N18 Delaque Starter list

Book of the Outlands Page 41 has the Wasteland Dirtbikes. There is even a bit for alternative mounts that count as bikes, like space birds, and options to add some vehicle upgrades to them.
Thanks for this and borderline Curse you because now I'M considering pulling it off!

The Shroud runners are a bit bulky to get away with calling them bikes they are more on the Light Vehicle size more like the Orlock Outrider.
The rear mounted guy on the Shroud would be trimmed out which should shorten it enough. It's going to get some Wheels so I believe that should make that a bit closer to an actual Bike. If/when I wanted to go to a Light Vehicle, a Void Weaver or even a Vyper would work when given the same treatment. To keep the Aesthetic, even Warwalkers could be used as a base. Going Medium would be the trick after that.
I've gone ahead and converted Shroud Runners to Delaque, with surprising ease and success. I'm calling them mounted fighters, cut the flying stands shorter so they just hover above the ground, leave off Eldar-looking wings and underslung laser, treat the driver as just a nameless part of the bike. The 'passengers' are a Nacht Gul with Shivver Sword and 2 gangers with shotguns and shockstaves, so they're still obeying the Hands Full rules of no more than 2 weapons and only 1 melee weapon each. They look well Akira Matrix Yakuza Ninja Bike Badass, IMHO. Be warned, the Eldar legs don't meet eachother fully, the groins are part of the torsos and are a bit fiddly to saw off and attach the legs to, and I found I had to cut away some of the buckles and pipes on the front of the delaque torsos to get the drivers sitting in their saddles and hands on the steering, and fill gaps with greenstuff and pouches etc., but overall they were easy enough and very satisfying conversions to pull off. Good luck, Cthulu Fhtagn 🕵️‍♂️
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I've gone ahead and converted Shroud Runners to Delaque, with surprising ease and success.
Thanks for that, I've decided to go a different direction and the stuff is on the way. Found Cavalry bases to match the Necromunda ones so hopefully will get those soon.

Now I need to figure out how to modify my Gang. I don't have the details on how Ash Wastes are being incorporated yet, but I'm leaning toward just sticking with my gang as is and grabbing a Plasma/Melta down the road. 400 Creds gives me 8 Bikes, so it'd probably be helpful to reduce my gang to 8 models if anyone thinks that's a bad idea.

I don't know if I am required to have my entire gang Mounted for Ash Waste games or if I can leave the Nacht-Ghul to be sneaky, and put the others on Mounts. I also don't fully understand what I'm allowed/limited with Mounted Status. Taking a Plasmagun or Meltagun on my leader seems the best idea, and shifting the Long Rifle over to the Specialist.
Made some minor adjustments to the list and fairly happy with it. Small question that I maybe just overlooked.

I see some lists with Trading Post gear on them. I was under the impression for starting out, you're limited to the House/Starter rules for Gangs, and you don't get access until you send one of your Crew to the Trading Post. Earliest would be end of first game.

Is that the case, or do we have access to the Trading Post and how?
Are the lists I'm reading updated for players who have advanced their gangs?
I'm not sure what lists you are looking at.

You don't have access to the trading post until after your first game.

That said arbiters can make w/e rules they want.
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Campaign Kicked off tonight. Got 2 games in, both losses but ended up better off than some of the winners.

2 Campaign related notes:
Arbiter has limited us to 12 Tactics Cards and we can only use them 1x until we burn through them. It's nice because I get to test the ones I picked. It's rough because I don't get access to Mass Infiltrate every game now. Any suggestions on what to get as my gang develops would be appreciated.

We're playing Teams. Law Abiding, Neutrals, and Outlaws. I'm in the neutral group because of my Unsanctioned Psyker. The teams are sharing territories for generating income, but not sharing a pot.

Rules Questions:
1 - Paired Weapons. I'm not confident how many attacks these generate. ie. Does my Nacht-Ghul (Serpents Claws) have 5 or 6 Attacks on the charge? I believe it's 6 on a charge.

2 - Break tests in combat came up again. The NG charged 2 Enforcers and took 1 out. Survived the retaliation. Does the standing model test to break before retaliation, or after retaliation, or not at all?

3 - Out of Action Injury rolls. The rules say that we roll on the Injury table for each Out of Action. There were several times where I ended up making more Injury rolls than wounds.

I rolled 2 Out of Actions on 1 charge and made two Separate Injury table rolls. Didn't think much of it until the next attack ended up getting 5 Serious Injury/Flesh Wound rolls after the first Serious Injured roll.

The 3rd Roll reduced the fighters Toughness to 0, so he goes OoA. I rolled for the last 2 to see if I could get an OoA on the Injury dice. My questions are once they went OoA, did I get roll the additional dice to look for OoA? Should I have rolled on the Injury table for each Flesh Wound after the 0 Toughness? If I stop rolling after the first OoA, then what can happen where I get multiple OoA?
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1. On the charge you double your fighters attack characteristic. Then add 1 for charging. Then add 1 for duel weapons.
2.After reaction attacks.
3. Wounds are separate from serious injury rolls.
You roll a serious injury for each OOA result rolled regardless of the fighters wounds.
You don't count Flesh Wounds beyond T0, the game does not run negative stats. Once the fighter is at T0 that's it they are OOA.
Once a fighter is OOA and that attack sequence is finished you remove the model so you can't keep pummelling them. (Your post implied that the next attack was on the same fighter).
Let's assume that this attack with the five OOA/Serious Injury results was on a new fighter. You roll all five injury dice simultaneously. You apply any OOA first. Then the Seriously injury results then the flesh wounds. If the fighter has T3 and you roll 5 flesh wounds you reduce the fighter to T0 and they go OOA. The other two are wasted, no negative toughness. If you roll a Single OOA and 4FW then the fighter is OOA then reduced to T0 and is OOA again so suffers two lasting injuries rolls.
Basically one you reduce the T to 0 that's one OOA and that's it regardless of additional FWs. You roll the other dice anyway and you have a chance of rolling a OOA on top.
If you roll a serious injury results this adds a FW but once you reduce a Fighter to T0 that is basically all it does.

You could choose to roll the injury dice in sequence and apply them one at a time however. That way you can choose not roll any further once they are OOA from the first three FWs so they only get one lasting injury.
It may be better to do that with new players as it eases them into the rules and will not put them off playing after getting a utterly crippled fighter on thier first game.
That is if you play like a gentleman.
Oh wait your fielding Delaque...
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