N18 Delaque 1st Gang List Feedback


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Aug 16, 2022
Delaque List

I'm eager to build my what you see is what you get starting Delaque gang, and am putting up my list for constructive feedback. Quick note:

My hope is to create something that is:
1) Tool box/versatile, but can still create occasional
2) Flagship thematic Delaque gameplay moments (hence some webguns, whispering, etc.)

Goals and interests for a campaign
1) Grow into psyker skills and building more whisper stuff
2) Add eclectic models like piscean spektor, ogryn, and/or ambot

Do you think I should create a shotgun-style loadout?
What glaring issues do you, as seasoned players, notice?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.
Its nice and thematic, and I appreciate building a WYSIWYG Delaqye gang is tough because GW forgot to include any hand held lasguns/autoguns, but this list will struggle with its lack of ranged support, unless you're playing almost exclusively on Zone Mortalis boards.

You have one weapon with a range over 12", which means the rest of your gang is hotfooting its way over to the enemy team under fire for 1-2 turns depending on board size

Your Nacht Ghul and Leader will provide some disruption, but after they pull their various infiltrate shenanigans they'll be on their own, unsupported in enemy territory, and your opponent won't have any other immediate threats to want to focus their fire on...

I'd certainly consider swapping the loadout of your Master of Shadows with your Phantom, the MoS doesn't have a superior combat statline to justify putting him in such a risky position, and hes not replaceable if he gets killed.

Shotguns would go a long way towards giving this gang some ranged teeth, a couple mixed in gives you some good S4 shooting at a 16" range. Picking up an upgrade sprue and mixing in a couple of lasguns would give you some more ranged shooting to pin enemy models and keep the pressure off your infiltrate/melee