N18 Delaque campaign advice

The first list looks better to me, although I would look at possibly swapping the Web Gun to the Champion and the Long Rifle to the Specialist? You can probably test both and see what you like more tbh, there's definitely advantages to both on the Champion (dependent largely on the Skill you take and the role you want them to fill).
Since you're playing T3 average gangs id consider running web pistols rather than the web gun, you're paying for the extra strength on the weapon but that won't start making a difference until later in the campaign when people start getting toughness upgrades
Just seems like a waste to put the Web gun on a bs3 since its a template weapon
It can be but if you stick something like Infiltrate on there as well it more than makes up for it.
Also the second Wound will help keep your expensive weapon on the field since your opponent will almost certainly panic and immediately attack your Webber (with good reason it's a very deadly piece of kit).
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