Dominion Campaign Finale Scenario (Zombie apocalypse)


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Jul 16, 2018
Hi Everyone, I've written a finale scenario for my Dominion Necromunda campaign. It will involve 4 Gangs and the arbitrator. It's intended to be very hard with few survivors but not unbeatable. Please tell me what you think.

Zone 7 Scenario Finale: Escape the Plague!
Zone 7's Poxwalker issue, thought to have been eradicated a few months ago, has returned with vengeance. Vents and Tunnels collapse as shambling corpses fall out and attack only recently settled locals, overrunning several areas. The only escape from the territory appears to also be where the Poxwalkers are coming from – the Zone 7 Toll Crossing.
For many, fleeing to the Mag Lev and out of the Zone is the sensible option, one would simply need to hold off the Poxwalkers long enough to escape.
There is another, ever more daring plan from some, one that would leave the gang heroes all over the slums – if they could collapse the tunnels the Poxwalkers were coming from, they would all be crushed by the falling tunnel, but that would be a near suicide mission, but a suicide mission that would see them as heroes of the slums and perhaps, even Dirtside.
Lastly, there is only room for one Gang on the lift to the Mag Lev, if escape is the option, only one gang can survive.

This scenario is the Finale to Zone 7 – it's an extremely difficult scenario where most are not expected to survive. The gangs used in this game are the winners of the Zone 7 Campaign. The rest have been unable to muster the numbers to make the final assault and have fled.


The battlefield is intended to be large, either a 6 x 4 Sector Mechanicus board or a large Zone Mortalis board (around 5X5 Boards). The Mag Lev Lift is deployed in the centre of the board.

The Board requires 4 entry where the Poxwalkers will appear from. In Zone Mortalis this can be representatives by Tiles with falls or Melta blast holes. In Sector Mechancus this can be represented by suitable terrain such as a crater. If using Zone Mortalis there needs to be the Secure Vault Tile in play, this represents the lift to the Mag Lev – which will not activate until the Mag Lev arrives. If using Sector Mechanicus then a suitable terrain feature should be used. Around the Mag Lev there should be a suitable Defended position, the Aegis Defence line is ideal for this along with the QuadCannon to represent a fixed defensive gun.


Each uses their entire Crew including any hangers on. If a fighter is in recovery then they may still participate but start with a Flesh Wound Marker which cannot be removed and they have -1 to their Movement characteristic for the battle.


Each gang deploys at the edge of the battlefield lift up to 3” from the board edge. If a Gang has control of the Zone 7 Toll Crossing Territory, they can instead elect to deploy within the defensive perimeter of the Mag Lev Lift

10 Poxwalkers begin on the board, all of which must be deployed within 12” of the Mag Lev Perimeter. 3 Poxwalkers are deployed within 2” of each tunnel (22 Poxwalkers in total).

Infiltrate and similar skills cannot be used in this battle, everyone deploys together.

The Mag Lev Lift

The Mag Lev Lift will arrive at a random point in the battle. It will remain for two turns, after which point it will rise back up and it will not be possible to escape the territory.

To determine when the Mag Lev arrives roll a D6 and add the turn. If the number is 11 or more then the Mag Lev Lift has arrived. It is not possible to enter the Mag Lev lift unless the lift has arrived and lift will not leave if there are Poxwalkers in the lift.

The Mag Lev Lift can hold 7 people. Gangers will not share the lift with enemy gangers and the lift will not leave while there is more than one gang on (on account of them fighting)

The Tunnels

Each Tunnel deploys D3+1 Poxwalkers a within 2” of it every turn at the start of the End phase.

Tunnel have Toughness 6 and 4 Wounds. Reducing the Tunnel to 0 Wounds causes it to collapse. When a tunnel loses a wound D3 Poxwalkers immediately appear within 2” of the Tunnel, this is not cumulative with additional wounds in the same turn.


The gangs can succeed in winning the scenario in a number of ways.

1) Escape!

The most obvious option is to escape the territory via the Mag Lev. As long as at least one model from a players gang is on the Mag Lev Lift when it leaves.

