Dark Depths – Ghosts of Sumphulk


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Nov 2, 2017
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Dark Depths – Ghosts of Sumphulk

Hi there. This is a Log of an RPG one-shot I wrote and gamemastered in the Necromunda setting.


A bit about me.

I have a background of being a Necromunda player and arbitrator with mainly experience from the original rule book (ORB) and the Necromunda community edition (NCE). I have limited experience with the current ruleset. I am not yet experienced or familiar with the Inquisitor game system and I’m not well versed in 40k lore so if any of the below seems out of place or unrealistic I mean no offense. I have had a lot of experience with being a game master in the Shadowrun rpg system. For this one-shot I have chosen to marry the current Necromunda combat ruleset with an abridged version of the Shadowrun skills rules which shares d6 mechanics. It may not be ideal but worked well with the time frame I had.

What is this?

It’s a log of 5 sessions worth of notes on an RPG in the Necromunda setting with the non-combat rules I used. The RPG follows the journey of 4 player character Venators that take on a job to find and enter a long-lost dome in search of a lucrative bounty. The log is of GM notes only. Actual outcomes may have varied slightly and required fluid and adaptable thinking. The writing is less sandbox and multi-node based and more linear by design due to the limited available run time and the closed setting it was written for. I hope any of this content is either interesting, useful, and/or inspiring for any fellow gamemasters. Long live the YAK!
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The game is broken into 2 rulesets.

COMBAT: In combat it runs by the standard n19 or current at time Necromunda ruleset with the additions of the EDGE rule and with a modified combat initiative turn order as explained below.

NON COMBAT: I used a Shadowrun like D6 dice pool system.

A singular baseline stat, two combined, or a stat and a skill were combined together to provide a dice pool. This pool is rolled and all 5 and 6 results are considered a hit. Hits are tallied and compared to opposed roll hit results or thresholds the GM has prepared depending on the difficulty of the task they intend to do.

No hits at all results in a glitch = The task fails

No hits and half 1’s results in a critical glitch = The task fails and something negative also results.

Example of difficulty in task and possible required thresholds

Buy a hit for trading in 3 dice - real easy
1 hit - easy
2 hits - not too hard
3 hits - getting more difficult
4 hits - hard
5+ hits - very hard

Extended tests

Some tests take time and more effort to accomplish. To represent this, you set an interval of time for how long each attempt takes (eg 5 minutes in game) and you set a higher threshold that needs to be achieved (eg 12 hits maybe for a medium/difficult task). Each attempt after the first one the player removes one dice away from their starting pool to represent fatigue on the task. As the dice pool dwindles their changes of glitching goes up and that could fail the whole task increasing the risks on the action.

Edge is stat that embodies luck, flair, and clutch moments. It is awarded for great roleplay, smart play, or well timed in character humour. It accumulates until used and stacks but doesn’t replenish between sessions unless earned or unless a player has purchased points of it with XP.

Using EDGE:

In Combat: A point of edge may be removed to auto succeed one roll or reroll one dice

Out of Combat:

Pre EDGE: Before a roll is about to be made a player can subtract one EDGE from their character and add their current EDGE pool number to their dice pool. Any results of a 6 triggers “the rule of 6” and the 6’s can be rerolled for further hits (Best used for clutch moments on small dice pools)

Post EDGE: After a roll is made they may subtract one EDGE from their character and keep the hits scored on the roll and reroll all non-hits in the pool. (Best used for unlikely misses)

Necromunda stats conversion charts for NON COMBAT tests

Note: Strength, Toughness, Wounds, and Attacks stay as they are.


2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+

5 4 3 2 1


4+ 5+ 6+ 7+ 8+ +9 +10

6 5 4 3 2 1 0

NON COMBAT Skills (in addition to current edition Necromunda game skills)

Players were allowed to select whatever skills they could think of that they believed would be fitting for their backstory or how they wished their character to develop.

The number of these skills were linked to their intelligence stat.

8+ = 1 skill
7+ = 2 skills
6+ = 3 skills and so on…

As for the modifier that it gives to the intended dice pool. I used,

Skill directly relates to the task +3
Skill sort of relates +2
Skill is a little loose on relation +1

I also used extra modifiers in game to give other + or – dice pool depending on the circumstances or the adjuncts they may have used when using the skill.

Eg medicae kit +2 to a medical triage skill check.

Using the skills

This could be led by the GM asking for various skill checks along the way or by astute players.

It was up to GM discretion as to whether the skill would be solo stat check, or combination of two stats or a combination of a stat and a NON COMBAT skill. As to what stat to link to what skill was also at discretion depending on the circumstances. For example. One player may have an Intimidation skill. They might use it by means of physically linking it to strength, or by means of cool, or leadership, depending on the circumstance and how they intend to intimidate their target.

Some Examples

PERCEPTION (rolled frequently)

Intelligence + Initiative stats combined VS chosen thresholds
Modifier: Visbility, senses used, targeted search, etc


Cool/Int/leadership + Negotiation skill Opposed test vs targets Cool + Negotiation
Modifier: Who, what, why, where, how


Base Strength roll only VS chosen threshold
Modifier: rope, gloves, assisted help etc


“Roll for initiative”

Combat order is determined by taking the player or enemies converted Initiative score and rolling that many d6. All the results of the dice rolled are added up and that score is placed into a turn order sequence.

EG a Players Characters Initiative is +4. Convert to a 3 as per the chart.
3d6 are rolled with the results of a 2, 5, and 3
That players combat initiative score is 10 and added to a combat turn order sequence.


Soundtracks, props, and real-time puzzles/challenges can add depth, immersion, pace and emotion if used well.
Regarding music choice any music can work but I find the best fits aren’t necessarily a specific genre. It’s the tempo, ambience, or emotion the particular song provides to your descriptive text or the vision you are trying to portray (especially if timed to certain actions or voiced text). In my experience tracks with lyrics can work if it’s not a heavy character or npc speaking part, eg combat. Otherwise, soundtrack only songs augment the experience the best typically. I will also change the volume and or sub volume dependent on the context.
It’s pretty cool when a player links a song to a particular scene or event in the game and is reminded of it when they hear the track forever more.
I will be supplying the notes below with the music that I had chosen to run for the intended scenes.

Character Selection

Any Venator Champ profile was able to be used.

250 creds were available to be spent for a total cost which includes the character profile, gear, and any extra advances. A max of 50 creds can be spent on advances and only 1 of each type may be taken at creation. If an attribute does get boosted make a note of it as it would cost 2 more XP to increase it further later on.

No gear limitations or limit.

Venators may also choose to spend 12XP from session advancement on one point of permeant EDGE that gets replenished per session.

Example Char sheet of Fixer NPC Redfoot

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This game has been designed to fit within the setting of the SUMPHULK community project. The Sumphulk is a long-lost sealed origin dome that is slowly flooding. For more references on this project you can search the Tag #sumphulk on instagram or the term on FB groups such as necromunda worldwide to see more of the crazy cool setting.

The setting also links in narrative from my previous Thunderdome NCE campaign (https://yaktribe.games/community/threads/thunderdome.7962/) and The Dark Depths Dominion campaign (https://yaktribe.games/community/threads/dark-depths-campaign.10852/)

An Ordo Xenos Inquisitor by the name of Harlan Kurtz has been investigating the whispers of a mysterious Xenos artifact buried deep within Hive Primus. His investigation has led him to the ancient advanced science facility under the Blackwell Reach. Harlan falls victim to a trap set by Magos Linnaeus and gets infected by the Xeno artifacts fungal spores. As the infection slowly takes hold, Harlan starts to lose his mind also and wonders whether the Xeno tech could help restore the Emperor. The Magos, whom mysteriously absent, studies from afar whilst watching the locals of reach and newly arrived gangers fall to the spreading infection. Harlan slowly begins to transform into a giant underground tree network with roots extending underneath the Reach community above. Merged with the Hive mind, His sheer willpower is able to hold the collective consciousness of the xeno fungus back from attempting to escape the dark depths and spread through the sumphulk.

Lord Helmawr banishes one of his true-born sons from the spire, after realising the boy’s likeness to the House’s ancient progenitor Helm’ayr and fearing that the blood of the usurper might flow in his veins. The child makes his way down into the underhive of Hive Primus, where he is welcomed by a discarded line of his family and the dark masters they now follow. The discarded family learn of the Xeno artifact and the Inquisitor and want to get a sample out of the Sumphulk and into their control. They hire Kal Jericho and Scabbs to collect a bounty of a man called Harlan Kurtz and bring back evidence of their success. After not hearing any information from Kal they also put the job out to a local hive fixer who contacts the Venator team with the same brief. Their real objective is to secure the Xeno Spores either by bringing back an infected Harlan or by way of the team getting infected themselves and expect this to be a crew expendable job.

Some other things happening

  • The shady disgraced family member has enlisted the help of notorious Chrono Gladiator Kreiger Krash Thrax as a failsafe program.
  • Kal Jericho is indeed on the job but has ran out of leads and is looking to tail the venators and beat them to the payday.
  • A Voidsaur (player character) who is looking for the origin of his people is in the Sumphulk and his journey has also led him to the science facility.
  • Redemtionists, Escaped Pit Slaves, and House Van Saar gangers that survived the Thunderdome campaign by burrowing out of the neighbouring dome have become stranded inside the sumphulk.
  • A Khorne Cult has been slowly growing in Blackwell reach also converting locals to the god of skin and sinew.
  • An experienced ratskin tracker is promised to a contact for services in exchange for his long-forgotten freedom. His final owner tries to kill him when they are attacked by raiders rather than letting him escape./SPOILER]
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Timeline of Significant Events

  • A mysterious relic casket in the shape of an obelisk crashes into Aranaus Prime carrying spores from a mysterious xeno.
  • One of the first domes is built above around M26. Lost designation- known as Sumphulk
  • The relic is found and studied by mechanicum scientists and a Magos in a facility deep within the Blackwell Reach- A large abyss in the scorched earth from the Araneus wars.
  • An annex is created across the reach. A large bridge connected the lands. This was a logical spot to house the families of the lab workers and was decided upon for safety due to containment in the event of an outbreak or bio hazard.
  • The fungus spores showed great promise but once they realised the fungus could communicate via a shared mind it became too late and there was a breach alerting the public. The Magos became infected.
  • Some of the houses despatched gangs to lay claim to the xeno bio-technology for their own reasons In an elongated siege.
  • With the outbreak getting out of control and the powerful house representatives knocking at the doors the Magos makes the decision to abandon the project. They sabotage the annex and blow the bridge out trapping them all to their doom and separating themselves from the dome.
  • The Magos being overcome with the infection decides to go into stasis, documenting detailed logs with the hope that future generations might be able to understand the infection better.
  • Thousands of years pass. The survivors of Reach, cut off from the main dome settle into a peaceful slew of survivor colonies free from the grips of the nobles and the house gangs. The spores lay dormant once more.
  • The Magos awakens and appears to be battling with multiple personalities- He becomes the Quorum. The decision is made to seal the sump hulk to see what the infection could do within the confines of the domes now bustling society.
  • The Sumphulk is sealed off around m41.
  • The sump waters rise slowly in most parts of the dome. The level eventually gets so high it breaches the cliffs of the Abyss forming a sumpfull over reach now and the abyss water level is slowly rising down below.

