturing with a thumb over the shoulder to a nearby tower that overlooked the bridge.

Ventarion thanked him and turned to walk away. He stopped and looked back

“How did you know we were coming?”

Eis smiled, grabbed onto the shutters and replied curtly as he closed them.

“An old friend.”

Ventarion slid on his helmet and tapped it to ensure it was snug. The reply send a chill down his spine.

*How little do I know about the people I share a foxhole with?*

“Move out.” He said over the vox to the patrol, like clockwork, half moved from their positions – staying low and moving from cover to cover. Right now it was safe, but safety was relative.

“You’re late.” An unfamiliar voice came over the vox.

“Get off this frequency.” Ventarion barked back.

“Friendly, aren’t you? Sanctum 1-2, asked me to be here.” The voice replied.

They knew Col’s callsign, and they had the passkey for the encrypted vox channel.

“Don’t ask” the voice continued “I’m on long security up here, route to the bridge is clear. Double time it, you haven’t got any to spare.”

Ventarion sighed, and called out the patrol to double time. They climbed ladders and stair cases, fanning out perpendicular to the bridge. They were a few stories off the ground, the bridge was easily a couple hundred metres long – and the drop was stomach churning high, into a lethal sludgesea.

To their right was the tower, housing their unknown guardian angel. Across the bridge they could see some movement, but could barely make anyone out. Heads darted up and down and weapons were pointed at them – after a while, you get a sixth sense for having a barrel pointed at you.

“By the numbers, set.” Ventarion called out.

“Set” the unknown voice called out. There was a pregnant pause – it was the correct callback, at the right part of the sequence – Colux was Sanctum 1-2 and he should have replied first. It made everyone uncomfortable that their ‘friend’ was so well inserted into their groove.

The rest of the patrol continued on, and they were all in position. Ventarion laid out the plan, everyone knew it, but it helped.

“Hel, Sol, you form a base of fire here” he pointed at the position they were already at “don’t stop firing those carbines – I don’t care if you can’t see, you know the ranges, melt those barrels.”

He turned to Avikus

“Take Kartole and Scaras, push up to that next barricade and wait – we’ll cover your advance – wait until you can pepper them with scatter, and rain hell on them.”

He paused a moment.

“No arrests.” Ventarion added, and no one replied. They had heard what Reign was capable of, the slaughter in their fighting pits, the corpse farms… They didn’t deserve to stay alive.

“My my, Ventarion… How far you’ve come… They’re on the bridge now.” The voice replied in his helmet. He scowled in his helmet, stood up, and roared.

“Open fire!”

Ventarion looked up at the tower as he didn’t have a target – he couldn’t even make out their ally. No muzzle flashes, no movement, he strained as Helis and Solabus charged their carbines and set the fuses. Then he saw it, a faint puff of smoke.

He looked across the bridge and could see a one of their enemy go down, one of them bolted out of cover.

“Contact, moving left to right!” he aimed his boltgun but couldn’t line up the shot, then a puff of smoke erupted and occluded their view.

Avikus, Scaras and Kartole had advanced up and dived behind cover, staying low. Solabus stood to fire his carbine when a round buried itself in the barricade in front of him – he flinched, but stayed up.

A scummer burst through the smoke, and Solabus fired his carbine – knocking them off their feet. Helis was scanning with his carbine levelled, and Ventarion leaned next to his helmet and bellowed, not bothering to key his vox.

“Fire Helis! Frakking fire!”

Helis’ hesitation was overcome by the verbal assault and he started lobbing rounds. The first one impacted near an injured scum, and they were vaulted off the bridge – their scream changing pitch until it was abruptly ended by a loud plop as he landed in the thick toxic sludge.

The rain of fire maintained it’s torrential volume as the smoke began to clear. Ventarion looked and he couldn’t see any of them left on the bridge.

“Cease fire! Cease your fire!” he called over the vox, as silence fell and the smoke cleared.

“Avikus, clear it!” He snapped, half the patrol moved forward, darting between cover. They got to the other side and they called back the all clear.

“Regroup at Rally Point Alpha.” Ventarion chirped on the vox and fell back. Their guardian angel was already gone, without even so much as a word.


The Scourers were performing a weapons check and inspection out the front of Eis’ shop – it was protocol you checked each other for wounds, in the middle of a firefight you don’t always feel it. Ventarion patted down Kartole who then did the same to him, then Top dropped his boltgun mag into his dump pouch, cleared the chamber, caught the round, and dry fired into the ground. Boltgun went click, he clicked on the safety and slung the gun.

Solabus was holding his carbine up, and he was patting his rig…

“I thought I brought more ammo.” He said dejectedly.

Eis swung open the door lugging a crate of ammo, and he put it down by the Scourers. They all looked at each other for a moment.

“Keep that up, and I’ve got more of this for you Scourers… Plus, it would be good to see Colux again.”

The Scourers all looked at Ventarion – he could have seized Eis and all of his armament by force, as was his remit, however he knew that with what they were up against, and what was pouring out of Crow’s, they’d need allies.

“The Reach provides, the Scourers protect.” Ventarion said poetically.

Eis nodded, and booted the lock on the crate – it sprang open.

“I’ll get the rest of it.” Eis turned and headed back into the shop, Ventarion called out to him.

“Wait, I thought you said you didn’t know Colux.”

Eis shrugged.

“I don’t.”

