N18 Delaque/genestealer? Viable?


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Aug 26, 2022
Hi all! Hope everyone is OK.
Right onto the nitty gritty.
We are starting a new campaign and I have my heart set on a genestealer cult or a genestealer infected house.
And I'm looking at Delaque mainly because they be sneaky.
Is it possible that the two are a good mix? And are there any recommendations?
(Glass cannon builds are a favourite of mine so go nuts)
I think from a fluff perspective they're a great combo, however gameplay wise Genestealer adds very little to Delaque.

The big bonus of adding Genestealer to a gang is a) wyrd access, b) abominants and c) psychic familiars.

Delaque get Wyrd access already and Nacht Ghuls are better then an Abominants in every conceivable way, so that only leaves the familiars, who are great, but you also get from chaos
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As HoS said, it's thematically a very cool combo, but only decent when it comes to added crunch. I will agree that Nacht Ghuls are better than Aberrants, but with the caveat that Aberrants are both tougher and cheaper. Why not take both?

I'm planning a VS gang in my next campaign that will end up following the Four-Armed Emperor; the benefits of Genestealer corruption seem better on gangs that don't already have psychic abilities and access to a powerful melee fighter.
Delaque Infiltraite cards with abominants could be very nasty considering they are cheaper and have the gang fighter trait combine them with nacht ghuls for a nice melee infilitrate team, acces to a different psyhic tree could also be usefull have a diverse selection