Present Day​

  • 6 generations have now lived in the hulk since its sealed fate.
  • A neighbouring dome has had gangers detonate explosives in geothermic tunnels under the hive causing a huge hive quake (Thunderome campaign). The quake has caused some of the arching roof dome support structure to break off and form a makeshift debris bridge granting access from the main dome back to the annex.
  • The gangs of the Sumphulk eager to claim new territory or loot the previously unknown location rush over to stake their claims.(Dark Depths dominion campaign)
  • Locals start to go missing or appear to be “sick” as the gangs wage war in Reach.
  • A band of locals group together to form the Reach Scourers. Utilising a palanite operations manual and relics of the past they do their best to fill the role of law enforcement. They attempt to manage the gangs and fight the looming sickness that is spreading in Reach.
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Mr Tickles

Backstory: Introducing Mr Tickles, ex-murderball star and bodyguard to the nobles and celebrities of the underhive. He has paved his way through life being the strongest, gruffest and most ferocious Goliath ever to be known. Famous for making 4 touchdowns in a single game, Tickles destroys opponents single handedly with Lord Humungous 602 an atlas stone weighing the world record 602lbs. Using his newly acquired The Noisy Cricket (Mastercrafted boltgun) Tickles makes his way to meet Red Foot for an new job smash faces and winning the ladies (or gents, we don't know...)

Starting Skills

Murderball and weightlifting (Martial Arts & Sports Star)
Nobles & Celebrity Bodygaurd

Custom weapon profile for atlas stone “Lord Humungus 602”

Example of char sheet with mini pic


Back Story: An Orlock ex-wrecker demolition specialist/arms master turned bounty hunter after his whole gang was taken out be an alpha level psyker, its unknown how Scipher survived and if asked he will say little other than “the emperor protects” and make the sign of the aquila all while muttering about demolition charges and “RIP Siegfried & Roy”, luckily his steely resolve, high calibre bolt guns and natural affinity to reverse engineer anything mechanical has helped him survive by himself long enough to team with this rag tag bunch of (X force!). the loss of his entire gang has affected him deeply and Scipher will always be on the lookout for rogue pskers to hunt, take down and turn in for bounty.

Starting Skills

Engineering (mechanical/electrical)
Demolitionist (explosive/pyrotechnics expert)
Underhive gangs (hierarchy of local and bigger gangs & the who’s who of big hitters and pawns alike)

Example of char sheet

Coduresa Darckense

Back story: What set Octinvur out as a hive city was not so much the city, or it’s denizens – rather, the external atmosphere. It had not yet suffered a total decline into toxic air by the millenia of industrial pollutants that were pumped into it by the ancient hive sustaining machinery. It was still hazardous, but short exposure times lead to chemical burns, blistering and bouts of nausea, all the one would eventually recover from. What made it especially unique, was it’s high density – with rudimentary and hastily assembled bits of fabric, one could base jump off Spire balconies with relative ease.

This was a routine past time for aspiring, youthful spire nobles – with full suits to seal them from the elements and precision manufactured canopies for maximum control and safety. Their prestige and rank also provided them with the appropriate means to access the exits. However, the hivers below also enjoyed this game, both as a right of passage and a mark of distinction. The longest drop, the fastest speed, the lowest surface area chute… these were all worth something in the gambling dens of Octinvur.

It was not a harmless activity, on the contrary, fatality was a toin coss away – without access to the high quality Spirer gear. The access to hive exits were not consistent or predictable, that meant every jump held unknown dangers below. Speed was largest killer, and not due to a failed chute or otherwise unscheduled rapid deceleration. As the currently held fastest speed record was unchallenged for centuries, there was always someone willing to try break it.

The reason it had not been bested – was because of Octinvur’s automated defenses. Once a body hits a certain speed, the defenses tag it as a threat and they’re plastered by Hydra Flak Batteries before anyone can air-brake. The rumour is that the air speed record is 0.6 m/s slower than the automated defenses register.

Gang violence typically involved a deployment into atmosphere and landing near an unguarded access point, raiding the territory from within. Air duels, or atmo warfare was also a staple – however it almost always meant certain death.

The benefit of Octinvur’s dense population and even denser atmosphere was a breed of rare Astra Militarum – Drop Troopers. Modelled after Elysian and Harakoni drop companies, the Octinvur troopers were specialised in extremely rapid descents and extremely low openings. They had earned a reputation of extremely surgical strikes, and seizing installations deep behind enemy lines.

Coduresa Darckense spent her youth in the airspace of Octinvur, and was the subject of recruitment drives into a half dozen local gangs. She stayed clear of the fighting and allegiances, instead earned credits by working for a Hive Bonesaw – patching up less severe injuries and aiding the recovery of gangers. Her efforts went noticed by the local levy, and she was drafted into Octinvury 992nd Drop Troopers – nicknamed ‘Sabres’.

She served out her tour as a field medic and performed dozens of combat drops, seeing worlds of every kind and colour. Darckense had grown accustomed to the weight and smog of Octinvur’s atmosphere, and learned quickly that a respirator was necessary in foreign climates, and always carried one. Due to the specialised nature of the ODTs, the field medic training was focused on long term recovery of troopers – training time was high, deployment zones were distant, and equipment needed to be carried on every drop, it is in the regiments interest to keep each trooper alive. Any that are rendered unfit for combat are still excellent instructors, which were rare to come by.

Near the end of the mandatory draft service, the 992nd ODT had it’s wings clipped. Their next operation was defense in a trench run, on the hellhole of Nadzab IV. The pilots of the 992nd were shifted from close air support in Valkyries to troop shuttles, and chutes were replaced with food and ammo.

During this deployment, the 992nd’s battalion medicae unit was attached to the regimental medicae of Nadzabian Legionaries – the planetary defense forces of Nadzab. The ODT’s tried to keep every soldier alive, while the Legionaries only wanted to keep them fighting, and right now. Broken bones were immediately severed and cauterised, with those soldiers issued stimms and a pistol instead of their lasgun. Blinded soldiers were instead relegated to artillery batteries as ammo bearers if they were lucky, or they were plugged into ballistic cogitators to compute firing solutions. The horror of watching her unit slowly repurposed and replaced by mindless, stimmed out soldiers took it’s toll on Darckense – where she finally realised that in the Imperium, every citizen is merely a cog with a function.

The 992nd was ill trained for this long, attrition style warfare, and Darckense watched the Legionary Chirurgeons butcher her fellow soldiers over the years in defense. The 992nd was destroyed in totality over the deployment, only some handful of the battalion medicae unit left surviving, the rest were consumed by the Legionaries. When the deployment was over, the entirety of the 992nd fit in a single 12 person troop transport.

The bureaucracy of the Astra Militarum and the Imperial Navy could not justify the resources required to ship 12 people half way across the galaxy back home, instead they dropped them off at the nearest port and donated the equipment as pension for their extended draft service.

Darckense was left in a foreign world with only her flak armour, lasgun, respirator, and medicae kit. Without other options, she plied her trade as a venator – earning a reputation as ‘The Insurance’. If you were a Venator about to head out to a dangerous operation, you’d saddle up with Darckense because she ensured you got out alive… For a fee. She only took payment at the end of the job, and Coduresa was always paid in full.

Starting Skills

Free-fall (Chute)
Military (Triage & Trauma Surgery)
Military (Operations)
Hive (common life)
Negotation (bartering)

Example stats profile and pic of mini

Max Lengthington

Starting skills

Tech Hacking
Survival (underhive)
Knowledge (arms/armor)(imperial)
Language (native)

Example stats profile and pic of mini

Oxyotyl (OXY) Starfire (joined session 4)

Backstory: Oxyotl Starfire (Oxy for short) harbours from a distant system, long eaten by the encroaching eye of terror. His people fled to the the void just before the eye stole the warmth of the twin stars that bathed his planet in eternal light. His people took the name voidsaurus when they moved into exile, scattering to the four corners of the void.

Oxy is a warrior caste voidsaurus. Historically, his caste are responsible for protecting the interests of the great saurs. They were warriors of singular focus and profound ability, bred not to question, just to kill.

Oxy was never taught the ways of his people, as he was born moments before his people were massacred in a ship malfunction that saw it plummet from orbit into the ash wastes.

Oxy spent his childhood fighting to survive. Armed with a makeshift weapon named “coldslayer”made from the fuselage of his clans ship, he worked his way from the desolate wastes to the steps of hive primus. From there he worked for various house gangs, gaining a reputation as a terrifying enforcer.

Eventually the local venator guild took notice of his skills, hiring him to work as an associate bounty hunter. From there he has worked his way up to full fledged member of the guild.

He is a cool and stoic spacelizard, prone to bursts of violence and feats of strength.

Starting Skills

Survival ash wastes
Warrior code

Example of stats profile and pic of mini

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Did you use the entire skill list from Shadowrun?
Its crazy extensive hey. I actually kept it more like the SR Knowledge skills where they are only limited by their imagination. If Someone wants to roll on "grox rodeo" i dont want to be the one to stop them 😅.... They went with mostly useful stuff and added ones they started to use.. Scipher stole some Wildsnake so picks up palming when he next advanced his intelligence..
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Tell it to them straight


It was always Loomis.

The high paying gigs. High paying always has a catch.

The man had a knack for not only just surviving but thriving in the hive. I guess knowledge really is power and the man traded it daily like his life depended on it. Pretty old for a Necromundan. He wasn’t above it all though. A gimpy leg, missing a few fingers, the odd flash of hidden scar tissue. I guess he must have learned from whatever shit he’d been through because someone still wanted him alive. I know its him. No one has that kind of money down here. Redfoot sends me the coordinates for a discreet meeting with a faceless man.

God I hope I’m not working with that poser Jericho.
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Billy ain’t afraid of no man

Waking up - M83

Ground zero

Redfoot’s picked the safety of Peach Trees. He’s a smart enough fixer. For runs that need a more discreet touch he tips Geiger to use his weapons testing habs. Anything strange happens and he drops the blast shutters to settle any disagreements. Most people know not to f**k with the cranky old man and his fortress bazaar. He keeps mementos of the ones that do around the perimeter. The teddy bear bomber is my fave. Course Geiger has sniffer ordinance, but still gives me a chuckle every time.

Its nearly 9pm.

Time to move.

Jacks Smirking Revenge loop- The dust brothers

Tell it to them straight​

Burning barrel fire pits and fingerless gloves of the bottom feeders that frequent the alley way behind Krazy Katies autoshop.