// back at Gravitas //

The patrol returned, winding their way through the corridors of the precinct – the place was still mostly a mess. Exposed cabling, empty crates, and rusted bulkhead marked every metre of the hallways. They made their way to the armoury, with lockers lining the walls and tables in the middle, they began to strip their weapons and armour. This was the worst part, after the adrenaline dump and the stress, trying to clean their gear to calm down.

As they started, a loud shot range from the range. Ventarion’s Boltgun still had the oil from the last clean on it, he didn’t fire a round, and his armour was just a little dusty. He stowed it and walked into the range, finding Colux lying down next to Holun – one of the newer guys, who had been ‘in the shit’, he was capable, but needed work.

“Impact High-right. Range estimate?” Colux said, almost whispering.

“350.” Holun said, running the bolt well after he fired – making sure to observe the impact.

“300 – check height of standard mechanicus crate against your stadia reticle, reference… ‘frak the police’ banner.” Colux corrected.

“Eyes on. Confirm.” Holun almost imperceptibly adjusted his position and fired again.

A concussive blast picked up dust around the range, and Ventarions ear’s deafened for one fraction of a moment, another fraction later, the reactive target rang out from impact.

Colux picked up his head.

“He’ll do.” He said to Ventarion.

Ventarion nodded, and moved to leave. He stopped at the threshold and called out over his shoulder.

“Who was that by the overpass?” Ventarion questioned.

“Eis? Local not so legal arms dealer. Old friend.” Colux said as he stood, dusting himself off. All 3 of them knew that wasn’t what Ventarion meant.

“You know what’s not what I meant… They knew our protocols and had our encryption, but they said they don’t know you.” Ventarion pressed. Colux simply smiled.

“I don’t know them either… Not anymore. Had to leave that behind.” Colux said as he slipped passed him, referring to the Scourer’s oath.

// Workshop to the Scourers! //
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// Scourers vs Delaque, Takeover! //

“It’s bold.” Avikus said bluntly, staring at the slate.

“We can’t be reactive anymore.” Ventarion replied.

“The zone will catch us short – this will be a knife fight.” Colux said, as if describing the route to the nearby dispensary.

“We press two vectors simultaneously, divide them up in the narrow spaces, and swing from one to the other – catch them between us.” Ventarion countered.

“Doors & corners, Top.” Avikus added, they acted as funnels, killzones, reduced visibility, and turned over the advantage to those who controlled them. It was left unsaid, they’d all read the manuals, and had been on both sides of this question.

“We can’t be reactive,” Ventarion repeated “The Reach is ours, and we have to show them – just like we did those skin wearing mutants.”

“Alright.” Colux said, having learned that arguing with Ventarion at this point was a waste of everyone’s time.

“We’ll divide it into three sectors…” Col continued, as he pointed towards the map, their target was roughly bone shaped, a protrusion at each end and two long corridors to join them. There were doorways, corners and crevices littered about.

“We can enter here, call it Sector A-32, credit says they’ll try hold us strong here” this was the western protrusion

“Mectus’ scouting report showed us a second entry point here, near Sector G-51” This was the centre of two corridors

“They won’t hold here, this will be their fallback route from A-32. If we hit these two, we’ll catch them between us – then we can push onto the last Sector here.” Gesturing to the eastern protrusion.

Avikus nodded, and Ventarion clenched his jaw.

“Speed is the key. Hard and fast.” Ventarion added, closing the briefing.


Ventarion gestured for his Brick to stop, he had Kartole, Scaras, Helis and Avikus with him. They’d come across a large double door with a terminal in front of them, large enough to fit two Runners side by side. To their right, was a threshold that lead to the Brick that Colux was leading.

He moved to the threshold and opened his vox.

“Sanctum 1-2 this is 1-1, on your left.” He shot through.

“Confirm. Approaching entry point.” Colux replied.

Colux saw a threshold big enough for only 1 person to fit through, he covered the doorway with Holun from two different angles so they could see into the threshold. Mectus and Solabus were with them, and they kept hidden for now.

“Sanctum 3, set.” Colux called out over Vox, he’d taken command of Sanctum 3 in the absence of Telio.

Ventarion looked at his Brick and they nodded in turn.

“Irene. Irene. Irene.” Ventarion spoke the operation start word 3 times for clarity.

Kartole stood from his covered position and advanced to the terminal, and started working it. Once he cracked it, he held up 3 fingers over his shoulder as a countdown. To a set beat, he curled each finger, once the last one was curled, he pumped his fist and hit the open command. The door ground open, Ventarion, Avikus and Helis all levelled their weapons through it.

Scaras waited till the gap was big enough and raced through “Advancing!”

He made it to the other side, leaping over some rubble. Landing in stride, he took a few more steps and then crumpled. He went down hard, uncontrolled, and completely limp, scraping across the floor in an ejection of sparks, crunching hard into a pile against a wall.

“No visual!” – “I got nothing!” – “Someone give me something!” The Brick yelled at each other, then Helis had movement.

“Engaging!” He fired his concussion carbine deep, as Avikus and Ventarion moved further ahead. The blast detonated in the distance and the sound echoed through.

“Smoke it” Colux pointed through the door, and Mectus lobbed a smoke deep through the corridor. Colux and Holun flicked on their infra-sights, waiting for someone to take the bait. Solabus and Mectus moved around the door trying to find an angle.


A few paces later, Ventarion realised he’d over shot his mark, and he felt panic grab his stomach. They were wrong.

