N18 Design campaign maps


Jun 19, 2023
Birmingham, UK

I was wondering if anyone have a good template or way of designing the campaign maps?

I'm new to necromunda but I'm planning to run my first ever campaign after I finish one that is starting soon at my local club.

I played a little with AI design maps and created overlay that's editable in Photoshop.

I'm pretty happy with the result, but it's time consuming.

Do you guys know more efficient way of doing it as the map will probably have to be updated quite often.

Ooh, I've not. But I've daydreamed at length about it, although not to any great conclusion.

My gut instinct always takes me back to like London Underground tube maps. (Or, strictly, Battlefleet Gothic Sector maps - but my brainpan instinct says the Underground is probably better for actually playing on! [As a map. It's probably a bit wobbly and loud for good game, unless you can make your way to an abandoned station, and even then... rats...])

Basically, graph graphs, like node/edge line graphs. Think ASH WASTED roads.

But in the Underhive, it's surely an easier for representing the odd tangles and dodgy by-ways, and not getting stuck with a flat map that just looks the part and looks good, but maybe doesn't really help to foster an engaging campaign.

(I'm not convinced my instincts reflect reality, but it's the output of the daydream.)

Still, I'm all ears for how to make it look good, and to capture it digitally!
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That's for replying.

So the easiest way I found so far is to create a map with a help of AI and then add territories overlay.

I would love to have a way to edit the territories without going back to Photoshop each time one is claimed, but I didn't find another way yet.