Peach trees. Your standard issue megablock. One of the few remaining in the underhive that’s considered neutral ground though. Katie, Sonny, and Geiger have a way of keeping the gangs in line whether it be by respect, admiration, or just pure firepower.
You push past a smutty tramp on the way up that’s sleazing on hector. He must have had a good night at the tables and she’s doing her best to milk it out of him. Gorgeous George has oiled his rig tonight. He tries it on you as you give him the “Sorry I’m on the job body language”.
As you make it to the Atomic there’s a bit of a raucous happening. Seems A goliath and an Orlock have locked into a high stakes arm wrestle. Tethered lashworms flailing on the benchtops either side of their gunshow.
You give the nod to Sonny who’s behind the bar tonight. One arm reaches under the counter as the other hits the gate release as she buzzes you through the discreet side bar access. As you pass her doorway, she releases the grip to the undercounter sawn off.

"Sorry, sport you know the drill."

You head to the ladder and up into the meeting room.

A burned out open top hab. Its dark as you pop up though the sneaky hidden manhole cover. A base level of light shining across from Geigers Bazzar across the laneway.

Allow players to describe their characters (Order of their character arrival is the order they arrive on the game night)

First 1.57 of Null Sheen loop - Gavin and Marshall Parker

A hooded figure walks in from the doorway opposite Geigers. Right are we all here now? He looks pale, gaunt looking with cybereyes wearing a long button down coat. Your guess would be a Delaque representative maybe?

PER test
1+ Delaque for sure
3+ Studying his face.. you’re just not sure but it seems to be a lack of shadows where there should be shadows for the darkness in this room. He’s likely wearing a falsehood or some other advanced tech you’re not aware of.

You have all been carefully selected due to your unique talents and track record of survivability. My employer believes you have what it takes to achieve this task.
You are required to find a way into an ancient sealed dome. Legend has it that it was the first dome. Our sources tell us its designation
is X020174RT-713 But we cannot confirm this. We do however have someone who can guide you there.

In this location you will be required to track down a man who our sources report is still there. His name is Harlan Kurtz. he hands you a picture of a bald masculine featured male with a sultry looking face and upturned lip.
Your mission is simple. You must terminate him immediately on sight and bring back his body. You will not be paid without bringing back his body or at least some distinguishable evidence.
For this task my employer is willing to pay 2500 credits to the members of the team remaining that complete the job
As for the location of this dome you will need to meet a contact that will be waiting for you 5.37km due South East of Broken Bottles Ash Gate at dawn.
When you meet the contact, you must give her this and she will help you find the dome.

He pulls out an exotic looking broach in the shape of a beetle.

Per test threshold 2
You catch the glimmer of a metallic coat of arms on a piece of his undergarment as he hands over the broach.
INT TEST stat only, Tickles gets +3, Darck and Scipher +1

2+ You think.. but aren’t sure that that’s possible the house insignia of Helmay’r. The house from which Helmawr was created
3+ back in m31 Jar Helm’ayr, a deformed and frail creature, is the last true gene-descendant of Martek. Kept alive in a bed of nutrient cables, Jar spends his short life ensuring the preservation of his line. Harvesting favourable DNA strands from the strongest Necromundans and mixing them with his own, he creates the House of Helmawr. And then he dies.

Any knowledge skills on Necromundan history or nobles? If so they can make a roll..
1+: Who knows there all weird and inbred
2+: Helmawr is power hungry hed prolly be pissy if he knew people were running around sporting the old house logo.
4+: recently Lord Helmawr has apparently banished one of his true-born sons from the spire, after realising the boy’s likeness to the House’s ancient progenitor Helm’ayr and fearing that the blood of the usurper might flow in his veins.

He also hands over a sealed envelope.

You must give this to the contact also. Its very important.
one final thing…

Is it Poison Nanny loop - Hans Zimmer

As he talks you hear the heavy whine of servos as giant claws grasp the broken edges of the hab and a giant hunchback behemoth with 2 massive mechanical arms clambers up in the room. A painful metallic rasped groan as it thuds down into the hab.

WILL only rolls
Anyone gets no hits is currently petrified in fear.
INT check- +1 for Schiper, Max, Darck, +2 for Tickles
1+ Scary cyborg bodyguard prolly
2+ The amount of bioware this guy is rocking, the crude clock dial in its head. You had heard of them but haven’t seen one yet. It’s got to be a Chrono Gladiator for sure. They hunt time sensitive matters or get detonated.
3+ Its fucking Kreiger ‘Krash’ Thrax. Holy shit he’s still alive.

No one must know of your mission. No one must know of this meeting. You are ghosts. You don’t exist. And like Krash here. You are on the clock. It is imperative that he is retrieved as soon as possible. Redfoot’s reputation is on the line. I hope he wasn’t wrong about you.

Team can gear up at Geigers if they wish

Armory- Daft Punk

Overalls. A spring guided leg brace. Welding goggles on his head. A moustache. Possibly a veteran. But there’s zero signs of any propaganda or war effort stuff, apart from well.. his great stash of gear.

Survival gear? Ash waste gear? Ropes or climbing gear? Vision gear?

Romper Stomper Theme loop - John Clifford White

The Broken Teeth

You make it to the teeth and pay your toll to open the gates to the toll keeper
Hes got a yellow toothy grin and dusty face with clean eye sockets where you can tell his goggles have been,

Awwww jeeeez your game.. theres a storm brewin…

Main Titles loop - John Powell

If they choose to walk it. 15 mins in do toughness tests.
Threshold 1, +2 respirator, +1 hazzard
Anyone fails gets fatigued 1fw. And starts coughing.

The Guilder Caravan

Its still a little blustery and the sun is starting to bring some light. You begin to see a figure on the horizon?

Do they use vision mag?- There’s still a light sandstorm
PER test -1 weather, +1 vision augments

1+ You can see a Stonehorn beast with clipped horns. Its at a cross roads and it seems to be gnawing away at a carcass remains. On its back is a canvas tarpaulin caravan. There’s a fully covered driver wearing a shemagah who’s up on a chair perched on a saddle in front of the caravan hutch. Nothing else is around.
4+ sees an Iron Automata sitting in the back of the caravan. Looks to be non-active.

Tell Max. There’s high ground up here. You think it could be a good place to keep a lookout or provide covering fire from.
As the team come closer do another

PER test, similar mods to above
3+ As you come closer you find it a little weird the drivers movements seem super repetitive.
4. You catch a slight depression wave across the sand to the side of the caravan.. WTF.. something ain’t right.

Roll for INITITIVE +1 or +2 if they saw the warning signs

Blain Gets Killed loop - Alan Silvesteri

Two sand traps are pulled back and Wasteland raiders jump out for the attack.

8x Wasteland raiders, one is leader with improved stats on below
M Ws bs S T I W A cl will ld int
5 4+ 5+ 3 3 4 1 1 8 8 8 8

Long rifle st 4 -1ap
Stub guns st 3
Rec Autogun st 3 rapid fire
Gutter forged cloaks +6 armour

In the combat one will be on the beast, 4 on one side, 3 on the other.

Meet the Reapers loop - Amon Tobin, and if they turn on the Man of iron Merchant of Death - Ramin Djawadi


Requiem - Antonio pinto

1+ The Driver is a female. There’s covered up bullet wounds on her chest. She’s been strapped to the seat under her shawl. In the back its been ransacked.. there’s nothing left just empty boxes and barrels. There is a decommissioned Iron Automata that must have been too heavy to raid. -Rover is Written on a nameplate on the front of his waist.
2+ The Stonehorn looks sick.. its munching on a carcass that was likely left for it by the marauders to keep it put. But its weird

Darck INT +2 med test, Thresh 3+
It looks to be drugged you think.. that’s why it’s so docile

3+ (DESCRIBE LAST) you see faint footprints going off over a nearby hill
4+ There’s also an ever so faint trace of possibly some dried droplet marks. Also looks like one leg is carrying heavier than the other.
5+ Secret compartment in the skull ornaments hanging from the tarp awning with stinger mould inside.

Do they follow them?

The Mandalorian loop - Ludwig goransson

As you follow the footprints up over the hill you see a scraggly looking male ratskin on his back. he’s holding pressure on a wound on his side with his rat pelt propped up shielding him from the weather. He sees you but he doesn’t flinch. Kind of the look of accepted fate.

Memory INT test, threshold 1 to remember the letter.

If they open the Letter Max can read its scribble it’s in ash wastes slang Nelda- His debt is paid. Release him to the Venators for one last item of service. He must take them to the unholy place. Tell him I’m sorry and I hope his freedom is payment enough. Its signed but pretty illegible. maybe Galen?? can’t quite tell

He eyes you off. No words

If they ask him his name.. he’ll motion a spurt sensation from his groin. (Act this scene out. Never tell them his name unless they guess it correctly- Sprog)

INT test. threshold 2+ He seems to be able to understand you. He’s got trauma to his jaw and face.

Darck PER Test +3 use of skill to inspect him.
1+ You can see muzzle flash burns. He was shot at close distance into the abdomen.
2+ Looks like an exit wound so that’s a plus.
3+ Its on the right side so it’s thankfully at least avoided his aorta but your worried its nicked his liver. You may be able to shelter in the back of the caravan to have a better look and stitch him up.
4+ It appears his tongue is missing also.

If they try to heal him (extended test, threshold 13) and botch the roll. He will motion a shaky hand up to a hanging skull from the inside of the canvas roof. If you pull it down you will notice a hidden compartment and in it lies a stinger mould pouch.

Once he is healed he will go up to the body of the woman and just kind of stare at her. No emotion on his face.

SPROG: Sprog is an experienced ratskin tracker. He has zero weapons or combat skills but every kind of evasion, agility, and survivalist skill there is. He will often be elusive to the team even when they are traveling directly with him.

Will the team talk to him?

Once they tell him. He will turn and start to walk back to primus.

The Journey loop - Atticus Ross

As you get up to the walls of primus he takes you up a climb of about 1hr up to a ventilation shaft with 3 big impellors. He scutters over the top of two of them to the third one that’s inactive and jumps down into the shaft.

INIT check, threshold 1+ to check for critical glitches. 1 hit passes. No hits freaks you out and you have to lower your centre of gravity for a silly look.

You travel along the vent shaft for what seems like hrs. Until you start to hear the sound of intense rushing of water. It’s getting closer and closer until its almost deafening and a light source is seen up ahead.
It opens out into a gigantic expanse.



GM notes: Crank vol and increase sub volume to emulate the loud rush of water din. Play up the almost real time nature of this scene with tense harsh consequences.

You come out onto a gantry on a precipice above a huge enclosed dam. It kind of looks to be the inside of a giant old factory stack that’s been repurposed. Infront of you the dam curves around outward. There’s a tiny little ledge that’s running out from the gantry you’re on that heads around the curved dam face at the same level. About 50 metres above you at the top of the dam there are 5 big mouths and a giant gear that is only seen through an open window in its crank case. The first mouth closest to you is open and spewing brown water down the dam face right in front of you completely blasting down on the little ledge in front of you.

The Ratskin heads to the edge of the gantry and points down below waaaay waaaay across to the other side of the dam. You can see a small little protrusion on the damn with seemingly no access to it now.. on the little ledge there may be a manhole but its hard to see from where you are.. its very very far away..

