N18 Delaque: Deceitful Thoughts


Aug 28, 2022
Do you get to choose the facing of a model that the Delaque psychoteric whisper "deceitful thoughts" was used to move?

Deceitful Thoughts (Double):
Choose a single enemy fighter that is within 5" of the psyker. That fighter immediately makes an intelligence check. If this check is failed, the psyker's controlling player may immediately move that fighter up to their movement characteristic in any direction. Note this move may not be used to move enemy fighters off ledges, into dangerous terrain or any other part of the battlefield harmful to them.

~House of Shadows page 99

My gut says no, since you can only choose a facing as part of taking an action and this isn't the model taking an action. Therefore, you would move them, but they would remain facing however they were at the start of the move.

I know with a similarly themed power--mind control--you don't get to choose a facing before shooting and are limited to shooting what they can see.
it sound like they would move and turn as if they were making a normal move , otherwise they could have to walk backwards or crab sideways
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To reduce fiddlyness, I'd allow facing to be changed as part of this move; it seems sensible to avoid having to try and keep a moving model, which can move in any direction even zig-zag, facing the exact same direction as before.

Arguably Mind Control should allow changing facing FWIW as it is clearly an Action being performed and you can always 'combine (changing facing) with any other action'. The word 'immediately' in Mind Control may prevent this however as you can only change facing before making any action, and Mind Control doesn't provide a 'before Action' window.
Change facing freely is included in the move. The word "immediately" is something that's tossed about without any particular meaning, just to say it happens now instead of later.
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