“Sector A-32 secure. No resistance.”


Colux felt the fear climb at the base of his skull – yet it was a separate entity that felt it, he was here looking through his rifle.

“Sol, push Sector G-51. Dead ahead. Holun, follow him in.” Colux barked. They moved through, when Mectus, nearby, started mumbling.

“Somethings not right… It’s not right… Where are they? They should be here.”

Colux couldn’t believe the insanity that had gripped Mectus. He’d been in a dozen firefights, and slapped down ganger scum, this was the calm before the storm.

Why here? Why now?


Ventarion pushed deep passed A-32 with Avikus in tow, they stacked on a door and Helis found and angle passed them.

He looked back at Avikus, Helis, and nodded in turn. They did a quick weapons check, and he readied himself to breach. Helis lobbed a round deep.

“Set” Sol called out, quickly followed by Holun. There was barely a moment, then doors swung open both sides of them.

“Contact!” Holun roared. A torrent of fire buried Holun in rockcrete as he ate dirt, trying not to be torn in half. He didn’t see Sol get cut down next to him.

“Get them out!” Colux barked at Mectus, and the moved to the door.


The blast went off on the other side of the door, Ventarion was about to move into the door when he heard footsteps. He dropped his boltgun, drew his shock baton and stub gun in one rehearsed motion.

Ventarion swung his pistol back hand into the threshold and fired a round – it thudded into the wall. He took a few steps back as the Delaque advanced at insane speed. The first blow came high left, and he caught it in a number 4 parry – they bounced off it and came low, he swung the baton down from the number 4, sweeping down into a 6. He stepped back as he did, and the Delaque weapon missed his leg by millimetres.

He had deflected and redirected their opponents weapon, and now they were chambered for a vertical slice down onto his head – as a parry 4 circled into a 6 encourages your opponent to do. He caught the final blow high with a number 9 parry, Ventarion, while starting on the backfoot, had them playing to his melody.

Unfortunately, the cunning of Delaque was greater than a simple circle 4-6-9 parry. They let their weapon grip loosen on the impact, and rather than bouncing off and losing momentum, it rotated in the hand and wrist and slipped passed the 9 parry. Ventarion had only a moment to see their gauntlet fire into his stomach, followed by a round into the chest. He slammed into the ground and had only a moment of consciousness, before the cold dark enveloped him.

Avikus was caught between Ventarion and a wall, barely able to stay upright in the melee. As Ventarion dropped, he body checked the Delaque back through the door and drove his shotgun barrel into the terminal, pulling the trigger – frying the controls.

“All Sanctum Callsigns! Fall back! Sanctum Actual is down!”

// back at Gravitas //

“Make way, make way!” Avikus barked, shoving people out of the way. They bowled their way to the medbay, Ventarion laid on a stretcher – Kartole’s fist plugging the hole in his chest – Colux checking vitals and trying to keep Ventarion together.

Avikus was ahead of the stretcher, yelling out for a Doc while they charged through with the precious cargo. They finally made it, a few scourers were milling about with attendants circling between them. As they burst in, there was no pause as the staff descended on them, shoving other people out of the way.

A doc went to move Kartole when he spotted where his hand ended.

“What happened?” The doc looked around.

// some time later //

Colux was still in his gear as he moved onto the armoury, he was covered in blood – not sure exactly when he collected it.

“Lost a kidney, a few feet of intestines, cavitation disrupted the mesentery and tore a few holes into a ventricle.” Colux flatly informed Avikus as he un-equipped, and started cleaning his gear.

“Throne damn it, I was too slow.” Avikus said.

“He’ll need an Aortic Supercharger to be back in properly – though he’ll live without one.” Colux ignored the analysis, it was probably correct, but he didn’t witness it, so he had nothing to add.

“I know someone.” Avikus replied. Colux looked at him a raised an eyebrow.

// Some time even later //

“That’s steep – even for a ‘charger.” Colux replied, a little surprise in his voice.

“They said they didn’t have one, they were hard to get their hands on before – and now, with all this extra doctor’s work, they go to the highest bidder.” Avikus added, trying to explain the situation.

They looked at each other.

“Is it harvesting season?” Colux said after a long, dead pause.

“We can’t Col, we vowed to leave it behind.” Avikus replied.

“He’d bend that for us. It’ll be like old times.” Col rebutted, he knew checkmate would be there in one turn.

“The rest of them?” Avikus said weakly.

“You know they’d do the same.” Checkmate, match to Colux.

“I’ll chat to Eis.” Avikus said, Colux raised both eyebrows at this.

How does he know Eis? How does Eis know where to get Ghast?

“I know Colux. I know.” Avikus replied, grabbing his slate and leaving the armoury.

// One objective to Scourers, Territory to Delaque. Vol bottled at the end of turn 2 – 3 OOA with an enfeebled leader is too high a price! //

== placeholder post for 1 more bat reps ==
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"I'm hit", he mouthed silently...

Man, it felt like my heart literally sank at that.
Great stuff, @Ilythor!
Thanks for the kind words Med!

You shoulda seen my face when that went through.

My mans was in -2 cover, 24" away - I was cool as a cucumber as those odds came up. He went down and I thought he was gonna be alright, I'll pick up him mid fight - then first recovery roll was a skull.