He then points along the small ledge to a pipe that’s protruding from the dam wall roughly above the other ledge and points to your rope

(or hands you a rope if team don’t have one)

He then pulls you over to a greasy service panel on the wall and points up at the mouths above. He draws a line downward in the grease with his finger.. he then looks at you all and puts up one finger.. he then draws another line in the grease next to it and again.. 1 finger… another line…. another finger… a fourth line another finger, and finally a fifth line and then 2 fingers instead of 1…

. (start timer to remember when to explain when a dam floodgate opens thus eluding to the nature of this tasks urgency. 1 minute per mouth, 2 for pause, or whatver interval you feel you can pace)

He Begins to tie a rope of his to a pipe that coming out of the service panel.
After the 5th mouth is open. The mouths all close. The giant gear above stops and a big red painted arrow is visible on the gear tooth.
and he’s off along the tiny little edge with the other end of the rope in his hands.

Roll an INIT CHECK for him on 10 dice (5 +3 skill +2 edge).
He scurries to the pipe and starts to secure the other end of the rope making a rope handrail.

He motions to you all.

Do you use the hand rail? If so roll INIT +1 if so.
Glitches get a reroll to see if they grab onto the line. Crit glitch fails.

1 hit to succeed and going very slowly.
2 hits they are moving well.
3 hits they are moving fast.

After they are all mid-way across the first mouth opens trapping them on the ledge now.

He starts to climb down almost sheer cliff face to wards the ledge below. you don’t know how he’s doing it.. there must be ever so slight hand holds in the dam wall but you cant see them.

TEAM WILL HAVE TO SECURE THE ROPE THEN DO STRENGTH TESTS TO WALK DOWN THE ROPE everyone has +1 due to the rope. No hits you will slip down the rope and make the persons test below -1

When Sprog gets down to the ledge strength test. He will need 3 hits to open so will likely need an assist. he will keep trying whilst the others are coming down.

As team make it down, they will have to assist the manhole lock opening in an assisted strength test.

The 4th mouth is open and its only seconds before the 5th will open.

Once open it will be a dark pipe around 1.5 metres in diameter.

Ratty grabs his gear in his pelt and wraps it around him like a sled. He motions to close the hatch then jumps off into the pipe and disappears into the darkness.


Session 1 Group XP

1 XP Scipher for speaking up to negotiate a better deal using good in character roleplay.
1 XP Darckense for saving Sprogs life. Things turn bad in the field surgery and Darck utilises the stinger mold to safely stabilise Sprog.
1 XP Max for hacking rover safely and repurposing it making himself its master (and not just turning him on to see what would happen) Nervous of their reputation of being reckless and unpredictable he commands it to go to the designation of the dome that they were given and await further orders and not let anyone stop him or get in its way. The robot trudges back off towards the hive. The team decide to leave it just in case.
1 XP Tickles for connecting the Johnson’s link to Helm’ayr.
1 XP For scaring off the ash waste marauders together.
1 XP For working as a team to cross and abseil the waste water dam.

Total 6XP each​

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Return to Hanger”

Fire Up The Shuttle loop - Ryan Amon

It seems like a forever slide into pitch blackness. Waves of fear pass you as the darkness and claustrophobia enter your mind continuously as you fight it away and keep thinking of the wiry little ratskin ahead of you and how well intentioned he is or isn’t.
Finally you are shot out of a pipe about 14 metres in the air for a free fall drop into a large body of rapidly moving water..

INIT test, threshold 1 hit Schipher to see if your able to level out and fire off your jump pack in time to avoid the fall into the water below. You will have to overcharge it to try make it to the shoreline.
If fail: he falls in also and the Engines are flooded

Its flowing pretty fast.. up ahead you can see the ratskin also barely keeping his head above the water. As you tread water and keep your own head above the water you notice a heavy metal grating that been jammed across the waterway.. behind it looks to be a waterfall.
The water thrusts you hard up against the grating.. the minute Tickles hits the grate the grate begins to groan and moves ever so slightly.

GM roll a dice for each character present in the water (5).. Threshold 8 hits and the manmade barricade gives way allowing the remaining characters to take a fall damage in the waterfall. Every time a character makes it off the grate reroll taking one die from the dice pool away.

STR test only +1 grating, Threshold 1

Matilda loop- Ryan Amon

As you rest on the bank of the sump river.. you can see this dirty looking water falls down lower into a much more toxic looking collection that begins to slow down a lot in the distance.
Sprog moves up the bank a bit to a huge pile of sheetmetal off cuts and pulls back some tin metal to reveal a little man-made bunker. He sits in it and starts to light a fire to warm himself.

Heal attempts? 2 severe rope burns, 1 sprained ankle.
Darckense extended test +3 skill, +2 medkit, threshold 15. Will need to restock supplies soon you think.

Once rested. He climbs up a old lookout tower.. and points down to a section of the sump river with an old bridge over it.. Its kind of hard to see what he’s pointing to. Its poorly lit in here. Some of the sump has a biolumisecense.. either that or Radiation.. you’re not about to go check it out any closer.

1+ lot of the water seems to be draining just after the bridge. Into a huge rockfall.. whatever used to be there is heavily collapsed now. It really draws your attention.
2+ You see a large piece of sheetmetal on the ground just off from all the rockfalls it looks a little odd. You think this is what Sprog was pointing to... Every so often you think you see movement down there.
4+ You catch the movement enough to study a spot with it. It’s a humanoid figure.. just kind of swaying ever so slightly.. you look a little harder and realise… there’s more… oh… a lot more.

We Do the Hanging - Ryan Amon

5+ Putrid skin, disfigured, crippled bone structures, limpy gaits, ah f**k.. plague zombies… plague zombies everywhere.

In the House - in a Heartbeat loop- John Murphy

Other things noticed on 3+,
There looks to be some interesting looking fresh zombies.. 1 being a heavily armoured pit fighter with a hammer and chainsaw dragging them around by its sides and a giant smiley face on its back metal plate .. its shoulders almost tearing away under the strain of the heavy metal arms. There’s also 2 robed masked zombies.. and 2 wearing battered up green armour indicative of house Van Saar.. one of the robed figures is stuck on a steel rebar on the stairs of the bridge and appears to have a shoulder bag under its arm. both of the Van Saar are also carrying back packs some of the bags appear to have blade hilts sticking out.

Van Saar Sputnik’s bag
Stub Gun
Dum-dum Bullets
55 creds

Van Saar Zero’s Bag.
Plasma Pistol x2,
40 creds

The redemptor brother Ty Meeyup’s Bag
Stub Gun
Dum-dum Bullets,
65 creds.

Plague Zombies.. what do you know?

INT test (+1 Darck, +1 Max based on knowledge skills)

1+ Hit them in the head works, drawn by sound and smell.
2+ If they bite or scratch you there’s a chance you get the plague. They can be tough fuckers too.
3+ Its as much a spiritual contagion and a physical one, those weak of faith are at risk.. Is this the unholy place for Sprog?… come to mention it.. he does look deeply troubled.
4+ The zombie king.. Legend has it Karloth Valois the zombie king resurfaced recently and was supposedly thwarted by the strange and unlikely union of a noble house and 3 outlaw misfit gangs.
A House van saar splinter faction lead by a commander named Mars.
The legendary crusade of the Eternal Flame lead by Arch Deacon Chester minit.
A fiercely loyal band of escaped pit slaves lead by their crowned King Caulder.
And a hoard of self-interested Scavies with strange rockstar popularity status.
They put aside their differences on one fateful night on a bridge over sump bottom during a hive quake in a gallant effort to save the entire planet. Not sure how many truths are in it but it spread very fast throughout the hive.


Roll For inititive order but the zombies arent aware yet

If the team tries to lure them by sound or other ways- roll a d6 for each zombie. 4+ they go toward the source. 1-3 they stay where they are.
Some Zombies will shuffle after each players go in 1d3 of a random direction.

Active Combat Zombie stats
2d6 5+ 0 2 4 1 6+ 1

Cant be pinned, Roll for each injury.. a 1 is a zombie bite.

Minis needed From thunderome characters that Zombified after the finale. Happy Shrapnel, Daves 2 Van Saar, Leifs 2 redemptionists.
then large selection of zombies 20-30

Players take turns to try move around the horde. Their objective is the Scrap metal which is covering a large hole. Use a suitable terrain feature.

GM Note: Once a character gets within 10 inches of a Zombie combat will start and all Zombies will move to the closest target in their combined go.
Move quietly tests are initiative tests if they try double move. 1 hit threshold.

Southern Shelf Battle Music loop - Borderlands 2

The closest Zombie.. stops momentarily.. and eerily careens around their head looking right towards you.. rawwwwwwrr… they make a B line for you.

Once at the sheetmetal Sprog will reappear kind of like he just was lying there not moving in the rubble and was waiting for you. As you lift the metal you see a large hole that’s heading down on a steepish angle. Maybe 10 metres in diameter or more.

Main Title (Alien Resurection) loop - John Frizzell

SCIPHER: Roll on INT +2 for use of skill,
This is man made.. some kind of excavation or drill.. you think likely a termite drill but that’s super weird and out of place for Necromunda.

As you head into the caverns, Do you have a light source??

Sprog pulls out a little glass vial and shakes it up and it begins to start glowing.. if you look closely it looks like there’s little things swimming in the vial.
After you walk for an hr or so.. you start to notice the wall on the right of you isn’t rock anymore. It’s some kind of ferrocrete structure. as you run your hand along its surface you hit a metallic surface. It’s a plaque of some kind. Do you brush the dirt of it?

The plaque reads. “
X020174RT-713 - May the emperor have mercy on thy souls”.

The ferrocrete wall suddenly stops. And there seems to be a great expanse below but you can’t see down there. There seems to be a pin light source coming from somewhere below. its creating a small circle of light on the wall below you opposite the pin hole.

SCIPHER: studying the walls.. it looks like this domes walls have been breached by this digging drill in this area.

Is there another light source in the group? Sprog will make an attempt to stop anyone trying to go down.

House of Sovereigns - Kevin Riepl

Sprog picks up a piece of metal rebar. And taps it on the edge of the chasm on some exposed steel making a metallic ding sound. He points to the wall at the light circle with the rebar and then just off to the right side of it in the darkness on the wall.

Thereshold 2+ (apply appropriate modifiers) you can see the number 11 in the darkness very faintly.. there are also some other numbers a little higher up the wall and further on but you cant see them so well (5, 16, 7)
GM notes The Light dot and numbers form a clock. When the light dot gets to a number, as the day passess on, it signifies the arrival of the next train that will pass underneath. The number in the light dot signifies when to jump (in the number of carriges that pass) to safely hit a soft top carraige. Sprog will audibley count this out.

Sprog sits and waits for a bit

Does team investigate the dark Chasm below or the cave tunnel they are in? if so Add red herrings or fancy elements to further intrigue.

