Gang Champion
Mar 17, 2016
Springfield OR
Original Rule Book (ORB) or Living Rule Book (LRB) Necromunda fits easily into Shadow War Armageddon (SWA) tabletop combat. Though the two games have different campaign rules they can operate parallel to each other. Let the Kill Teams of SWA play their military campaign system and let the gangs of the hive city conduct "business as usual" by playing the traditional Necromunda campaign system.

When Gangs fight Kill Teams there are a few simple rules to remember.

BUSINESS AS USUAL IN THE HIVE: Easy rules for Gangs in SWA

#1. If a Necromunda Gang fights a Kill Team then you roll the scenario on the SWA scenario table and follow those scenario rules.
#2. Ratskin Scouts and Ratskin Maps still provide local knowledge and can still modify the SWA scenario table.
#3. Any promethium caches awarded for playing a SWA scenario are still awarded to a Necromunda Gang.
#4. Promethium caches double as Isotopic Fuel Rods for gangs and can be used to turn any territory into a settlement, stashed, or sold at half cost for 25 credits.
#5. If a gang loses 3 to 1 casualties in a Kill Team Fight or an Ambush the gang must forfeit a settlement or its most valuable territory to the Kill Team, the Kill Team loots the territory for an additional prometheum cache.
#6. Gangs roll on their own injury chart, use their own experience progression, use their own skill tables, and collect income from territories. Gangs disregard Underdog and Giant Killer Bonus when fighting Kill Teams.
#7. Any forces of the Imperium can report gangs and make them roll on the Outlaw chart with the -3 for fighting forces of the Imperium.
#8. Necromunda gangs can also fight other Necromunda gangs in a campaign involving SWA Kill Teams. Gangs use all the standard rules for gangs fighting gangs. They roll on the Necromunda or Outlaw scenario chart as normal. No promethium caches are awarded when gangs fight gangs.
#9. Gangs use Necromunda ammo rolls to represent their poorly maintained equipment. Use SWA sustained fire rules.
#10. THE GENERAL RULE, if you are playing a gang use the Necromunda rule for it.

Some of these rules bring balance, fluff, and incentive for Gangs and Kill Teams to fight each other. Please consider using them as a whole as they provide balanced advantages and disadvantages.