First ganger I've ever lost :'(
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The stuff of memories and great stories. You can do everything right, but if the stars (dice) won't align you'll still be dead. No disrespect to Telio -may he rest in peace- but I love this game!
Looking forward to the placeholder games, @Ilythor. :giggle:
== Trentenheim Farm, somewhere between Reach and the Sludgesea | Ghast Harvest, no territory at stake ==

“Never made it out this way, didn’t think there was anything to see.” Helis mused outloud as they marched the long route out to ‘The Farm’ – one of many Ghast stills near the edges of The Reach.

“Nothing out here worth seeing. At least the humps not in gear.” Scaras replied, commenting that they’d made the most of the journey with their gear stowed. It wasn’t a good look to see Scourer’s casually walking a drug runner route, no amount of broadvox messages would clarify the situation.

“Speaking of humps, hows your head Scaras? What in Emperor’s name happened anyway?” Helis asked, referring to Scaras committing to an unscheduled gravity test with his face during the raid on the Delaque territory.

“It felt like I got hit in the brain Helis – then lights out. I swear every now and again it feels like there’s a sewer rat racing around in my skull.” Scaras replied.

“I better keep my distance.” Helis chuckled, he couldn’t offer any other kind of support.

“Muzzle velocity of a Salvo round will outrun you – I’ve seen your PT score.” Scaras patted the shotgun in his bag, chuckling in return.

“Blame Eis – the ammojack knows how to stew a good Rumbo. I wonder what he puts in it?” Helis was, of course, referring to Eis’ specialty, a stew of ration packs, meat of questionable source, and reconstituted vegetable substitute.

“Everything’s better with Ghast.” Scaras said in a vox-cast voice, treating it like a slogan and gesturing widely to the scape in front of them. They both laughed.

The two of them caught up with Avikus, Mectus and Colux, who were prone at the top of a crest – eyeballs and foreheads peeking over to get the lay of the land, they interrupted the tail end of a long conversation.

“… The kids got heart, but he’s not cut out for *this* yet.” Avikus mumbled to Colux.

“Haven’t got the read on Holun, either. It’s fascinating.” Colux replied, it was unheard of that Colux couldn’t read someone, and by fascinating it was likely he meant worrying – but Colux doesn’t worry, he analyses.

They stopped when they knew that the other two were close. Avikus slid down a few inches and rolled into his back to face the team. It was just the five of them, the rest of the patrol needed a break after the last OP – or couldn’t be trusted just yet.

“Gear up, set a 360. We’re regrouping with employers in a few hours, then missions on.” Avikus added.

Scaras and Helis looked at each other, wondering who they were working with now, and what the rules were. Colux read that effortlessly, and instructed them:

“They’re here for the Ghast – they’ll pay us a finders and security fee for every bag they get out with. Once we’ve got enough for what we came here for, we’re out. If they go down, secure some bags and we’ll fence it ourselves later. Don’t breath it in.”

Scaras and Helis nodded, dumping the bags and getting their gear on. Helis realised they were just going to work some stills for a little bit and look tough, did they really need to be here loaded for Ambot? He asked out loud:

“Are we expecting trouble?”

Mectus laughed. Avikus replied for him.

“Helis, when there’s Ghast involved, we’re the trouble.” Thumbing the hill behind him.

Helis clicked his helmet on.

“Oh… Right.”

// Sometime later //

The stills were dotted around a T intersection – the Scourers were littered around the cross of the T. There was a complex of multi story buildings and catwalks that spanned it, with Mectus, Helis and Colux holding the hire ground to provide covering fire. They had 4 scummers with them to harvest the Ghast.

“Set, scanning.” Colux reported as he rested his rifle frame on a crate, aiming through a window. He was no rookie – a rifle sticking out of a window draws too much attention, better to be set back a few on a box and scan that way. He dialed in his infrasight, adjusting contrast while everyone else called in ready.

Scaras and Avikus were behind a building, between two Ghast stills performing a final weapons check when all warp broke loose.

A giant fireball engulfed one of the scum in front of them near a still, knocking them down – skin torn open, guts revealed as they lay down reaching for the sky. They both swore and threw themselves against the floor, waiting for the follow up. Colux replied from above them instead. They stayed low when one of the scummers nearby fired a scattershot at them – bouncing off their ablative layers, but chattering their teeth. Scaras rolled over shotgun at the ready, angry from the betrayal.

Instead he saw the two scummers arguing and wrestling with each other, Avikus stood and dragged Scaras to his feet.

“We’re fine – let it go. Not our problem.” He said to Scaras. He looked up at Mectus and gestured him to move across a walkway and set up a crossfire with Colux. Mectus thundered across the walkway, armoured boots clanging loudly.

He flicked on his wideband on the vox, barking at their scummer “friends”

“Get harvesting, your out of time.”

Helis shifted from his covered position, and spotted a few Saviours moving towards a still.

“Eye’s on a still, engaging!”

He levelled his carbine and planted a round just short of a still, knocking a few of the saviours around – he thought he saw something scurrying, but couldn’t make out what it was. His carbine switched off, and he realised he didn’t replace the charger.

A few of the scummers pressed forward, auto pistols blazing as they sought blood, the Scourer’s didn’t have a good angle on it, but they could take any help they could get.

“I count 10.” Colux said flatly.
The two arguing scummers split up to different stills. The one wielding the shotgun near Av started harvesting. They were making all kinds of noises as they began tapping it, followed by a roar about being faster than a bullet.