Troubleshooting this Scene: If Players haven’t built Trust in Sprog or want to find their own way down the Chasm, at the bottom of it is a Maglev track. The hole in the bottom of the tunnel crosses with another train tunnels roof. In roughly 20 minutes game time a Train will rocket down the tunnel hauling carts behind it that the players can jump onto thus getting a faster safer entry into the Sumphulk. If they decide to ignore Sprogs warning you can make it so the tunnel has a passage or gantry that they can avoid the train on. Sprog has found this way is the ultimate way to speedily reach the dome whilst also avoiding the tunnel lurking Ripper jacks.

When music builds around 2 min

After about an 20 minutes or so he stands up and taps the metal and points to the dot. The light circle is almost fully over the 11 now.
You begin to hear a noise approaching. the floor beneath you begins to shake and rumble.
The noise gets louder. like a banshee wailing. like a massive wind blast moving through a tunnel.
The area below begins to get brighter and brighter. You can see the floor now.. it’s a mag lev track.

Whoosh!!!!!! a train Hurdles right below you as you steady your feet on the ledge.

He starts tapping..

Tap … tap… tap… tap…. Tap…

The light on the wall blots out with each passing carriage and flashes up with each of his taps.
His knees bent ready to pounce!!

Will team jump if so when?

on 11 they land safely.

or after it.. they land in the next one. And are closer to getting attacked by the next threat.
Anything later will require missing the carts, bouncing off a hard roofed cart and/or a long damaging fall.

YOU LAND ON A SOFT LANDING.. a tarped carriage with some kind of mined dust in it.

Train Wreck - Locus Theme loop - Kevin Reipl

Sprog is up and rapidly scrambling towards the front of the carriage to get off the tarp… You hear a swoosh and a strange clicking sound.
As you look back up at the roof of the tunnel you see these large bat-like things with teeth and claws begin to detach at dive bomb down towards you.

Max knows them to be ripper jacks. RIPPER JACKS!!


5 ripper jacks going for anyone in rear compartment first.

The Passenger - Atticus Ross

After you fight off the 5 Ripper jacks the tunnel opens into a vast expansive dome. Below the maglev tracks are seas of murky water.. in the distance a mess of shanty and gantry structures and some vast megablocks raising high to the roof in an effort to escape the flooded path below. Your initial thoughts are there is a lot water down here. The train begins to slow down to a train yard island ahead. It appears you have arrived at your destination. Now where to find this Harlan Kurtz man you know nothing about!?

Session 2 Group XP
1XP For surviving the rapids
5XP For laying to rest every one of the 5 Heroes of great sacrifice from Thunderdome.
1XP For all scoring at least one epic takedown. (Maxs Frag multikill, Tickles' Altas crush kill, Schiphers split shot head removal, Darckense and her bayonet and chain sword swashbuckling using EDGE)
2XP For not becoming roadkill by the train, or by jumping too early or late.
1XP For surviving the divebombing Ripper Jacks.
1XP For making it to the Sumphulk baby!

Total session XP 11 each.​
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Love me some action shots! Looks like a good time. I've tried to entice my gaming buddy with a rpg-ish campaign for his gang, but he hasn't taken the bait... Yet!

Also, is that you behind the gm screen? Only ever connected your image with the profile picture, but I see the resemblance.:giggle:;)
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Haha yep, oh man im getting the white stripes just like max now.. soon ill be all white. Its the kids.. has to be.. 😅 Sorry but weirdly we have taken pretty crap photos for this experience, id like to think its because we were that immersed.. but we were prolly just tired and half cut. For one of the players it was his first time doing an RPG and he loved it. Worth perservering mate 😀
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“Worlds Collide”

Enemy Unknown (menu music) loop - Michael Mcann

ITS EARLY EVENING. the false sun is setting in this dome.

As the maglev train pulls into a stop you notice sprog getting ready to jump off it slightly earlier into an upcoming empty dumpster.
It appears like a train yard for what used to be a mining station but it seems to be more of a scrapyard station now. Mainly automated with automata. Some junk haulers are hovering around clearing what looks like structural girders and building debris.

Anyone can do a INT roll. Scipher +3 for your engineering skill

1: Its some kind of salvage yard storage island
2: It appears to look fresh. There’s a lot of freshly unoxidized metals.
looks like roofing materials have fallen down. This dome might not be structurally very sound at all.
There’s an open wharf here.. and seems like a large body of water surrounding This is a little waste processing island. Down at the pier there’s a few scummy looking individuals at moored up boats and skiffs

Sweetwater loop - Ramin Djwardi


1+ There probably a few boats here that might be able to offer passage to the mainland
2+ There’s a young red head male with a shaggy beard in a dirty looking robe. It looked to be of very fine quality once but now its tattered and worn. He looks a tad out of place compared to the other Scummy looking trash pirates. He’s on his own.
3+ Oddly his skiff is completely empty. maybe he dropped something off. He pulls out a scroll and scribbles something on it then begins to haul in his rope from the mooring.


He will be wary. Has 2 chainswords at his sides. He’ll ask them to put their weapons in his cabinet for transport to be safe if he decides to fare them across. If they are unpleasant to him he will heavily infer a donation is necessary to the faith for his ferry.

Noon loop - Eric Serra

I’m looking for someone. A great man. His name is Chester.
My fellow brethren encountered a most unfortunate disruption to our cause. We got trapped down here when trying to escape a neighbouring dome. Daily we search for our great leader. I just know it… he’s still alive. Do you have faith?
Faith will light even the darkest hour. He reaches to your shoulder and looks you dead in the eyes. The eternal flame burns within all my friend

He takes you across to a port.

I know just the place you need to go for information. You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy… you must be cautious.

As you putter in the mouth of the bay in the skiff. He points up to a club that on the jetty face but the real estate goes up the hill behind it. A large dingy sign with a few lights out says EARL’s

Best source of info in here… if you believe the rumours. Welcome to the Sump Hulk.

As you Moor up.. you bid your farewell to Gunther and you notice Sprog is gone. Vanished somehow.

Polkas Palabras loop - Molotov

Grills frying all manner of odd-looking marine life, strange smells and a relaxed vibe. def some sideways glances as you come in. A big surly woman with braids and facial tats stops you at the door

I aint seen you before so you clearly don’t know the drill.. Weapons you lot, and points to the racks behind her.. Don’t f**k up or you’re in Earl’s slop.

PER TESTS, Scipher +2

1+ Barstaff.. could be good start.. you think you deserve a cold one after what you just been through.
2+ You haven’t seen any obvious gangs? What the f**k this is weird… I mean there’s def some gangs here.. just not the noble house gangs. I guess years being locked in a dome might do that to you.
3+ There’s some surly looking dangerous types at a quiet corner table dripping with weapons and no one seems to care. They def seem like venators. They def give you a dirty look when you come and they keep their eyes on you.
4+ There’s some graffiti showing a Cawdor logo its fairly worn.. but someone’s been keeping a noble house cause alive. There’s also a guy that gives the glint of pretty beaten-up van saar armour under a shawl over at a table gambling.

Gather info

Fight at Bar loop - The Dust Brothers

Bar staff: I dunno ask around. I dunno him.

*people seem happy. Apparently, gang activity has (almost) ceased. I dunno they all crossed the debris Bridge into the unknown. I dunno what’s over there but other than the occasional distant gunfights we dont hear from them. Its friggen great.
Van Saar is gambling a kind of card game with some locals. When he pulls up his right hand to fan the cards you can see its completely mangled. You can never really tell their age but he’s been through some shit.

Buster is his name. He’ll tell them they were escaping a neighbouring dome and they had to bail from their transport before it was enveloped in directed volcanic magma and ended up in this hell hole. Rumour is it there is a long lost Van Saar bloodline down here though and they are looking to reunite with them.

Venators: Roll Bluff: Nah aint heard of him. They start firing questions off at you.
INT test threshold 3.
They are milking you for info, this is a bad idea.

Motta (the big surly bouncer)

That’s the second time I heard that name in the last week. She looks over to a glassy that’s nearby. Hey Flip, who was looking for that Kurtz guy the other day.. Dunno Mot… He was wearing a green coat and didn’t pay for his drinks he’s on the menu as he points up to a shitlist board of mug shots.

You notice that swashbuckling asshole immediately. Kal is on the case.

Hmm def not a local. Could see Joe. He’s been outside the Hulk and seen some shit. He’s just at Quints down by twin eels bay. Helluva boilermaker.

(Crank volume)

The Mob Rules loop - Black Sabbath

There’s a gunshot to the ceiling and a light fixture drops down you look over and there’s a fucking giant bipedal dinosaur reaching across the bar and scruffing a barstaff by the neck.. he looks like he’s very pissed off!! Next thing a chair gets smashed over his back and he whips around with a haymaker and its ON!!!


Roleplay the fight in turn order with theatre of the mind. Freestyle this part to keep it quick and free flowing like real time. Make it fun and characterful and (ideally) non lethal with the aim for the team to try escape in the raucous before the authorities arrive.

Eg. Mot comes out swinging a bat whilst looters try steal drinks, saloon door flings off the jetty, the other Venator team keep playing their game not even caring about intervening, etc

OXY STARFIRE (NPC at this stage)
The Voidsaur searching for information on his origins just recieved a bum steer from the bar nearly resulting in his life. He's come back to pay his respects.

Instruments of Retribution - Daniel Deluxe

You head down the rickety gantries of the sump hulk past local traders, fisherman, families. Plenty of mutations, plenty of odd looks.. It’s obvious you’re not from around here it seems. Its very low life here. Couldn’t be further from the spire. How had such an origin dome be abandoned to drown like this. The dirty side of the primus hierarchy. Out of sight out of mind.

The Big Hit loop- The big Hit OST

You follow the signs to Twin Eeels and see a giant fish head skeleton with razor teeth above a rusty iron shack. Outside it some land locked skiffs awaiting repairs, propane tanks, welding equipment, and a red tool box with a half-eaten sandwich on it.

Do you knock?

A salty looking old fella with a scarred forehead, a bushy beard, big side chops, and bionic legs opens the door. He gives you the squinty eye.

Oi Pineapples… someone’s here to see ya.

A toilet flushes and a muscley looking bald fella in his early 40’s swaggers out and tosses a smut mag to a pile by the door. He’s still wearing a welding mask that tilted up. A real grease monkey. He whistles as he saunters over… takes one look at you guys and is like…

Nope.. f**k off you lot! his middle finger raises. I tried to leave this life. I fucked my first shot at a honest life and I’m not fucking my second chance up! I don’t know what your peddling but I know your type. I ain’t want nothing to do with it no more. and I ain’t follow no man but the King. Good day!

PER tests: +1 for Darck and Scipher

2+ you can barely make out a brand mark on him signifying past slavery

Joe will be trying to turn a new leaf. He spots the trouble immediately and tries to resist. He likes a good drink and also is a sucker for helping people in need which has lead to him being outlawed in the past.

Southern Shelf Ambient loop - Borderlands 2 OST

Look I don’t know the guy

INT test, threshold 2+ He totally knows more than he’s letting on. Fail and he sounds sincere enough

Ok… why do you want with this man…. He sizes you up.. I don’t know if it’s worth it. How do I know you can keep a secret. You know my fucking name thanks to some asshat out there. How do I know your not gonna rat me out with a little persuasion and next minute I’m on a hit list.
He turns and thinks for a minute. Cmon Joe.. you got to stop getting yourself in shit.

