Necromunda Deleting equipment


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Apr 27, 2024
When I delete a piece of equipment or a gang member it reduces my credits/wealth and there is no way to adjust the credits back to where they should be. Is this a new bug in the system? How do you edit credits.

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"I know some people are able to do this, if you can explain, perhaps with screenshots, what you are doing I would very much appreciate it and be eternally grateful"
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Two different ways: When you remove equipment you can press the Sell button rather than the Bin button, and this will add the money back to your stash:

Selling Kit.PNG

Works the same in both NCE/ORB and N17+ tools.

Failing that, or if you have deleted a whole ganger which does not return the credits, the Edit button on the gang details tab allows you to enter a new credit total. So simply update it to what your new total is meant to be after removing equipment:

N17+ location of button:
CredsEdit - N17.PNG

ORB/NCE location of button:
CredsEdit - NCEORB.PNG