N18 Dominion with a map : what for ?

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by Portal, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Portal

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    We'll start a Dominion campaign soon. I see a lot of hype on internet for maps (paper or even physical hexagons).
    But I can't figure out how players use that ?
    As everyone can fight everyone at each battle, I don't see any "real" use of the map. People don't just fight in their neighborhood, and we can have territories all over the map.
    So, is it just a visual way to remember who got which territory ? Or is there a smart way to use it in order to determine which player challenge which player ?
    Any advice about it ?
  2. TopsyKretts

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    If you use a map, then for example everyone could not fight everyone. Maybe the only fight options are those neighboring your areas on the map? You could create "tunnels" or other types of passages between distant areas of the map to allow to attack outside your borders. There are many uses for campaign maps, but don't know so many myself but interested in seeing other good ideas.
  3. thanejaw

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    We’re running a campaign with 16 gangs. Our map relates to the local political areas (council wards) we game in and is used to show the dominance of each house over the area. It’s used for flavour more than anything else, but the players have responded to it well (the ones who take it over during ththe occupation phase get to name the territory, typically basing it on a pun of the actual area) and it’s created a lot of buzz without having a “real” use or restrictions on claimin territories
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  4. NecroBeer

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    I agree with @TopsyKretts, a map could limit the freedom of players to fight everyone
  5. Punktaku

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    I don't know about Dominion, but for ORB it was more of a narrative driving tool.

    for example, the Van Saar water still is close to my Goliath's territory, so we'll do the sabotage scenario and try to take it out. there wasn't any issue with not being able to fight anyone else, as it was a narrative tool and not a restrictive law governing game play.
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