A few weeks back I’m working on a fella.. names Swirly Pete. He’s a fungus farmer from the falls who was brought in for repairs by a local guild officer here in the Hulk. The fucker cost us one of our own also.. a young gun called Wez who was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time with Swirly and now word is the two of em have found themselves under lock and chain at a fighting pit over in that Blackwell Reach place. Boss says we’re supposed to be lying low and Wez goes and pulls a stunt like that. Idiot. Anyways. Swirly mentioned that name. But no good can come of that.. im telling you I got a bad feeling about it.

Reach!!?? You kidding me it’s a warzone over there man. There’s daily gang fights. Rumor has it its resource rich and soft with years of passive residents singing kum bah yay and just getting on like happy families and the gangs just up and left the hulk to try take the whole friggen annex for themselves. Im guessing no one’s won yet… still hear gunshots most days.

LV-426 loop - James Horner

The Debris Bridge

There’s a large bridge spanning off into the darkness.. then there’s this small area of light shining on something in the distance. another body of land across the cliff falls. The light source seems to be coming from up high above somewhere.
The bridge is made of debris. Super large roof buttressing that’s collapsed down and wedged into the cliff face.
As you carefully cross the bridge your able to visualise a makeshift toll crossing and sandbags bunker deployments at the end.

tests: Max +3

3+ Two men in uniform and helmets await you. It kinda looks like Palanite enforcer uniforms.. but like weird.. like retro looking or something strange you can’t put your finger on it. Also sporting colours you have never seen before. Your fairly certain they haven’t seen you yet.
INT Check threshold 2 to see. They look ready to keep people out?

Do they talk to them?
Do they try sneak past them?
Do they silence them?

The Guards are barely Scourer rookies in ancient palanite armour. Their job is to appear like a harsh front and keep people out of Reach but really, it’s a mess. They are outgunned, outmanned, and dealing with a sprawling sickness.

Med Lab loop - James Horner

Halt. This is the Jurisdiction of the Reach Iudecies (you dee sees)

By order of iudex (you- dex) Ventarion Reach is under contamination protocols. For your safety we advise you to please turn around and leave immediately.

Witness (I hope) loop - Roots Manuva

Drinking Hole. Wreckers Remorse

Owned by Escher ish… it’s a little different that your used to.. but it def still has a tie to escher.. maybe once a looooooong time ago.

They will have to pay to get in. 5 creds. There they can find the info on The Fighting Pit- Dasnaks pit.
Word is its owned by a feral cannibalistic cult but no one really knows anymore.

They will also be able to find the location of the fighting pit from the palanite gaurds or from Bazza at the tech Bazzar.

Bourne on land loop -John Powell if they go to sanctum or further press the guards

Cocaine loop - Eric Clapton

Van Saar Tech Bazzar: Bazzas Bonza tech Bazzar for gear.
Bazza is surrounded by clouds of smoke. He's like the Willie Nelson of firepower and makes the quip "Those things will kill ya!"

Daznaks Pit

Ripples in the Sand loop - Hans Zimmer

At the entrance your asked to check in your guns only. Apparently, they don’t care about melee weapons though.

The Fella at the gate is a scarred up looking Kroot. He looks way bulkier that a usual Kroot and his skin is a rusty brown with obvious petichiae.
As you advance. You hear some crowds cheering.. you see a beacon of light heading upwards in the night sky. As you approach you can see locals huddled together staring down into something below that’s emanating light from it as you hear the sounds of clashes and screams..

As you push in between the angry mob to get a view you can see down into a large pit with mechanical portal doors that are open. 3 bloody, tired looking pit slaves fighting back-to-back against 4 angry looking opponents with head gear with mouth locks on them. A fourth pit slave lays face down in the water below all their knees. The murky brown water stained with his blood.

One of the opponents distracts two of the slaves by splashing up the water into their faces. And the other 3 make a play striking down the third pitslave with a knife to his neck. He falls to his knees clutching to his neck with blood spurting out onto one of the opponents who seems to be loving it. One of the last two pitslaves falls to his knees from exhaustion as the other tries to defend him in an almost hopeless attempt.


It’s not too high. You could jump down to join the fight. Might even be able to land on one of them.


Riot loop - Dance with the Dead

4 Corpse grinder initiates with dual Fighting knives.

Wez has shears and uses a similar stat line. For the shears I used ST 4 -1ap with dual rolls of 6 being a decapitation.

Ripples in the Sand - Hans Zimmer

You notice a door open in the pit. A huge armoured tank of a man thuds in with a shiny metallic tiger helmet. He stands at the door and gives you a piercing look and smashes a button on the wall. He walks out and the portal doors close as a gas starts to fill the pit. It’s gets hazy and the rooms starts to spin. Your eyes close slowly and you begin to feel weightless.

Give the players a chance to repel the effects of the gas if they have respirators and feign its effects if they wish.​


1XP for the recap of the previous session
3XP for making contacts of the three survivor gang members of Thunderdome. Brother Gunther of the Eternal Flame, Van Saar heavy specialist Buster, and Pitslave Boilermaker/Techno Joe Pineapples.
1XP for gathering the intel and slipping out unnoticed in the Bar Fight at Earl's
1XP for compiling maps of the Hulk and Reach.

1XP for swiping the bottle of Wildsnake Unnoticed.
1XP for breaking down a difficult social barrier with Joe.
2XP for finding a very creative way into Blackwell Reach past the Iudices Scourer rookie guardsmen at the checkpoint without alerting the greater Sanctum.
1XP for diving into the face of certain danger at Dasnaks Pit to save Swirly Pete and Wez.
1XP for taking on the 4 Initiates without the use of guns and without anyone falling to their blades

TOTAL: 12 XP Each

Unassigned Edge:

Tickles: 1 for Intimidating Dasnaks pit doorman, Scarstruck into pleading for mercy in the fear of retribution.
Scipher: 1 for winning Joe over with the booze he'd just swiped from Mott at Earl's.
Darck: 1 for reading the social queues and using his trade to leverage a pressure point in the
interest of the residents of Reach for the rookies to feign com interference and ignore
Max: 1: for making it back to the weapons to secure them so quickly without even attracting
a single thrown punch​
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“Hive of Lies”

14 Years after E day loop - Kevin Reipl

This was a risk for theatrics: Seeing the venators fighting prowess has earned the blessings of their god. They want to convert them to their cult. Join or be eaten is the usual type of arrangement.

If all players are gassed: One player chosen at random will be awakened via smelling salts by Sprog. They will be awakened whilst the cultists are initiating one of the survivor pit slaves and will miss this part.

If some players remain conscious start from directly below.

Players may try take on the cult members before being transported. As the cult is trying to convert them they won’t try to kill them but will be knocked out via subdual damage. You can roleplay a good back and forth or stacks on with the initiates that have come into the pit to collect the bodies.
Players might slip up and be seen or heard by the cultists. It will start immediate combat removing the chance to sleaze this scene. The combat will involve initiates only but the team will have to move fast as the Angel of Deaths SS3 (champions) are coming up the river soon for the initiations.


you’re playing this in real time. you can feel being picked up. Your arms and legs are being bound. Do you risk opening your eyes? Or just keep listening?
Your being carried somewhere. the journey seems to take nearly an hour.
You feel yourself being suspended by your arm ropes up on something and you can feel the pressure of your body hanging from your arms now. You can hear people talking but it’s hard to hear what they are saying.

Do you try peek now? or wait till the talking dies down?

If they peek before the butcher has started working on the cadaver make a roll to see if they are seen.

INIT test, threshold 1 to not be seen.
PER Test, +1 modifier for Audible only

At.. V….r prepare the b…. ritual. I will n….y the others. You hear a door creak shut, some shuffling, a grinding sound, and a sharp thud noise every 10 seconds or so.

Safe time to open an eye here

You can see you’re in a large shed that appears to be a slaughter house. You’re all hanging from hooks beside each other. A lone man In a butchers apron is sharpening some tools with his back to you about 10 metres away. On a table beside him lays a dead cultist with the same headgear as the pit fighters. He starts to chop up the cultist.

check, threshold 2+
To see if you can figure out the butcher is finished and when he might turn to you or come closer.

Or INIT check, threshold 1 to see if fast enough to close eyes.
Butcher Does PER test on 5 dice. Threshold 3

After he’s done, he turns over to you all. You think he’s taken down someone and dragged them into that side room. You think it’s safe to squint and peek again.

He’s taken one of the slaves. You hear him wake the slave. You know he’s awake as you can hear vile language coming from the room.
It’s a little hard to hear the butcher… but sounds like he is offering him some kind of ultimatum.

Drink from the… Eat the…

Chanting starts…

Jacinto Prison loop - Kevin Reipl

From your peripheral vision you see a shadow move above. Intentional non-verbal signalling from something.. someone to you.
Up In the rafters. It takes you a minute to focus your still hazy.
A familiar scarred mouth juts out from the darkness. Sprog scutters on all fours like a rat along the rafter beams towards you. He makes a shhhh gesture to you and motions arms together and a hold hand. He makes his way over. And starts to hang down behind you. You can feel him working on your feet tether with a sawing sound but there’s still a gentle resistance there. He curls your fingers up around the hook and squishes them tight. He then works on your hands tether but once again there’s a little resistance still. He flashes a blade at you and slips it behind your back into your belt buckle. He waves a little pouch of something under your nose and slides it into your pocket. You’re not sure what it is but your wired as f**k now. it stunk.

The chanting comes to an epic crescendo ending.. and it goes quiet for a bit.. maybe some quiet sobbing remains.
Sprog slinks back into the darkness in the rafters above the other members of your team.
You hear footsteps exiting the side room do you close your eyes again?
Its sounds like the whoever it is.. they are close.. surveying your hanging bodies maybe for whos next?.. the footsteps get louder and your fairly certain they are in front on you now.

Do you do anything?

check, threshold 1. You think keeping this a silent attack would be ideal.

GM note Remind them of any unspent edge.

If they strike the butcher will not get a counter shot as he doesn’t have a weapon up and is surprised. EDGE can convert an auto success on a dice roll.
If not he will pull down a random character and take them into the room for the next conversion attempt.

Roll For Combat Initiative if the player doesn’t achieve a SKULL result or use EDGE. He will yell out loudly if he can alerting the incoming initiate party outside the front doors.

PER tests in the small side office:
+1 A desk. a bunch of dried blood. Some bone fancies. Scary weird shit
+3 There’s lock on one of the desk drawers

1+ The Slave (Big Jobz) will be sulking in a heap on the floor inside a large puddle of old dried blood.
If the team try save him

He looks up with a stare of absolute horror.

I … I …. Can’t get it out of my head

He’ll make a palming check to try grab at a pistol or weapon to kill himself. If the weapon isn’t silent it will alert the Initiates.

Your Gut is telling you to get the hell out of there pronto!

