N18 Elevating a fighter to outcast leader


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Apr 2, 2018
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Elevating an outcast leader question:

On P27 It says keep all skills, equipment and special rules *or* replace all skills equipment etc, with outcast leader versions.

Then it says choose an archetype and affiliation.

So, does that mean if I pick for (example) a Van Saar augmek, do I:

A) pick his starting skill from the augmek options, Then replace the Augmek skill sets to match the chosen archetype skill sets

B) Apply the archetype in place of the augmek skill sets, and then pick the starting skill per the archetype.

C) Ignore the archetype and keep the Augmek skill sets

It's clearly option A for hangers on who have no skill sets and existing skills. But for those with skillets but no preset skills I was less sure.

I'm fairly sure it's option A or B with C the least likely, but wanted to check how others had gone about it.
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Aug 30, 2021
I went with B), because I was more interested in the wargear options (van Saar Brute) and chose Mastermind to fit in with my background story. Ultimately it is up to The arbitrator to decide what is fair and what isn’t.


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Remember it is written with dramatic persona in mind, who start with skills, special rules and equipment. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense.

So to use 'any other model', that will require a bit of input from your arbitrator/gaming group, I would suggest that they can choose to take their starting skill from their initial selection, or from the archtype skill selection you have selected although that would be for a thematic reason. I think technically you shouldnt as the last point is they gain the special rules that an outcast leader has (which is after they have selected their archtype) which completes their 'elevating a figher to leader', and that is when the rule for gaining a starting skill kicks in (as they are now 'elevated to leader status').

So technically I would say B is correct, but for thematic sake, a disgraced leader/champ of a house gang with one skill from their past doesnt seem crazy out there.
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