N18 Does the Connected skill work on gangers


Sep 6, 2017
I was looking at the Savant skill tree for one of my gangers. I was thinking of giving him Connected to get more bonuses on the trading post, but when checking the rules for post-battle actions, the rulebook says characters with the Gang Hierarchy (X) can make post battle actions (pg. 144).
So since the ganger has Gang Fighter (X), not Gang Hierarchy (X), even if i give him the Connected trait i'm guessing it does doesn't override the Gang Hierachy (X) rule, meaning the skill does nothing on a ganger?

And by the same token Savvy Trader also does nothing on gangers and juves?

I think this is correct but wanted to get everyone's two cents on the topic.

Seems weird that there are two skills in the tree that are only usable by Gang Hierarchy (X) fighters.
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While it may seem odd that the Savant skill table would have a couple of skills that are restricted to Leaders and Champions, it isn't entirely unprecedented.

The N95 edition included a Muscle skill that was explicitly restricted to Heavies, a Techo skill that was restricted to Gangers, and a Techno skill that was restricted to Juves and Gangers.