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Dec 26, 2018
Nottingham, UK
First up my Goliaths - I just made them same stats as the box but switched the bodies and heads to how I liked them. Skull shank is in the pumpkin-gimp mask for instance.

Orange colour theme with reds and blue-gray. Champions have steel plates, leader in brass, scrubs in whatever colour they fancy. I did this so that I can remember who is who - 3x different colours for shotgunners for instance.

I’m working on the Escher next then I’ve started converting an orlock gang into a more hunter/scavenger theme...





Great stuff - Welcome to the Tribe, the hive sorting hat has decleared you Troll! May you wear your Orange colours with pride.
Thanks for the warm welcome! All I need now is someone to play!!! In Nottingham UK - gimme a shout.

Finished the scenery from Underhive and started my Escher colour scheme. White plates with difffused purples, pinks and blues representing neon lights, night cityscapes, electric reflections in the dirty rain.

I’ve just noticed that annoying black spot on her chest plate too. The backpack is from a Cadian veteran forge world blister.


Hi all,

been a long time sine any posts and I’ve been busy! Got a ton of stuff to post, but thought I’d start with warhammer underworlds beastgrave which is my new ‘gaming’ game.

I love how quick and accessible it is and then the card mechanics. I don’t love that you feel like Fomo when you don’t have all the cards available from all the different sets. So I’m slowly collecting them - at least the new armies and the older ones I like the models from.

I’ve also been painting necromunda, a few little fantasy bits, blackstone fortress and infinity.

I hopefully will start to update on here more.

stay safe,

ok so here are the necromunda minis I have been working on. Escher were simple forge world weapons and a few pouches etc.

My Orlock gang backstory is a bunch of ex military who got abandoned on a reccy. They got left behind so I wanted to capture a scavenger crossed with tactical and utilitarian vibe. They’re living off the land but still have military style discipline. Not so much rusty as strapped together, well maintained but dirty. Maybe they’ve been across the rad lands to get to a sanctuary Oasis in the form of a decrepit dome.

They see the advantages of hangers on and guns for hire for getting the job done. I would like to add an ammo jack and some more of the forge world hired gun models to the posse.

Lots of combining genestealer cults legs and torsos, some anvil industry bits and body parts, forge world heads and a few not quite terrible green stuff jobs.

Stay tuned for the final paint jobs...

they are looking nice dude! loving the vibrant colours in there
Great paint. And for the gang, unless they're actually infected, might I suggest you replace the GSC icons with something else?
Love the vibrance on the fantasy miniatures, those looks super cool. Maybe I am biased of being slightly desensitized to sci fi minis on here, but any time I see good looking miniatures I dont recognize from some fantasy range I've not seen the paintjobs that pop really tend to carry. Very nice looking work. The hired gun with the tabard cloth and face covering head dress specifically is striking :cool::)
Thanks for the great comments @spafe @cainex1 @Blood Donor appreciate the support. Next up are my true mini game love - infinity! Not many players in the uk it seems, but I love the complexity and hope N4 (the newest version coming out soon) will be a hit!

I’ve been collecting Haqqislam and have a full army painted. Just missing a couple of minis here and there. Latest are the khwarij- super soldiers who are glass cannons. They’re awe so fun to use ingame.

Nice! Infinity is a line I always wanted to get into, but they’re too hi-tech for Necromunda (unless Spyrers?), there seems to be no players at all around me, and the line is huge! Too big for “collecting” as a hobby.
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Looks like I missed several updates here, but caught up now.

In Nottingham UK - gimme a shout.

I don't know about the Infinity seen, but Nottingham seems to be the place for wargaming in the UK. You ought to be able to find someone to play - though maybe not right at the moment.
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Thanks for the comments guys! @Ben_S ive found a club recently who are great - Hammers and Ales in Hucknall - if anyone in notts reads this. They play on Tuesday night at the station pub in hucknall. Good bunch. Haven’t got Infinity in there yet though. I think that I’ll have to teach a few of the rules to get people involved, it’s quite complicated and a huge learning curve, but very rewarding once you are playing regularly.

@Punktaku the infinity range is huge, but the models are some of the best looking I’ve seen. Also in games, you only use 10-20 models for your force so it doesnt get too overwhelming to start small and add when you’re ready to try new things. There is something nice about moving the metal weight around the table too! I would recommend getting a starter box and going by the ‘rule of cool’ - if it looks good to you, get it. You will find all units are equally lethal in games and they are well balanced. The sculpts are what sold it to me and now I love the game too.


my Escher gang are all painted up! I’ve gone for the forge world weapons and added some backpacks, pouches and feathers here and there from anvil industries. I went for a bright sci fi colour scheme, I tried to keep their hair different between loadouts. I don’t have a name for the gang yet so any suggestions would be welcome!

next up I’ll share another project and then maybe the orlock gang... watch this space!

I really love blackstone fortress - been playing with my sisters and having a blast. Although we have not finished the original run - Im going to have to do it solo in the current situation unfortunately... maybe we could do it on Skype or something.

I painted all the minis quite quickly When I got the game a year or so ago, but now Im able to spent a bit more time on the later expansions. starting with the Ambull who I used fluorescent yellow to look like an exotic bug and ended up ‘looking more like xmen wolverine’ according to my mate 😂

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Done the blackstone escalation minis and my infinity Haqqislam Nahab Team. Very happy with the haqq, the Blackstone was a little rushed and I was practicing dark skin tones which I’m happy with.

great game to play solo during the next month or so!

next up my orlock scavenger gang and a few underworlds warbands!

Daym! Those are some epic paintjobs! :D
All I can say is keep it up.

I'm Nottingham-based myself. Although you appear to be in the north part of town, if you ever venture south there is a University of Nottingham club (RPGSoc) that meets every Sunday in term-time (or at least used to meet before the plague). There is a new N18 campaign every term if you fancy it.
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