N18 Dirtbikes and suspenders


Aug 7, 2014
I can't find any suggestions on the rules for combining these 2 peices of equipment.

So any gang member can buy a dirtbike so in this case you can buy your champion with a unwieldy weapon e.g heavy flamer, and bulging muscles/suspender a dirt bike. That makes a heavy flamer with 8" movement for 50 creds instead of 70 with none of the vehicles down sides.

Have I missed something
How do you get 50 creds instead of 70? Heavy Flamer 195 + Suspensor 60 + Dirtbike 50 = 305 credits for the M8" heavy flamer, not including the fighter. And you get the risk of being knocked down. So yeah very good and very expensive. Bulging Biceps only affects close combat weapons.
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Also you can't take an Unwieldy weapon on a bike unless it also has Lance Trait. Suspensors don't remove the Unwieldy trait from heavy weapons, they just make firing it Basic not Double. N23 Core Rulebook p70. Nor can you gain the benefits of Paired weapons while riding a bike, jump vertically, climb or do ride-by's while crawling for safety or charging someone else, or all the other ludicrous exploits that people were creatively ignoring the rules to come up with.
Let’s look at the individual gang option.

- Cawdor ridge walker gives the mounted condition.

- Escher cutter gives the mounted condition but has in build twin linked weapons with suspensor.

- Goliath mauler doesn't give the mounted condition and is considered a vehicle.

- Van Saar Ashe waste grave cutter give the mounted condition but ignore the hand full rule.

- Van Saar grave cutter the other one. Doesn't give the mounted condition. Date back before Ashe waste. But their armored suit, the arachnid rig also has different rules between the hive and ashes wastes variant so...

- Orlock outrider quad doesn't give mounted condition.

- Nomads dustback Elamites gives the mounted condition but offer nothing special for the weapon which is confusing for me because the rider has access to a sniper rifle. Which is clearly a two handed weapon...

- Delaque has no specific vehicle.

So different mount has different rules and suspensor change nothing.
So the difference between two Melee weapons that needs both hands to be used is unwieldy. Make no sense then as the one with unwieldy is more interesting with a suspensor.
The thread title typo doesn’t half sound like some kind of Escher magazine…
I know it is a typo, and I understand the discussion.

I also now REALLY want to create "suspenders" wargear ("braces," for those not local to here). Something dandified, akin to exotic furs and such.