N18 Delaque 1k new player - list critique


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May 8, 2018
Wroclaw, Poland
I have only played 2 skirmish games using an escher gang, but delaque minis are soo good I can't resist. Could anyone experienced advice if the list below make sense?

The rest of my campaign buddies, some already fought and advanced a little in that campaign: goliath (3 grenade launchers, buffed T), 2x escher with deathmaiden, cawdor with flamer, heavy stubber and van saar (probably will take some flying juves & plasmaguns). So there will be some optimized builds present in the campaign, but I don't want to go full pitch black to annoy people. I'm skipping psychic powers for now as common opinion is delaque ones are so-so, I'd need to tap into the book of outcasts, and I want to learn basic necromunda mechanics before I go there. It's only 8 bodies, but they are armed all right?

master of shadows (215):
plasma gun, mesh armor
skill: overwatch

nacht ghul (215):
serpents fangs, mesh armor
skill: spring up

phantom (215):
web gun, mesh armor
skill: infiltrate

shadow (105):

ghost specialist (70)
long rifle

ghost (70)

ghost (55)

ghost (55)

I was considering to take a sprint skill for master of shadows, as a surprise/or to join infiltrating champs quickly, but I think he should stay with ghosts to be safe & use group activation. Overwatch should help with board control right?
Nacht ghul looks awesome, at least on paper. Is anyone running an agressive build with 2 :D?
Webgun Phantom will try to scare people & work together with with ghul. Shadow with 6" & webpistol will try to join them.
The rest of the gang is to provide some weak fire support & bodies. Later during the campaign I'd really like to try the flying delaque brute.
Its pretty solid, I'm a big fan of Web pistol Shadows, and Nacht Ghuls allow for some real mind games with your opponents.

Be careful with your infiltrate web gun champion, the temptation is to put him in a place to jump out turn 1 and blast someone. That works great the first few times but people will get wise to it and plan accordingly. More insidious is deploying them nearby but out of sight and exerting board control in a 13"bubble around the model until your Shadow catches up, or the Nacht Ghul is ready to strike.

Maximum shenanigans is the delaque way and this list should be a good starter for yoy.
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