LOOT: initiates will have a total of 428 creds (their collective territory earnings) in a tin in the office.

If combat is triggered 5 further initiates will spew in the shed. Sprog will help to wake the others with smelling salts but will avoid the combat staying in the rafters.

Mona Lisa Overdrive (from 2:20 onward) loop - Juno Reactor/Don Davis

Stats basic cgc initiates. Weapons. Hand flamer, boning sword, stub pistols x2, long rifle,

The shed has one large meat processing room and will have one big dual door entrance at the front. It will have a side office off it and back door is also present at the sheds rear. There will be a conveyor and sluice going down to another doorway likely leading down into a river of some kind.


The Mutant loop - National Philharmonic Orchestra

I don’t know who you are but thank you!

Swirly Pete is dead man.. he died back in the pit. That was Big Jobz.

I knew it! Something is happening in here right!? That guy… there’s something special about him. He was asking all the fisherman off reach falls questions about the history of this place. He went down into the Abyss weeks ago and we haven’t seen him since….. Follow this river to the falls. And then down you go. There’s caves and walkways that go a fair way down apparently.


Complexity loop - Front Line Assembly

As you head down to the falls you can see a makeshift walkway carved into the cliffs under the falls. Occasionally there are pickets and rope guides but most have been long worn away. You pass the odd fisherman along the way and some fungus farmers. A lot of them look sick and are coughing.
If asked they will say.. He has the Rustlung..
As you get to what looks like the end of the road

PER tests.

+3 You can barely see what looks like another ledge.. maybe 50 metres lower. Very close to the water level.
4+ there’s maybe some metal spikes jutting out of the cliffs.. you have only seen two.. but you suspect maybe there’s more?

Strength test, modifier Rope +2, threshold 1 and INIT check Threshold 1 to go down into the caves.

Floating Museum loop - Kenji Kawai

The final landing is a little mini cave entrance. It looks to be an entrance into the cliff face but its mostly submerged now. There’s a little bit off the roof showing still.

check, Survival skil +3

2+ There looks to be evidence that someone has been here recently and made camp
3+ You check the coals of what look to be a fire and they still have a little heat in them.

As you wade through the water
test, threshold 2 Something bumps into you.. it’s the head of a giant snake like reptile.. it seems to be floating lifeless but it’s not desiccated or decayed.

You will have to go under water for a stretch

Strength tests to swim, Threshold 1, Tickles +3, mod any swimming gear , If they fail they will not make the required distance to the next air pocket.

When you come up from the water you can see the cave going upward. There’s stairs exiting the water. And a small light source coming from someone at a very large and wide doorway.. it seems they are getting very frustrated trying to pry it open.

(player character intro)

Oxy has followed his latest lead to this strange cave. He’s currently struggling tyring to brute force the door open. Role play as necessary.

INT test, +3 Tech Hacking roll, threshold 3

Succeeds but it doesn’t work.. maybe the circuits are too corroded? It looks ok under the panel. Its not working.

test +3 Engineering roll. Threshold 3+

To try figure out where the mechanisms in the door would be and where to break them.

Oddly.. all the electrics look ok and you test them they have power.. This is a mechanical fault. You can hear the servos whirring.
They can open up the gear doors and mechanically wrench them with the strength of the team. When the door opens they can see that the idler arms have been removed from the other side.

The Complex loop - James Horner

Inside the facility there is no power. Its dark and the only light source so far is Oxys flame torch.

It looks very retro modern. Architecture like nothing you have ever seen but also like it’s been crossed with a super sturdy blast bunker.

There’s as admin station.. and 3 open hallway doors coming off the main portal room.

1st looks like a mess quarters and barrack like sleeping arrangements of some kind. There’s a room at the end with lockers and a kind of intermediate airlock like room that’s open. Tell me what your looking for? No traces of anyone being there. No traces of any organics.
Lockers have hazard suits in them.. lots of sizes.

2nd looks like weird looking airtight rooms. They are all locked closed. You can try wipe away dirt to see into the viewing windows. There are some odd-looking remains left in some of the rooms with human like bones.

3rd links onto the airlock pass by room It opens into a really long big room with rooms off it. Everything appears open. It appears like a very high-level scientific lab. Everything in this whole facility looks hardcore.. really thick walls and doors. Lots of doors and defunct security.

TESTS looking around the room.

1+ There’s is one door in here that’s locked and has power. A faint glow is coming from its maglock. There’s also a set of stairs going downward in the middle of the room
2+ scientists data slate. You can hook it up to your vox for power. Its super fragmented but you can make out some random date entries around m26… knowing that infro… things look oddly preserved in here.
  • Why are we here? Sometimes I regret taking this job. The promise of a lavish life in this annex for our families was maybe too much of a pipe dream. Maybe we should have stayed with the rest of the dome. I can’t help but feel that our research isn’t helping the colonists as much as we were led to believe by him. I feel we’re always one f**k up away from him burying us all down here.
  • They have cut our funding again
  • Elmer really needs to shower.
  • Today subject 4 was punished by science officer Gorman in routine isolated behavioural testing. Subject 7 lashed out at Gorman 2 hrs later in his own cell killing him immediately unprovoked.
  • Traveller strain responses and timeline so varied. links undetermined as yet.
  • Minesweeper new top score. Eat it Carmichael!

3+ There’s odd hate mail scribblings near the window of the powered room. f**k YOU OLD MAN! DIE DIE DIE! The emperor will avenge us! Linnaeus this will be your grave too!
4+ there’s footprints in the dust on the stairs. The stairs seem like they are going back into some organic cave structure the door at the end is mangled completely. Looks to be melted open.

They will have to tech hack the lock to the special room. Extended 2 mins a go. INT +3 tech hack, Threshold 15

Inside the room. There’s a giant biologium.

Buy a hit, One of this side could sustain life for thousands of years. It seems to be in a functioning order still potentially. Its empty.
There’s a terminal. Its missing parts

It will need both a mechanical check and a data hacking one. Extended tests
Mechanical portion of the terminal explained in session 5
Data portion explained below.

Welcome Magos Lineaus Ophidios.

Data entry.

I have had enough of the Voidsaurs. A coup is set in motion. Their demands have begun increasing. It would only be a matter of time before their primitive traditions would spoil the whole operation and I feel they will revolt. Their claim to the Obelisk will be buried with the last of their kind. We will find alternative ways to transport the infected tributes. Hopefully they will keep one alive so I can study their immunity.

Down the stairs

On the Trail of Nexus 6 loop - Vangelis

The door looks to be melted at the locking mechanisms then pried open with extreme might.
As you go inside you can see cave wall again.. and then… another wall… a different structure. This facility was built on something.. another structure..

Once again like nothing you have ever seen but parts of the structure you may have seen in old historic cogitators . You wonder if it’s the remains of a Space Hulk. A lot of the doorwars to this room look collapsed in rubble but theres one open like a void into blackness.
In the middle of the room there looks to be recess in the mechanical flooring..


1+ This looks really old
3+ you think its so old that any other remains would have been long turned to dust. But it does seem like something big and shaped like an obelisk was likely resting there. Given by the indentations and differences in wear and dust.
4+ Oddly there’s a belt and leather pouch that looks really modern hanging broken from a piece of stray rebar. Do you grab it?? As you grab the belt to pull it off the rebar comes unstuck and clatters to the ground finding a hole in the grating clang.. cash.. tick.. tap.. click…distant sounds can still be heard below.. its still falling.. geez how big is this place.

Inside the pouch there’s a very regal looking leather-bound book and a small very elegant looking box. Do you open it?

Herald of the Change - Hans Zimmer
increase volume and sub

First page. Very clean writing.

"I come to set straight that which is twisted; to cleanse that which is unclean; to judge he who is guilty; to punish he who has sinned. These things I do in the name of the most holy God-Emperor of Mankind, and I do them gladly."

I carry with me an Inquisitorial Seal. It is a small, unassuming object contained in a neat box of Pluvian obsidian. It is a modest thing. Relatively plain, adorned with a single motif and a simple motto. Yet with this little object I can sign the death warrant of an entire world and consign a billion souls to Oblivion.

Missing some pages.. the next text is rougher and possibly angrily scribbled…

"To wrest human souls from the grip of the Daemon; to defeat the temptation within our own hearts and minds... There is a grace and a grandeur to the work of the Malleus and Hereticus. But the Ordo Xenos? It has no more gravitas than hacking away weeds in one's garden. (In big letters) Frak!!

By all means then…. pursue your grace, grandeur, and gravitas, sir. And in your prayers tonight, ask that your temptation to those things be lifted from your weak and sinning mind, so that you might feel some humility in the presence of those who ensure your garden remains safe to parade all your fine qualities in."

If you can confront the xenos, look upon the xenos, even think upon the xenos, without revulsion, then you are as damned as they. I must prevail. I must continue on….

So there it is: An unimaginably ancient Xeno artefact somewhere on the planet. A disgraced noble renegade racing to find it before me, a fleet poised above our heads ready to rip this world apart at the slightest sniff of spread, and now a bloody Chaos cult crawling out of the woodwork just in case we were getting bored.

Many missing pages. . barely legible now.. you would almost not think it’s the same person apart from a few tell-tale signs in the graphology. (tell player with closest skill link)

I am forty-two standard years old, in my prime by Imperial standards, young by those of the Inquisition. All my life, I have had a reputation for being cold, unfeeling. Some have called me heartless, ruthless, even cruel. I am not. I am not beyond emotional response or compassion. But I possess - and my masters count this as perhaps my paramount virtue - a singular force of will. Throughout my career it has served me well to draw on this facility and steel myself, unflinching, at all that this wretched galaxy can throw at me. To feel pain or fear or grief is to allow myself a luxury I cannot afford. And only now… in this moment… do I falter? Could this be the answer to bringing him back? Have I been blindsided… my vision narrow? Harlan… time to deliberate!



1XP for recap (for the laughs)
7XP for escaping the corpse farm with 100% sleaze (the term used for non combat success) and not alerting the incoming party. (1 for not being seen by either of the two workers, 2 for a ballsy silent skull takedown, 1 for stealing their territories big payday, 1 for not allowing Big Jobz to fire a sounding weapon, 1 for quickly leaving from the back entrance, 1 for helping to keep Sprogs involvement unknown to the cult )
0XP for releasing the newly initiated Big Jobz.
1XP for not fraternising with the local sick fisherman.
1XP for safely making it down the cliffs
1XP for making it under the flooded cave entrance.
1XP for forming a believable truce with the angry dino
1XP for opening the blast doors
1XP hacking the locked door open
1XP for hacking the terminal
1XP for finding the Inquisitors book

Total 16 XP EACH

Unassigned EDGE:

Max and Scipher: 1 for successfully cutting tension during introduction to OXY by trying to help him with the door.
Darck: 1 For stopping Oxy from potentially damaging parts of the lab.
Oxy: 1 for excellent in char roleplay.
Tickles: 1 for successfully Intimidating Swainy Tim to fitting your penis finger (non-anethetised bone spur) surgery in posthaste!
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“Tenendum Recta”


The Challenge - Alan Silvestri

You start to hear some noises.. some clangs.. some bangs.. the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps from the blackness of the one open doorway.

