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Discussion in 'GorkaMorka' started by Zeebogie, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

    Hey does anyone know of and if it exists have a copy of an editable/text version of Digganob similar to the versions of Da Rulez and Uvver Book available in the vault
  2. Ben_S

    Ben_S Hive Guilder
    Honored Tribesman

    I don't know that it doesn't exist, but it doesn't exist as far as I do know.

    The old GW site hosted various specialist games rules in PDF form, including GoMo, but not Digganob.
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  3. Flamekebab

    Flamekebab Gang Hero
    Gorkamorka Warboss

    No such version has ever been shared with the internet, I'm afraid. I wish I wasn't certain of that but I'm afraid I am.

    I made a vague start at OCRing the PDF that does exist but the quality isn't great and the pages are poorly aligned. I can't really bring myself to scan Digganob to get a better quality copy in order to create a searchable version.
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  4. Azzabat

    Azzabat Hive Guilder
    Tribe Council Yak Comp 1st Place

    @Flamekebab is the Gork/Mork of GoMo, so if he says it ain’t so ... it ain’t so.
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  5. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

    Damn, I'd figured it was going to be this way.
  6. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

    So I have a present for you @Flamekebab, not sure when the link will go up but I just uploaded a full OCR version of Digganob, it works for text searching and although it has a lot of minor (obvious) errors actually worked pretty damned well
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