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N18 Did The GM change the rules for hangers-on and brutes?


Cranky Git
Tribe Council
Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia
@JayTee practically you are right. I’m sure the missing and inconsistent tables for hangers on is a mistake and the use of the table in GotU (which was specifically for the six House gangs) is the practical solution.

The reason for differences between the tables is likely down to the dates that the original gangs were published and the wording used at the time as the Book of Chaos is a copy paste of three previously published gang lists.

Personally I would prefer the rules for the number of hangers on to be tied to specific campaign rules to balance against the rest of the campaign specific rules rather than on a per gang basis. As you have noted current campaign rules include additional rules for hangers on that go over the top of each gangs specific rules but it all comes out in a bit of a mess.

Also worth mentioning that skirmish gangs do use reputation, it’s just that you are meant to agree the amount of reputation that both gangs have before the game starts on the same way you agree credit limits.


Hive Guilder
Oct 31, 2013
Perhaps much like the alleged 'online Trading Post', there will be 'online Hangers-On rules'?
I hope not. It’s better to have some point of standardisation. It’s bad enough when they release book after book with revisions but an online document could be even worse.

“Sorry you can’t use the Trading Post v2.3 list because we’ve started with v1.9 and it’d be unfair to introduce new gear mid this campaign.”

“I know Hangers Online v1.6 says you can have X amount now but when we started this campaign using v1.4 it didn’t!”