Avikus, shook his head, made it around the corner and climbed the ladder, he was at a balcony overlooking the still that Helis fragged – he could see nearly a half dozen Saviours moving towards it.

*And rats?*

He loaded Scatter into his shotgun and fired at the Saviours. A lot of his rounds fell short, but they caught the rats – who promptly detonated. Avikus tried to call it out.

“Watch out for rats. They explode?”

Helis went to fire another round to keep them pinned, when an explosion landed next to him and threw him to the ground. He stayed down, checked himself, and the armour kept him safe, so he then set about trying to charge his carbine – finally getting it ready on the second attempt.
Colux couldn’t see the boom-dealer, so he shifted his position and took out a Saviour trying to set up on the still.

Mectus got settled, leant against an railing and aimed his boltgun – he fired a controlled burst and took down another Saviour.

Scaras sprinted at a still, and went to pocket some for himself. He crouched next to the still and filled one of the vials, ducking out to ensure he could still see. As it neared the top, he pulled the vial and went to stopper it – some of the ghast splashed off his hand and onto his chest plate. The fumes snuck their way into his helmet and that’s when he realised The Truth.


He stood up, wielding his shotgun in one hand, and suddenly he could see the world in all it’s true colours. The voices of all those around him raised to a near unbearable height, he could feel the rats scurrying about, the fear of the Saviours coated his tongue – and it tasted better than Eis’ Rumbo.

As he stood he got a sense of a current, as if he was standing in a waist deep stream of sludge with a powerful movement. When he looked at it he realised he could see it, but as if only one of his eyes could see it, he closed them in turn trying to figure out which eye was stronger.

Only when he closed both of them did he finally understand The Truth.


Avikus couldn’t focus with Scaras yelling through the vox about Emperor and Sight and Truth, when a rat leapt up over the barricade by the balcony. He registered the blinking frag grenade in quarter time, as the rat leant back and bit down on the pin. Certain that the rat was looking him in the eye as it doubled over and pulled the pin out.

He was thrown against the wall, blinded and dazed. Looking down, his armour was blackened and burned, yet in tact – the ablative overlay was shattered and embedded in everything around him. At least the ringing in his ear’s blocked out Scaras’ yelling.

Avikus pushed himself to his feet, racked the slide on his shotgun and fired at the shapes he could barely see through his burnt out lenses. Suddenly an orange light bloomed in his vision, and then he felt it, the heat. He roared as his fatigues caught alight.

Colux went to take out the flamer when he suddenly heard a loud clang and couldn’t see anymore, a quick breath later and a lightning bolt of pain shot across his torso. He was face down against the floor, a high impact shot caught in the torso. He knew he was bleeding, and would need to get that patched. He crawled into cover and began packing his wound.

Mectus kept firing at the Saviours trying to get the still – his only vox comms were his ammo count, and he was starting to run low.

Helis stood and fired another shot at the still, kicking a few more of them around. He went to charge another round when another explosion hit him, and he flew off the ledge. Helis screamed as he fell a few metres and crumpled into a heap on the floor. After a few raspy breathes, he fished his limbs out from under him and rolled over – patting himself down. He was fine.

“That’s throning twice.” He said, looking around and seeing Scaras wielding his shotgun in one hand, gesturing strange patterns with his left.

The scummer caught up with the two of them, looked at the both and said

“The other stills empty, we’ve almost got enough.” And started tapping the still.

Scaras saw movement upfront, levelled his shotgun one handed, and without showing any hint of recoil, fired a half dozen rounds at the Saviour – they were almost cut in half, left bleeding on the floor.

“Is that was passes for fury for your misbegotten kind? FEEL THE RIGHTEOUS HAMMER OF THE EMPEROR AS IT STRIKES YOU DOWN.”

The vox was alive with screams, righteous fury, and Chaos. Colux managed to plug his wound, and called out.

“All Sanctum, fall back. Our job here is done.”

Yet again, Helis was thrown back by an explosion. He bounced off a dirt mound and tasted a blood from biting his tongue, but was still fine. He pulled himself to his feet.


Looking around he saw Scaras and the Scummer staring at each other, shotguns levelled. Ambivalent about the explosion. They were carrying on a silent conversation, and Helis thanked them for the peace and quiet.

“Ammos out. Falling back” Mectus called out, and that flicked a switch in Scaras.

“False Emperor! I sentence you to death!” Scaras, again one handed, unloaded his shotgun at the Scummer – several ghast vials shattered from the fusillade.

Avikus leapt off the balcony and landed near the still Mectus and Helis were bombarding. A scummer ran over and patted him down – the saviours were in full retreat as well.

Colux called out over the vox

“We’re done here.”

Scaras walked over to the dismembered scummer, standing over them and preaching at their shattered corpse.

“I am the Emperor! I am your shield! I am your protector!”

== back at Gravitas ==

“Not a word.” Scaras said, groaning, clutching his head, leaning against a wall in the mess hall.

“ ‘Ave Imperator.” Helis mumbled across the table, chuckling into his food.

Avikus and Colux sat down with them, Colux’s torso was bandaged. Avikus had a few burn wounds at his wrists, ankles and across the belly – where his uniform caught and singed the skin.

“And?” Scaras spoke softly.

“Nowhere near enough. Hardly paid back the ammo.” Avikus said, implying that shooting your employers and destroying their cargo was a great way to not get paid.

“Try not to breath it in next time.” Colux said flatly.

