Disgraced Arbite (Venarator gang)


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Jan 7, 2018
Bellingham, Washington USA
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Alright, I recently found a lone arbite in with my necromunda stuff. He has a bolter so isn't the iconic shotgun dude. I also really enjoy my goliaths with stim slug stashes... that said I wanted to field the arbite as a bounty hunter.

This got me thinking of a disgraced addict arbite struggling with his chem addiction but still wanting to right some wrongs. The venarator crew totally supports this! He travels around the underhive taking "donations" for his services. What do you guys think of the crew? I let the models speak to equipment and skills. I'm excited to be able to use some of my old metals all together. (Primaries shooting and savant, secondaries ferocity and combat)

Leader 4" move, ws4+, bs2+ stat line: bolter with telescopic sight, light carapace armor, stim slug stash, power knife, stub gun with dum dums. Thinking hip shooting to allow for aimed shots then a quick close to combat while still shooting. Maybe use iron will cuz of numbers.

Champ bottom stat line again (seems to be a pattern...) hot shot lasgun flak armor. This guy is the leaders dealer and the tank crew model above. Fibbing him fixxer for a few more creds each game, he is a drug dealer after all!

Champ bottom stat line: mesh armor, double bolt pistol gunfighter some cover my six action model is just so cool.

The ratskins are going to use the top stat line faster scout types both have stiletto knives (poisons abound in the underhive) one with a shotgun other a basic lasgun.

Then a farther/son tag along pair basic support auto pistol fighting knife, then an auto gun.

7 starting members well equipped, story kind of told itself from the models I had around.
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