N18 Delaque gang box assemble for newbie


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Oct 4, 2021
Hey Everyone,
I am starting to play Necromunda and I am building a Delaque gang from the base box. Now I'm reading about a lot of different setups that use the Forgeworld upgrade kits. Because I gather some of the loadouts don't make any sense. Unfortunately, these are not available at the moment or expensive to buy. So I am looking for a way to create an all-round base gang from just the base set and expand it in the future.

So what I am wondering is what would be the best all-round way of assembling the base Delaque box miniatures for a newbie to the game?



Dec 15, 2019
I’m not sure how competitive your group is but check out some of the articles from Goonhammer. They are not gonna give you a super competitive build but they certinally point you in a good direction with that you can do with the gangs.

Most gangs don’t really have the best options right out of the box so unless your group is good with a few proxy’s that make sense then you may have to do a bit of converting.

If you know someone with a genestealer cults army see if they have a few web pistols and web guns spare in their blitz box as they don’t get much play in the 40K but are pretty dam good in necromunda.

Necro is really all about the campaign if you can make a good list that you can create a good narrative aswell as being being able to hold its own without being op you will have a better time with it.
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