Everyone looked at him, and wondered what he meant by next time.

== Draw against the Saviours! Off to downtime i think? ==
So its been a long and bumpy journey for our playgroups first dominion. We started with just 6 gangs but expanded to 8 and and managed to play eachother all once for 7 games each in the occupation phase.

Downtime has now started where we will try kick off some of the Venator Coop story which will be posted in a seperate thread although will link to this campaign also. The Reign in blood will be decidedly absent from the takeover phase to allow this timepoor gm to catch up with some story crafting and writing of the rpg sessions.

So far the Triumphs are looking that the
Deadlist gang is the Orlocks with the most ooa at 18
The wealthist gang is the Cawdor at around 2720 creds
The gang with the most territories is the delaque at 5
The rep is a tie between the cawdor, orlock, and escher at 12... (but i hear theres a super deadly cult thats lurking around thats getting a pretty gnarly name for themselves at 16)
And @hottyhothot is taking out the captivator so far with his aweome golaith home base Sump rig.



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“Gravitas, this is Crow’s Nest, Sanctum 4-2, I repeat Crow’s Nest, Sanctum 4-2. Do you read me..

tzzzch.. Over”

“Gravitas, urgent message for Sanctum 1-1… Over”

“Sanctum 4-2, ah go ahead. Sanctum 1-1 is present.”

“Sanctum 1-1, we have innocents requesting asylum at Crow’s Nest. Over”

“Sanctum 4-2, requesting more information. Over”

“Sanctum 1-1, they are fisherman from Reach falls requesting medical assistance.”

“Sanctum 4-2, requesting more information. Over”

“Sanctum 1-1, one of them appears very sick. They report the Reach District med facility is currently closed. We have initiated contamination protocols. Please advise. Over”


“Sanctum 1-1, awaiting orders… Over”



“Sanctum 1-1, one of them appears very sick. They report the Reach District med facility is currently closed. We have initiated contamination protocols. Please advise. Over”
Ventarion clenched his jaw, grinding his teeth. He was staring at the Vox, hoping that if he looked at it long enough, he would awake from the nightmare.

“Sanctum 1-1, awaiting orders… Over”

The Scourers were struggling as is… Ventarion knew it, Avikus said it, and Colux thought it – the last thing they could afford was to hamstring themselves any further. There was a rookie manning the comms, Ventarion didn’t even know his name, went by 4-2 based on the markings on his armour. Ventarion looked down at the floor and squeezed his eyes shut, he loathed the person he’d become in such a short time.

Emperor grant me courage. How far have I fallen? I stand here, in my own ‘fortress of redemption’ – and I know not the soldier who stands with me. I am considering condemning innocent people to a fate worse than death, all for what? So I can commit more violence? Stand here and say that I was focused? Indomitable? I set out to help the people of Reach, and here, where I must sacrifice my vision for my ideals, I hesitate… Like a coward.


“Boss.” Colux had bounded up into the Vox chamber, Ventarion hadn’t heard him approach. They locked eyes, and Ventarion could read the defeat in his eyes – yet there was a faint shine in them. Colux knew if they offered to help, the Scourer’s would be taken out at the knees. However, Col had seen Ventarion shift from his purist ideological mentality into a colder more calculating one – more like Colux himself – and now Ventarion’s right hand man had hoped he’d swung over far enough to not tear the spine out of the Scourers before they’d even begun. Colux wanted those people to stay out, locked down there. It was the smart move.

Ventarion could read Colux – they’d been together far too long, been through too many things, and Colux’ Hulker-face* didn’t work anymore. When Ventarion saw what Colux expected him to do, he knew he’d finally strayed too far from his path. Top took a deep breath and stood straight, he knew what he was about to do was wrong, but it was what he demanded of him, and every Scourer. Put the people of Reach first.

“Whats your name, Trooper?” Ventarion said, in a friendly, and almost soft manner to Sanctum 4-2, manning the vox.

“Kartole, Sir.” The trooper said, Ventarion patiently waited for his first name. “Gallabas Kartole.”

“Gallabas, slave the Vox’s cog to my suits Vox line.” Ventarion said, calmly. He had clarity now, and clicked on his Vox once he got the confirmation from 4-2.


“Crow’s Nest, this is Sanctum Actual”
“Sanctum Actual, go ahead for Crow’s Nest.”
“Crow’s Nest, Asylum Granted. Sanctum Actual, out.”

Ventarion walked across the Vox chamber and stood right up against Colux.

“This is what separates us. From them. Colux. We take care of our own.”

Colux’s brow furrowed – this was an equivalent to a firework display for the man. Ventarion walked passed him to a window, and looked out into the streets near Gravitas Precinct. He flicked over to the system that sounded through the Precinct.

“Gravitas Precinct, now hear this. When the citizens of Reach cried out for salvation – we answered. We took up arms to protect the brothers and sisters we share our homes with… Now, the chrono has struck the hour of need yet again. The call is ours to answer, and ours alone. Gravitas Precinct will provide asylum to all pious innocents who need it – the weak, the infirm, and the disenfranchised, will all be given a home, and a purpose, within these walls. Sanctum Actual, out.”
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Soundtrack to scene:


“Gravitas, this is Sanctum 3-1, Do you read me.. Over”

“Ah Sanctum 3-1, Go Ahead.. Sanctum 1-1 Over”

“Sanctum 1-1 reporting in from the Reach Medical facility patrol. Over”

A muffled and angry tone “Gimme that rookie…Secure the fuckin perimeter”

“Ah.. come in Top.. you gotta see this…”

A video pops on the Gravitas command module.

