N18 Delaque HoS starting list - Spyker or Picsean Spektor ?


Feb 4, 2019
Hi guys,
Here is the dilemna, for the upcoming campaign i would like to play one of those 2 list :
In the first one we can found the Picsean Spektor, who can one-shot anyone (maybe more) in the early campaing, however it was needed to drop the special weapon on the Specialist, which is a bit of a waste. (In my opinion)
On the second list, i trade the Picsean Spektor for a Spyker alongside my specialist equipped with a grav-gun.
Any thoughts about this current dilmena ?

Sry, dis not use phantom with infiltrate and web gun, i found him not worth the early investment as the web pistol juve do the same since we don't have any goliath player in our campaign.

Thanks for your reply and sry for my bad englisch !

If you have any other advice than my question i also would be glad to hear them.
Damn, miss this part i Guess, Can you still give me advice on those lists;? (and maybe what i should use instead of them) ;p
Delaque isn't really my expertise, although I find thr equipment on the first list better.

The second leans too heavily on short ranged pieces imo.
Depends how big a table you're playing on and how much cover you use.

If its a smaller table (2' x 2' or 3' x 3') and/or you're using a lot of cover id go with the second list, for a smaller, more open table id go with the first.

Rationale being that the second list is shorter ranged, but hits much harder

In terms of what to replace the Spyker/Spektor with, in your first list id go for another web pistol juve, to give you more fast moving threat pieces, in the second list id trade the juves two pistols for a Web pistol (theres a theme here) and then probably grab a couple of lasgun gangers to bulk out your backline.
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Thanks for your advice, taking a second web juve was also one of my thoughts, here is what I finally came up with :

However, i still have one remaining question, is it okay to start without Armor, nor back up weapon or smokes grenade ? I could drop a ganger for this, but i'm not sure if that's worth.
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So... ideally yes you'd have mesh on your leader and champions, sidearms and grenades I tend to be less bothered with in a starting gang as bodies are generally more useful then backup gear.

However you've got a lot of pricey guns in this list so the trade off has to come somewhere, armour should be your first purchase, and if you're really concerned by it you could drop a lasgun ganger to get mesh on your leader, champions and specialist.

Personally I wouldn't though, its only a 5+ save, you can manage without it for your first game
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