N18 Enforcer 1000c starter


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Dec 27, 2021
Hi all,

Starting necromunda for the first time soon and looking for a bit of review/advice about my beginning loadout.

I suspect the combat captain is a little suboptimal but like the idea of using the 3+ WS and having him a bit more survivable.

Won't be up against ogryns to begin with so figured it was ok to start without krak grenades for the launchers.
The alternative would be to drop one of the launchers in favour for some launcher krak's on the remaining subjugator patrolman and hand held smokes on the one who lost his launcher.

Loose plan is for grenades and bolters to sit back and shoot with the easily replaced bare patrolmen to screen/magnacles/bait for the captain.
I figured the extra man on the ground was a better inital purchase than increasing euipment beyond some dum dum's
I think Enforcers are the gang which is hardest to balance model count vs equipment at gang creation.

In terms of this gang, you have 8 bodies, which is great, but only 4 can fight at decent range and of those, only the boltgun sergeants have weapons that can reliably put opponents down, grenade launchers without kraks are good at stopping opponents gathering for group activations, or pinning potential chargers, but they're still S3 D1 weapons with no AP, they won't kill a champion.

If you drop the dumdums, and one of the naked patrolmen that gets you 85 credits, that could go into a concussion carbine/long rifle and boltgun for the remaining two patrolmen, or krak grenades for your subjugators and a gun for one of the naked patrolmen, that would be what I'd do, otherwise your gambling quite hard on your first games going well with only half your gang well equipped.

In terms of the Captain, this build comes up a lot here and I can see the temptation, you don't want to waste his WS, pre specialist champions the Captain was a decent, but not great melee option, these days he's woefully outclassed and anything that's trying to charge you is likely to flatten him, even if he does get the charge off first.

Some basic number crunching: equipped as he is, a charging captain will get 3-4 melee attacks on the charge, depending on whether he stops at his 2", versatile range or not. He's WS3+ and an effective S4 so he's looking to hit and wound on 3s (unless he hits base contact where some of those attacks are S3 as he has to split attacks between melee weapons)

So rolling 3 or 4 dice he's likely to miss one hit and then is more likely than not to have one hit fail to convert to a wound.

If he does well, he gets two wounding hits through, the opponent gets an armour save, and each fail converts to 1 wound, so he needs to roll well just to put a single injury dice on an enemy champion, and that's assuming they're T3 and have no Parry or other shenanigans - this is not a strong melee build.

My advice would be forget the WS3, you don't have the skills or gear to make use of it, give him a gun instead.
One of the biggest advantages of the Enforcers are their bolters with 4+ ammo so you should probably try to include as many of them as possible.
As has been said, the Enforcers are really hard to balance due to everything costing so much, and you have to very specialise.
Due to their mediocre stats, they rely mostly on wargear, which is quite decent, but not the best either.
They are like Orlocks, Jacks of all trades, but master of none. Outclassed masters of none. Except when it comes to devastating Bolter fire, they are very good at that. That means the obvious, Bolters are the workhorse, and you should have at least two. Combat Shotguns are also very decent.

What Heart of Storm said is true.
Subjugator Captain with WS 3+ is tempting but outclassed by pretty much every dedicated melee fighter from the original gangs.
2W and 2+ armor will keep him safe from some random scum, but a power sword or plasma pistol to the face will kill him easily.
I use Palanite Captain with Boltgun, and even his 3+ WS is wasted, he's safe, and cracking skulls from a distance.

You can have Subjugator Sergeant, who is weaker than Captain in melee, due to WS 4+ and only 1A, but if he dies, you can easily replace him. And you can get him a robodog to help him in melee.

Grenade Launchers are fun, but one is probably enough. Get a second once you get some spare cash.

Also, Concussion Carbine are fun. Cheap, +1 on short, AP-1, knockback and Seismic, which always pins and ignores armor on 6+, and concussion. Great for crowd control, and launching gangers into pitfalls and walls, and generally causing mayhem. Sniper Rifle isn't that great due to short ranges if you play in Zone Mortalis, but what you need are Smoke Grenades, or Photon Grenades. At least one of each. Enforcers excel at close-mid range, and this allows you to close in more easily.

And nothing is sweeter than blinding a group of gangers and then shredding them with bolter fire.

Also, don't forget every Enforcer has Magnacles, and you can arrest gangers to neutralize them. They can't move, can't shoot, only fight back in melee with -2 to hit (IIRC)
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Thanks for the advice all.
I still really like the idea of protective use of Palanite skills and the shields look so good so want to keep someone in with it.

Is this revised list more competitive?
Gang cards
Not sure if the list is more competitive (who plays Necromunda competitivaly anyway?), but they will surely enforce Lord Helmawr's will noticeably better.

Maybe I'd drop one Boltgun and Krak grenade and took some smokes and photon grenades, or a combat shotgun, but I'm just nitpicking at this point.
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