Multiple gloved hands forcefully open a heavy magdoor without power assist.

Torchlight halos careening around an empty facility. Complete power outage. Not a body in sight.

“Ah Sir whatever happened we definitely missed it..”

A step through an open doorway into a treatment room.

“Are you ready for this shit?”

The camera pans up to show the walls of the facility webbed with a large organic structure.
Like roots of a tree above ground the plant like sapling is engulfing the medbays and various facilities in the room. A proliferation of fibrous polyps adorn its trunk.

The patrolman reaches out to an ID tag that’s hanging from a branch and attempts to smear away the layer of mildew on it.

“Shit! its Doc Phelps ID Top, someone must have taken him”

The camera flips around and is knocked to the ground immediately. Maybe a shuffle of feet. Its hard to tell.

The transmission cuts…
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GM Communication

Soundtrack to Scene:

Ventarion lingers by the window in the upper floor of Sanctum. He peers over the street at the boarded-up Blackwell Reach sports facility. Another group of sick cliff locals are being chaperoned by the volunteer Reach guard into the makeshift triage facility. At least they are sticking to contamination protocols this time. Afraid of the impending sit rep on their status. It was only a matter of time until he had to show face and make some hard decisions.

“Top, one of the new rooks has something to tell you. Can I show him in”?

Ventarion releases his finger from the shutter blinds, and nods to Colux.

“Permission to speak freely Sir’?


*“Sir do you remember when we were at the Reach umbilicus crossing two weeks back?

Do you remember those two fellas we turned away?

The arrogant one in the fancy green coat and the ugly one with the shoulder epaulettes?" *

“How could I forget, seemed bewildered that we didn’t know who they were”

“Well, I just seen them. Snooping around Reach medical facility. They got over somehow. I don’t know how. We been manning that station in rotating watches. I tried to follow but I lost them”

“Thank you, dismissed”

Ventarion turns back to the window. Colux moves over and gives him a supportive shoulder grab.

“It’s time mate”
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Its been a lifetime between updates apologies. In the end time got the better of me and my gross overcommitment became apparent.

@campaignbrad offered to take over the running on the takeover phase dominion arbitration and the Reign in blood stopped attacking the other gangs territories and focused on their corpse farm and fighting pit withdrawing from the fray. In that time I worked on writing the 5 session Venator RPG and running it.
Link here for anyone intersted in seeing how the stories tie in. (still populating it)

The end Dominion results where






CAPTIVATOR (as voted): SCOURERS @Ilythor



Hopefully there will be a multiplayer event that ends the gangs story coming still! TBA
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It's alive! :giggle:

Good to hear from you, buddy! Time catches up to us all, it's just how these things go. Thanks for the update.
Haha.. @MedMos you legend hope your doing well! Still here? i think everyones left including me it seems 😂
I guess im stubborn and apparrently a completionsist thats determined to close out the story despite the rollercoaters of pitfalls it encountered.
(ticks off update the yak on dominion fail progress, start venator rpg thread from long list of painfully slow things to do)
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Thanks, doing fine! And yes, still here. :giggle: Though new job and a bout of covid for the whole family a few weeks ago has left my hobby floundering. :LOL: How about you, did you have another little'un, or am I misremembering?
Good to hear you're still launching projects, time constraints or not! 😄 (y)
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Thanks, doing fine! And yes, still here. :giggle: Though new job and a bout of covid for the whole family a few weeks ago has left my hobby floundering. :LOL: How about you, did you have another little'un, or am I misremembering?
Good to hear you're still launching projects, time constraints or not! 😄 (y)
Ah man! I hope your all recovering well.
The little bubble that is Perth WA has been locked this whole time.. we havent even opened up borders yet and covid finally hit a few weeks ago.. i think a lot of people are over it and just not checking in or complying now.. I managed to tick this off my list as im actually isolating from my wife and kids (yes i had another and thats a huge part of the gross overcommitment issue mentioned above 😆) right now as they have to isolate for being a close contact till wed..but not myself so we made the call to split the house so i could still work and bring them food etc. It just so happens my study/hobby room is in my section of the house 😬
So if i god damn dont bloody catch up on some of my blue balled hobby list now then id be crazy!!
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Yeah, I kinda isolated a bit when the kids got it, so I could continue working. But then the missus inevitably caught it, so had to take care of the family. And then on the tail end of their bout I caught it. But we got through it reasonably well and everyone has recovered just fine. Denmark dropped all restrictions, so was a matter of time I guess.
All the best to you and the family! I hope you get some hobbying done, as a sort of silver lining.
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For the finale of the Dominion we had four of the gangs accept the invite. The scenario is timed to have happened at the same time as the Venator RPG finale and would mean the gangs get a chance to make it out of Blackwell Reach before the Venators collapse the annex for good.

Below is the custom ruleset I used for the scenario

Gang Moot/End Times mash up scenario​

Behind the Scenes:

Ventarion has called a parley to try discuss the fate of Reach once again.
The now small group of uninfected locals have come to the Scourers for refuge. Not feeling safe anymore in their homes with the constant gang fights and mysterious spreading illness. He’s called out the gang leaders to meet again this time at the top of “ole rusty” a local sump rig to keep the local settlement collateral damage to a minimum after the last attempt.