2) Destroy the Tunnels

Option two is to destroy the Tunnels. The gang who destroys the tunnels (and survives) wins. If multiple Gangs destroy the Tunnels, whoever destroys the most wins. If one gang escapes via the Mag Lev and One destroys the Tunnels the gang that destroyed the tunnels wins, however if there are still tunnels in play come the end of the game the gang that escapes wins.

3) Kill them all!

If a gang is still on the board at the end of the game and all the Poxwalkers are killed and Tunnels destroyed, they win regardless of the other gangs outcomes.

Special Rules
Aim for the Head!

The Gangers have already fought through a horde of Poxwalkers to reach this point and know that Poxwalkers are weak against head shots. When shooting any character that is taking the “Aim” action may “Aim for the Head” as long as the weapon does not use a Template or have the Sustained fire Traits. Aiming for the head is only possible against Poxwalkers. Aiming for the Head incurs a -2 to Hit Modifier, if the attack wounds it automatically causes an “Out of Action result” on the Injury Dice, there is no need to roll.

In combat, fighters can also aim for the head as long as they're armed with a weapon for Melee, attacking in this manner confers a -1 to hit.

Defence perimeter

Around the Meg Lev lift there are perimeter defences along with a fixed emplacement gun. Any Ganger who is in base contact with the gun emplacement my shoot it.
Emplaced gun, Range S20" - L40" Acc S- L- Str 7 Dam 2 Ammo 4+ Rapid Fire (4), Ammo Hoppers, Knockback

Ammo Hoppers – The Fixed gun has Ammo Hoppers and so may re-roll any Ammo check, including reloads

Fixed emplacement the Fixed gun Emplacement cannot be moved.

Catastrophic Jam: if all four Ammo Dice come up as an Ammo check then something has gone catastrophically wrong with the Fixed Gun. Roll an Ammo Test as normal, if successfully, the gun has broken down from overheating and cannot be used for the rest of the battle. If the ammo check is failed then the gun explodes! Centre the large blast on the fixed gun, everyone under the blast suffers a Strength 4 AP-1 Damage 1 hit with the Knockback special rule.

We're in it for our lives

The Gangers know they are dead if they don't stop the Poxwalkers or escape, while terrifying, this has steeled their nerves. There is no need for Bottle Tests while the Tunnels are still open, the Gangers know they're dead if they run.

Ending the Battle.

This battle is a fight to the death. The battle ends when there is no more Poxwalkers, or no more Gangers on the board.


  • 1 XP – Fought in the battle

  • 1 XP – For each “Head Shot”.

  • 5XP – Escaped via Mag Lev

  • 5XP – Destroyed a Tunnel (per Tunnel)

  • 20XP – Last man standing – killed all the Poxwalkers and survived the battle.
Credits: No credits earned in this battle.

In addition, the Winner of this scenario, gets one additional perk:

Mag Lev Escape: The player may select 1 territory in the Zone 9 Campaign as part of the their starting territory as long as they include at least 1 Ganger from the old gang.

Sealed the Tunnels: The player starts Zone 9 campaign with +5 Reputation and +100 Credits as long as at least 1 ganger survived (including by fleeing) the battle and is included in the Zone 9 gang.

Killed them all: The gang are hailed as Heroes of the Slums, their reputation is heard everywhere. The player gains +10 Reputation, 1 Territory of their choice in Zone 9 and +200 Credits if at least one Ganger is brought over from the old gang to Zone 9.

