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GorkaMorka Digganob OCR Version 2018-08-09

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There are still some obvious errors. In the Table of Contents (page 4 of PDF) instead of Diggas it has Oiggas and instead of Rebel Grots it has Rebel Groys. Haven't looked farther, but am glad to have this here.
I'm new to the forum and am so excited to hear about the Digganob OCR Version that Zeebogie has submitted. I've been considering using Smart Engines SDK to convert some of my own documents to OCR text, so this is great news. I can imagine the errors in the current version are a bit of a bummer, but I'm sure with some tweaks, it can be improved. Is it possible to use some of the SDK's features to help fix these errors? Or is the quality of the original scan too poor? It's really cool that the OCR text is searchable, that's a major plus, and could come in handy for a lot of projects. Thanks for the update Zeebogie!