As he begins to discuss the current plague that the locals are facing all Hell breaks loose below. Swarms of twisted mutated fungal gangers and civillians erupt from the ground below all around the rig.

“Colux we are Leaving!”:

The remaining Scourers have started to collect the locals not attached to gangs. And will arrive in a transport truck that’s on its way to the bridge.

Guarding the help:

Your remaining gangers are guarding your settlers and supporters. They see the fighting outbreak but are awaiting incoming orders.

The Reign in Blood returns:

With the intel that a suspected Inquisitor is in Reach, the Reign in Blood decided to lay low stopping their attacks on further resources. Instead focusing on their own nefarious plans without the risk of being cleansed prematurely by the inquisition. Slowly converting (or circulating them through their corpse farm) able bodied citizens and fighters in their fighting pits. The lure of potentially every competent fighter in the annex in one place has temped them out of their hiding as their god has demanded an overdue UPRISING!


The locals of reach have been turned into fungal hive mind xenos. Held back by the mighty Inquisitors mind they lay dormant under the Annex. With the link severed the hive has emerged with a spear head aiming to leave the annex to spread their spores. The Sporekin will be looking to infect any free citizens or gangers at the parley. They will be closely learning and adapting from the gangers.

Sons of Samus:

The Delaque using their network to stay abreast of current matters have decided to leave the sinking ship well ahead of the other gangs. They watch from afar with their puppet strings still manipulating to the very last minute.

Venom Sirens:

Hungry with the power of winning the most territories diregard Ventarion’s concerns. Ignoring the last attempt at Parley was great for their business so they decide to deny the request again and prepare to reap the rewards of weakened opponents in the aftermath.


The van Saar also decide to leave the sinking ship early. But not before liquidating their arms Bazaar. They send some supplies to the parley (to balance gang ratings) and a few marksmen to oversee the negotiations.


Take revenge if it pleases you or form temporary alliances. Save your territory’s civilians or leave them to die. hijack the transport controls for an “every man” for himself escape... It’s all up to you.

Scenario Rules:

The scenario will use a modified “Gang moot” and “End Times” scenario rules.

Tactics cards: None

The first part of the Parley will be roleplayed as the leaders of each gang can share a few words of their own!

Then once a leader wants to go for another leader priority will start (or if the Sporekin erupt)

5 gang allocation. The leader and 2 trusted bodyguards can be picked with the rest being random from a pool of 5 you choose.

The other gang members will be guarding random pockets of their territory’s civilians awaiting a gang member to come and tell them what the hell is going on. Once a free ganger has reached the party the party may move as normal. Their objective was to guard their own so they must not leave the civilians of their own volition. They are represented by either a gang token or a few miniatures and are considered in hiding until contacted directly by a gang member. There will be 8 pods on the board 2 for each gang.

“I got ya Johnny”:

Anyone that has fallen in battle (skull result or serious injury) may be moved by anyone. To move a mini the fighter must touch base with the mini. It can move at movement -1 and use single handed weapons still.

The Transport Truck:

In the end phase of round 2, and in each subsequent round, the players should roll a D6. On a 5+ the transport arrives. When it arrives, place a marker in the centre of the table to represent the transport’s open ramp. The rookie driver jumps from the drivers seat and is immediately gored by cultist. This is when the Reign is blood HQ is deployed.

Fighters can embark on the transport, and be removed from the battlefield if they end their movement in base contact with the marker. Fighters may also disembark the transport by being placed in contact with the marker at the start of any round. A fighter may not both embark and disembark in the same round. In the End phase, a single embarked fighter can make an Intelligence check to make the transport depart. If two or more players have fighters on the transport, each player with at least one embarked fighter must roll a D6 and add the number of their embarked fighters, re-rolling any ties. The player who rolled highest is currently in control of the transport and can choose either to attempt to drive off or remain idling this round.

Victory conditions. Victory points:

1 Point per pod of civilians taken to the transport (civilians don’t count to control test)
2 Point for taking down a gang leader
1 point for taking down a big fucker fungi
1 point for being a man of your word and upholding parlay (if you said you would) If a gang breaks parley, opposing gangs do not have to uphold it on that gang to earn this point.
1 point for saving a fellow fallen fighter by taking them to the transport (they don’t count towards control of it)
1 point for each active ganger you have on the transport when it departs.

Winner of the scenario has the most points once the transport departs.

Sporekin Stats:

M WS BS S T W I A Cl Ld Int Will
5 5+ 5+ 3 3 2 5+ 1 5 6 6 6

WYSIWYG. All Sporekin receive any skill used against any of them immediately .

Big Fucker Fungi
same stats except T5 W4, Unpinnable.

If a player fights one in HTH not wearing a Hazzard suit or respirator at the end of the game. roll a d6. On a 1-2 , the rustlung you haveth!
During the game the Goliaths, Enforcers, and Cawdor decided to uphold a parley for the duration of the fight. The Corrupted Orlocks turned on the gangs and decided to make things difficult. Ultimately the Goliaths were too slow to make it to the Transport truck getting bogged down in combat. The Cawdor, Enforcers, and Orlocks managed to escort some of their civilians and wounded to the truck and two Cawdor gangers, an enforcer and an Orlock fought over the controls for the truck. The Orlocks succeeded in the onboard fisticuffs and passed their intelligence test and decided to leave the remaining gangers and civilians to their fates.