Any Ganger brought from Zone 7 to Zone 9 may be upgraded to a Leader or Champion if the gangs old Leaders or Champions are not brought over (or didn't survive). They may immediately choose one skill from their Primary Skill list to add to their abilities.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld Cl Wil Int
D6 5+ - 3 3 1 6+ 2 - - - -
Skills: Fearsome, Cannibal
Equipment: NONE
Poxwalkers cannot be pinned and ignore all flesh wounds and serious injuries.
Cannibal: Should a Poxwalker take a fighter Out of Action, do not remove the model, instead, immediately roll on the Injury Chart and apply that result. The Poxwalker will stay engaged with the fighter and can only make the “Bite” action. Should the Poxwalkers no longer be in base contact with the Fighter remove the Fighter as normal
Bite (Simple): Roll to hit as normal, applying a -1 to the result. Should the attack hit and wound the target they must immediately make a Warp Plague test. Should a model be Seriously injured or Out of action and in base contact, this attack hits automatically
Warp Plague: A fighter affected by this must roll a D6, on a 1 or 2 they have been infected. They must make a Willpower Check activation to avoid succumbing, should they succumb, the fighter becomes a Poxwalker.
Mindless unless under the direction or control by an agent of Nurgle, Poxwalkers are mindless. Poxwalkers move as quickly as possible towards the closest fighter
Any Chaos Cultist with the Blessings of Nurgle upon them or a Chaos Cult Witch, may attempt to control Poxwalkers with the "Control Blight" action.
Control Blight (Simple): The Poxwalkers they must be within 12" and line of Sight and must pass a Willpower Check, if successful all the Poxwalkers within 12" and line of sight act under the Cultists control until Line of Sight is lost or the fighter is seriously injured or taken Out of Action.
Curious to see how it went also!

One remark would be: four tunnels with T6 W4 doesnt see so tough to get rid of with 4 gangs, or? Maybe having all those poxies on the table makes it difficult, but I know from having played it once with starter gangs that sabotage (with just one such target) is easy to win as attacker.
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My modified version I decided to give every ganger a drag trap instead of cards for the gangs and the only way to destroy the zombie nests was to place a frag trap in the zombie nests.

Definitely made it interesting trying to make sure you had a fighter within an inch of the zombie nests ready for next turn.
I like this modification, because now it looks like a real challenge. My VanSaars and their too many powerful weapons werent that impressed with T6W4 targets... going to the root of the evil is something else :)
I'm glad you liked it!
I ran the scenario yesterday. In my version I switched it to "Tunnel Bombs" set bombs they could set off. It was harder to get to the lift on the other side but there were ammo crates with additional tunnel bombs. Bombs set off exploded with a tunnel quake which could have nasty results. If I were to replay the scenario I would have setting the bomb be an intelligence test with a -2 modifier (like opening a door) and choose the result.

  • I started it with 10 Poxwalkers around the perimeter and 1 Poxwalker on each hole instead of 3 because they would have at least 1 turn before the gangs reached the holes. This was the right call as it had a suitably horrific build up.
  • I changed Headshots to be a limited thing. 3 per gang save Campaign victors who got +1 headshot card per campaign victory. They still didn't apply to multi shot or blast weapons.
  • Poxwalkers were changed that they could be taken out of action in close combat if they gained a serious injury 1v1. This worked really well as they charged in gangers would take them out 1 by 1 but as soon as they failed to take one down that charged into they would start to overwhelm the gangs. Also meant on several sides we had gangers "holding the breach" alone against a horde of Poxwalkers.
  • Blaze affected Zombies but they didn't run in random direction - they were Zombies on fire that would just continue to blaze and take damage.
  • Toxin affected Zombies, figured acidic poisons would melt them (or "Detol" as my players insisted :p). This made the Chimerex brutal against Zombies
  • The Poxwalker Spawning tunnels were represented with Melta Blast holes.

    I used a 5x5 Zone Mortalis Board. That was suitably large and impressive.

It was Cawdor vs Van Saar Vs Escher Vs Van Saar. Only one Van Saar fighter survived making a mad dash to the lift before it shut. The Escher nearly died setting off a bomb. 1 Van Saar Gang shot the Escher with a Rad Cannon in revenge for earlier nastiness. The Escher when they thought they couldn't escape, betrayed everyone.
Oh forgot to mention - When determining the Poxwalkers movement, I rolled once when it came to my activation and applied that to all Poxwalker for the turn - this made things much much faster.
The other thing was I always activated last, so I got to activate a couple of Poxwalkers before the rest and generally meant the players had a good go at blasting them before being over run
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