N18 Delaque Starting Campaign


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Feb 12, 2023
Hi all!
Sorry but its another Delaque list on here hope you can help!! New to the game so would love some input , going to be going into a campaign with at least 6 other players and we are starting at 1000 so would love to hear any critique and suggestions.

Yaktribe Gang
The mechanics I really wanted in here were definitely to have a infiltrate web gun with Nach Ghul as an offence and I really wanted to include a Wrym I know they are not that greatest price wise but I have been making too many Wyrm jokes with my friends so needed to include one and thought if I put the Psy Gheist in early to get some xp it would be good. The Game plan I liked and from looking at over lists would be to use a team at the back to support my Infiltrate bois. The Web Gun mechanics looked really up my ally and fun, and would love to get more in the campaign later, a fun combo of Web and Wyrms.
An Initial thought was to have a core of Leader with Overseer to multi attack with a Plasma gun Phantom to support along with the Psy-Gheist with Spatial Psychosis ( This seemed to be one of the better Psyker powers in my unexperienced read through however would love some thought on this) .However having a plasma gun Phantom as my 3rd champion seemed to expensive and hadnt seen any lists with 3+ champs so had to cut this and settled for some shot gun ghosts to push up and get to the Infiltrate team. Wasn't sure if it was still worth taking Overseer for just shotgunners, so went with an Overwatch sniper instead to provide some long range disruption. I'm not entirely sure but I do feel like I may be lacking some fire power on this list and wasnt sure if I should be using one of the ghost specialists with something a bit heavier but couldn't figure out the credits to work it out.
Sorry for the longer post but really excited for this and would love some input to shape this!
Its solid, web gun infiltrator and Nacht Ghul is a nasty 1-2 punch that will do a lot of damage up front, you are relying on your plasma gun to carry the rest of the game for you when (and you should also think when, not if) your opponent dispatches your infiltrators.

I'd drop the sidearms from all models, and the smoke grenades from the Nacht Ghul (they want to be charging every turn, not popping smoke) to convert some of those dual-pistol shadows into proper gangers, ideally with shotguns who can move up the board and do damage from turn 3 onwards to keep the pressure up