7 weird looking kind of humanoid beings spew out the doorway in the darkness. Two go up the walls left and right, one is on the roof and four run at the team. It’s too dark to see them properly but they look hostile!


Pig Alarm - Alan Silvestri


M WS BS S T W I A Cl Ld Int Will
5 5+ 5+ 3 3 2 5+ 1 5 6 6 6

Weapons are wysiwyg
If a Venator uses a skill during the combat the creatures all get the skill but don’t tell the players.

The Mountain - National Philharmonic Orchestra Total Recall

PER tests to search them.
1+ Weapons they have are all reclaimed, autopitol, sword, knife, boltpistol
2+ They look like mutated people... covered in black veins, and growths from everywhere. The growths twist and contort their original forms. They look to be covered in various forms of fungus.
3+ One has a cannister ingrown on it.. it looks like his hand was holding something but its been grown over. Do you pry it free. It’s a really really rough looking hand flamer.. with barely a shot or so in the tank still.

Oxy INT test +3 Warrior code, threshold

2+ Fighting them was strange. Almost like they were adapting to your moves really fast and communicating with one another silently. They didn’t seem to falter when one went down.

Mac Targeted loop- Alan Silvestri

As you progress through the hulk a lot of the doorways are filled in with rock fall. It starts to become organic cave again.. you start to see beds of fungi and mushrooms lining the sides of the caves..

Tests (Scipher +3 trap construction and awareness skill)

+3 You’ve just noticed cabling that’s up running along the roof… its very old and a lot of it seems to be grown over by a foliage and vines.. the cabling seems to be connected to junction boxes every so often up in the roof of the cave.. once again really hard to spot due to some kind of natural overgrowth. Do you want to have a closer look?

Scipher trap skill: INT+3, threshold 2 check

They are full of explosives and look wired together. Your guess is they are hardwired to a switch somewhere.
+4 you can’t be sure but you swore you saw some of the fungi move to face you as you walked past.

Memory INT check, Threshold 2+

The mechanical parts of the terminal were missing.

Team may be able to track the lines back. They look extensive and they do head back to the science lab.

If they go back and try repair the parts missing

The Dream loop - National Philharmonic Orchestra Total Recall

INT +3 Engineering, extended test (threshold 15)

Then INT +3 data hack (threshold 15) (its encrypted.. this could be a hard hack with one shot at it.

Initiate “terminates” protocol

Initiate “heavens gates” protocol.

You can slave them to your vox for remote switch activation.

Why Do I Still Live loop - Vox Caster (youtube) - also OM Chanting -Meditative Minds (youtube)

The cave opens out in a really large underground room.. up very there is a murky looking skylight to something above.. There’s some ruins of a building and it looks like this was once some kind of underground station of some kind.. maybe a railway station… it appears like there are many caves entrances coming off this one main room. In the middle of the room is a giant tree.. its roots growing into the ground below.. piercing the concrete structures.. its branches right up to the skylight about to pierce it… about ¾ of the way up a muscular bald sultry looking man in tattered clothes lays twisted into the trunk.. his head upward held by ingrown tendtrils of the tree. Only the whites of his eyes are visible. He’s repeating a chant..

Tenendum Recta.. Tenendum Recta… Tenendum Recta…

Newt Is Taken - James Horner

Tests and a Max INT +3 language test (threshold 4)

+2 You see more of the weird fungus people lurking by the cave entrances just kind of standing there looking at you.
3+ You see some movement by the tree base.. theres a few of the fungus beings.. releasing from the mess of tree roots and sort of poised in a guarded pose..
4+ Under the mess of roots there’s something there.. something that looks like a dark rectangular looking object maybe.. too hard to see exactly.

Max: Your trying to remember what the term means.. I must… something maybe??

All of a sudden

Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way loop - Spectre General


Kal Jericho is here to slay this abomination and save the day!

As you look up to the voice you see Kal behind you up on a rock face.. holding a vine.
He’s got this big wanky spiel on about how he’s awesome etc.


+2 How the hell does he get his hair so beautiful.
+4 you manage to block out Kals very distracting entrance to hear a faint noise behind you and look up to notice Kals trusty sidekick Scabbs sawing at the Tree Mans head.. he must have been hiding up in the branches..

Max you remember what his chant means..


Poison Was The Cure solo 2:04 onwards loop - Megadeth

Scabbs severs the head clean and stuffs it into a bag whilst Kal swings from the vine to the tree and they start to climb the tree towards the skylight.

He bows fancifully at you up in the tree

Farwell Losers!!

Almost immediately the weird fungal creatures start to either climb up the tree also towards the skylight and the ones near the doorways leave away from you with haste.

What do you do?

Snapshot - Michael Mcann X-Com

Once you get up to the main street of Reach you can see over by the giant sump rig in the distance theres a huge gunfight happening. They are popping up all around you burrowing up from holes in the ground.. coming up from the waterways.. everywhere. Theres a thick fog over Reach falls and the bridge is hard to see past 10 metres or so.


1+ At the bridge checkpoint the two reach guards are shooting them away with their pistols and it looks like they are almost about to be overcome. It seems the creatures are trying to make it to the bridge. One of the guards it seems is trying to make it to a better vantage point.
2+ You see Wez.. just behind the guards. Lying up against sandbags.. he’s covered in blood clutching at his neck with his one arm.. he looks in a bad way.
3+ There’s a vox on the ground a few meters from one of the guards that’s flashing signalling it’s got incoming comms.. you don’t think they can hear it.
4+ You spot Kal.. he’s not helping.. looks like hes skulking behind a wall looking for an opportunity to make a run for it across the bridge.
5+ Where the guard is trying to make it to… there’s some urban camo webbing.. your pretty sure there’s a mounted heavy weapon up there.

You ALL see one last thing…

The Book of Boba Fett | TRAILER MUSIC | Epic Boba Fett Theme - Krutikov Music (youtube)

The guards are out of ammo and are being overcome. Kal and scabs break from cover and try to make a run for it. A lone fungal creature breaks past the barricade and onto the bridge.. he gets to the fog and his head collides into something with force as he snaps in half with his own momentum.. a giant steel fist crushes its head and tosses it over the side of the bridge.. 6 muzzle flashes coming from giant mechanical fists. The area aggressively sprayed with hot lead as Kal and scabs divert their intended path and dive for cover behind the sand bags also.
A heavily damaged, sparking, blood-soaked mess. The Man of iron steps forward from the fog. His beady red eyes locking onto targets menacingly. Here’s Johnny!!!

Block War - Alan Silvestri Judge Dredd

The VOX!!*********

ANYONE!!? ANYONE!!? Do you copy??

(You hear in the background.. COLUX!!!.. we are LEAVING!!... someone else.. GAME OVER MAN!! GAME OVER!!)

We’re coming in HOT!! The gangs are with me and as many of the locals we could save. Whoever you are!!

ROLL FOR INITIATIVE (use dice counter to track turns)

Rock Anthem For Saving The World - Martin O'donell Halo
Scorponok - Steve Jablonsky

Whatever cool combat music you want.. this is a long one!

Schiper, you can see scabs has the bag head tied to his waist you reckon you could try palm it in all the commotion


M WS BS S T W I A Cl Ld Int Will
5 5+ 5+ 3 3 2 5+ 1 5 6 6 6

ANY wound in HTH.. is a cut in the HAZARD SUIT.. if the same target hits them again.. No armour save is made.. no wound is made.. It kind of feels like its hit you in the same spot weirdly but intentionally not caused damage. (its shooting spores into the suit)

Big one.. T5 and 4W can’t be pinned. WYSIWYG weapons and armour. Learn all skills used.

Kal, Scabbs, and Iron Automata, stats as per book

PER TESTS: After a while..

1+The iron automata will malfunction at its leg.. and run out of ammo.. its not moving.. ,
2+ They will notice the Man of irons power source is exposed. A good shot would likely detonate him in an epic way taking down the bridge.
3+ one of its fingers has what looks like a key protruding from it.. you think it could be easily removed.

After X rounds (6) The gangs will rock up shooting them off still lead by Ventarion in a tactical retreat over the bridge.

No Time For Caution (Organ -Film Version) - Hanz Zimmer Interstellar


As they all retreat over the bridge.

If team has slaved the explosives they can detonate once they are over.. for a spectacular explosion.

A huge fucking explosion. Its so loud your ears are ringing.. the air is just fallout.. you cant see a thing… you can barely hear the sound of a giant collapse.. the annex is buried… or so you think.. you still cant see anything.

Cancelling The Apocalypse - Ramin Djawadi Pacific Rim

If heavens Heavens gate is activated Loud mechanical clunks and moans.. something is moving in the dome.. (dome is opening from above permanently)

GM note: If the Team doesn’t activate Exterminatus the Sporekin will reach the Sumphulk. Even if they demolish the bridge only eventually the sporekin will swim over and climb the sumphulk side. If the Sumphulk is open all bets are off for the hive.

Gossip sumphulk side is saying that the dome is open.

A doorway.. it just opened!!! .

The man of iron opened it with his special key. If team didn’t detonate reach.. locking it with the man of irons key is the only way to contain it all.

The Passenger - Atticus Ross

If they have the head.. do they contact Redfoot?

Thank the Emperor!! I swear I keep hearing scraping.. clanking.. footsteps. I’m paranoid that thing is following me everywhere I go!!!
Ill arrange a meet asap.

The Johnson thanks them, he is wearing a hazard suit and has Thrax with him… he gives them the money.

Its been a pleasure. Did you know… Kal Jericho was hired before you?? I will make sure your names are known in every establishment across all of Necromunda. The team who bested the best! Just you wait.

He grins and lurks off into the darkness.

Have you potentially threatened all of Necromunda…. Potentially… have you just secured the Hives Top spot of badass bountyhunters… Most definitely.

If they dodge the meet or destroy the head.

You can’t contact Redfoot… word is he just disappeared… You continue on with your lives.. Every now and then you swear you hear a scraping sound behind you.. you turn.. nothing this time.. ah well.. maybe you live another day. Such is live in the unforgiving underhive.

ANYONE NOT WEARING A SUIT and attacked in hth combat.. or attacked twice beating armour

You develop a strange cough… ah well I doubt its anything… probably just from that explosion

What actually happened?

They hold the line and fight side by side with Kal and scabbs but not before wounding Scabbs badly enough for Kal to actually concede Kurtz's head. They bury reach with exterminatus but don’t activate heavens gate. They leave the Sumphulk open for all to leave by the door opened by the sacrificed man of iron but they keep its Key.

They bring Kurtz’s head in for their payday with Oxy in tow. They demand Kals cut. He obliges and as they are exchanging funds. Oxy steps forward and demands answers to what happened to his lineage. The johnson brushes him off because he legitimately doesn’t know or care. OXY explodes the head at close range with his shotgun in a shock move. The four venators bolt and OXY locks horns with Thrax.

Fade to black

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